Hello everyone! This web page exposes India's (My own country) R&AW (Research And Analysis Wing - espionage organization) + MAA + Mafia who are creating International Mafia'ish corruption.
All = Cloud for anonymous hackers / mafia / goons / economic offenders.
Few important facts regarding the scam!
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The terrorist order was created after the mind-reading invisible drone equipment was created? Based on this - the guy who stole identity and framed the real people was terrorist order. In other words, the equipment did not exist in 2008, terrorist order did not exist in 2008. The identity thieves of terrorist order framed the real paople.
India is the largest democracy on planet earth. We don't need dictatorship under goons. If this dictatorship type of communism continues in 20 - 30 years entire India would be on the streets. Foreign countries would withhold investments due to political & econmic unstability. Corruption would rise, even well-educated people would not be able to immigrate, because countries would be blacklisting. And how the F did a supposed Pakitan person somehow obtain Indian citizenship out of the blue or the other way around? Moreover, how are people creating illegal non-existent identities (benaami's - benaami's are illegal). If a person looked like something 10 years ago, how can he look like someone else? Facial features do change slowly. But an short person does not become tall. A fair skinned person might get tanned a bit but would not become dark skinned. In other words the taller and darker persosns are the identity thieves, worst case scenario may be murderers. If murderers most likely that's the missing connection i.e infiltrating India and or other countries, impersonating, doin identity theft and probably murder. On a single day 2000 people might not have been killed but still this is an act of terrorism. And here is another possibility, framing the person as someone else and maybe even doing insurance scams or lifelock scams. In my scenario, they trying to frame me as someone else is whats happening. Thota, Erra surnamed people who even tried to create or might have created identities under my surname - Arumilli. But they are not part of my family. And there is this person who claims to have my name of Kanti and uses Tamil Nadu logic of husband or father name of Kalyan. But in her case surname would be Kalyan, even if such a girl existed. In my case my name - Kanti Kalyan, surname - Arumilli. Have people lost common sense? If yes, the dooms day for India is not far away.

Mafia = all = black cloud of money launderers, extortion.
I am NOT associated with anyone with the initials of “e.s” and to the best of my knowledge, I am NOT directly associated with anyone whose surname starts with a “e”, nor erra surnamed people.
I am NOT associated with "e", "erra", "eka", "okay", "ok", "so", "os", whatever is an "is", diwakar, uttam, bojja srinivas (was a friend i.e engineering batch mate 21 years ago), veera, bandhavi, zinnabathuni, bhattaru, thota, bandhavi, 'i', immandi (2 girls were batchmates long time ago, but I hardly even spoke with them. If they impersonated / shadowed / stalked / hid in the neighborhood and did e-commerce transactions / even showed my very own transactions / even if they showed me, myself using the invisible drone spying camera does not mean anything. It means they have targetted me and tried to frame me. As far as I am concerned they and their batch are some sick psycho's and rabid dogs. Here is the comedy of the situation, they are spreading mass schizophrenia by associating normal day to day english words with identities. LMAO they even tried to associate devices with identities. No schizophrenia please. And India is not a poor country i.e millions of people have mac book airs, windows laptops, dual sim mobile phones, kindle fire tablets, XBox etc... I personally have these. But identity is entirely different. Now, here is the biggest question - why are they doing this? In the larger scheme of distortion of identity, this is more like step 1. If a person's identity gets distorted and if assets are stolen, even filing a police complaint would be hard. If mafia did land kabza, there would be police complaints. If mafia did identity kabza? The victim wouldn't even be able to prove identity. This is part of the larger grand scheme. On further analysis, the next immediate targets would be the near and dear of the victim. In other words, one stolen identity would immediately affect the near and dear i.e by making false statements, false accusations, propaganda, etc... Obviously, divide and conquer is also part of their strategy. In the past on few different occassions, I fell for this and assumed and made some accusations against certain communities. Don't fall for the morning / evening identity shifting R&AWMAAfiomnicron virus. OTP theft (crime) = sharing (cover-up word), most likely OTP theft 1 lakh bank accounts are used for illegal money laundering. India should close this loophole in the system. Atmost one 1 lakh OTP based bank account and that too needs to be fully verified within 30 days or freeze the account. OTP based bank account isa convenience, should NOT become a loophole.
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My video resume - Has enough evidence regarding my identity. White money gets targeted by whom? Black money laundering mafia!

If anyone knows whatever this supposedly super famous LINE group and Youtube channel of Erra or Thota surnamed members or whoever is an E Sowjanya or whoever who claims to be living with me or Uttam / Diwakar / Veera's Youtube channel please let me know the URL via Contact. I am NOT involved but the psycho sadists misuse some spying, invisible drones for impersonation, harassment, identity theft. Because they spread false propaganda by mixing my purchases with theirs for false propaganda, framing, defamation etc... They are literal psycho sadists.

This website is about corrupted R&AW agents who misuse a certain advanced surveilance equipment for personal gains, pretty much like goons, but not goons. The equipment is either an invisible / micro drone capable of speakers, cameras and mic. They misuse the equipment for framing, defaming, identity theft etc... They act like anonymous hackers, OTP theft, password theft etc...

The list of possible culprits are:

  • E. Sowmya alias E. Sowjanya alias E. Kanti (Don't know if those are real names or not)
  • E. Diwakar alias Karan alias Kamalakar
  • Few different Kalyan's such as erra kalyan, arumilli kalyan etc...
  • Multiple surnamed Uttam and his multiple surnamed wife who also claims to be Kanti (Don't know if real identity or virtual identity)
  • Bojja/I/T Srinivas
  • Thota Veera, Thota Bandhavi
  • Few different female's who claim to have first name of "Kanti"
  • Bhattaru
  • Zinnabathuni
Shame on India's R&AW - the terrorist organization for defaming me, identity distortion, trying to frame me as someone else and for identity theft, along with whatever illeal money laundering, illegal immigration, signature fogery, loan defaults, human rights violation, lying under oath, invasion of privacy, gamifying identity theft and trying to put the blame on me as in defamation and making false allegations against me and my identity. I can now bet that after I signed the paperwork the H.R said the job offer was revoked but internally she might have offered the job offer to a rogue R&AW identity thief or in other words Sucharitha must also have been a R&AW agent other wise why would she support a rogue R&AW spy? I can bet all of these faker's photo identity proofs would have been created in the past 10 years. I have India passport issued in 2002. These people use mind reading capabilities and invisible drone, people who turn against them are being harassed. R&AW agents the very people who are supposed to protect the country are acting like goons. They use the term "Geerafter", might be some Urdu word, but what happens is they make false accusations and harass the person. And one of them using hidden drones talks about 50 crores, 100 crores INR, my question would be is that how much he took as ransom by harassing innocents and elderly people. I know, my parents were definitely harassed and they took ransom from my parents and top of it, they are trying to steal my identity and trying to frame me as someone else. They are rightly called as terrrist order, I think they ae more like Mafia as in organized crime syndicate. Shame on the local police in India. They can be very easily caught and can be easily arrested, even with their invisible spying drones. Few years ago, the Indian government did a grid search operation in a forest without any advanced equipment and caught a certain criminal by the name of Veerappan. This equipment would have some kind of base neaarby, because invisible light weight drones might not have long battery. They even came to United Kingdom on tourist visa's, even diplomatic visa. Diplomatic visa hints me of R&AW rather than Mafia. These people should be considered as terrorists, but they try to downgrade as Maoists - naxals. Naxals in India don't have advanced equipment, they hide in forests, they don't live in cities. They don't go overseas on tourist visa and worst case of diplomat visa. Which country on planet earth would send diplomats for identity theft? India.

Zinnabathuni Sowjanya, Erra/Yerra Karan/Kamalakar/Diwakar, Thota Veera, Mukesh Golla, Multiple surnamed Uttam, Thota Bandhavi, Bojja Srinivas. I don't know what kind of a immigration scam - Green Card / Illegal Immigration / Identity Theft / TEA application or some kind of economic offense - loan defaults or credit card defaulters. But, you know what? You guys are trying to steal my assets, trying to claim my earnings and assets as yours. What a shameful, incompetent, rogue, shameless, gutless, hopeless R&AW agents? Shame on you and your entire family. The way you are behaving like street dogs / rabid dogs, tells me about what kind of a pathetic low life you are and what kind of a shameless, moralless, corrupted upbringing. Now, enough of your shameless dogshit! Stop being my watchmen and my left legs, move on and try, just try to live a normal human life. Give up your dog's life and try to live like a human with self-respect, honor and dignity. You pathetic low lives. Signature manipulation, courier manipulation, delivery manipulation, shameless, pathetic assholes, thieves, frauds - fuck off and get a life!
I know one of these biatches are trying to frame me as Uttam or Mukesh Golla, because one of them either stole my identity or are supporting the identity thief.
What kind of a female claims someone as her ex? Claims to be living with someone else, but in reality lives with someone else or no one else?
My mindset hints me - hooker? But India being a country where prostitution is banned, is the hooker trying to act like a humble, loving, loyal house wife? I don't know or may be R&AW agent's are like that for anonymity. The problem in this scenario is that because of their lies, innocent civilians get framed. If a R&AW agent and not a hooker, can I call them as gutless? Because they are trying to frame, defame normal civilians for their own personal agenda's, not for the country. What a shameless organziation - R&AW? R&AW agents are probably thought how to anonymize and live like shadows but probably never about priorities. Because these people are in survival mode, hardly trying to make ends meet and have lost their morals and character and knowingly or unknowingly have become traitor's of India.

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Here is a classic example of corruption in India. Corruption within the highest investigation agency within India!
Bofors scandal was a major scandal where 64 crores INR was misused in the form of kickbacks in a weapons deal. CBI investigated for several years and cleared off everyone but claimed to have spent 250 crores for investigation i.e 4 times the size of the scam. Recently the truth was revealed that only 4.77 crores was used for investigation. What was CBI planning to do? If CBI used only 5% of the claimed expenses what was CBI planning to do with the remaining 245.23 crores (95%)? Saving the money for securing the future of the investigating officers? Were there any additional kickbacks to get the names cleared?
Bofors Scandal – Wikipedia
CBI misled Delhi High Court that Rs 250 crore spent on Bofors probe: Supreme Court told

21/07/2024: There is a link to this website from my startup's website's main menu. https://www.alightservices.com. I am traveling to Hyderabad and returning to Vizag on the 26th. Meanwhile some sl*ts seem to have no shame. They have invisible spying equipment and they create virtual affairs, virtual concumbine stories. Even their pimps. Invisible spying equipment br*thel sl*ts and p*mps. They seem to be some kind of anonymous hackers and they created some economic offenders cloud known as "all". i.e their cover-up for economic offenses such as stolen money or loan defaulters or money laundering. They are like pests of planet earth. They are the worst kind of people, nothing more than pests and dogs. Why? Humans have intellectual capability and common sense. They don't know what's proper and what's not. Then they can be compared with any animal.

20/07/2024: I have added a link to this website on the home page of my startup's website: https://www.youtube.com/@kantikalyanarumilli, https://www.youtube.com/@alighttechnologyandservicesltd. In both the Youtube links, you can see a link back to this website in the top under the links section.
Meanwhile some people are trying to claim to be part of my startups, but in reality, I don't have any other employees. My startup has "Anti Money Laundering Anti Terrorist Financing Anti Mafia Policy". This means cyber terrorists, privacy invaders, hackers, ransom / extortion beggars wouldn't be part of my startup.
Meanwhile, I am busy developing my startup's SaaS product - WebVeta! My startup has been accepted into Microsoft for Startup Fouunders, NASSCOM 10000 virtual incubation, NATWEST Accelarator, U.K (starrts in september), Athena.vc (I might not accept the pre-seed funding, but I definitely need mentorship and networking opportunities. I might not accept their standard deal structure, but I might consider a slightly different deal structure for having Atehna.vc's vested interest in my startup.)

10/07/2024: I am working on my startup's SaaS product WebVeta. Meanwhile the identity thieves psychopaths are busy trying to trap. "Gothulu tavvadam". Labour vaalemo vaala gothulu vaalu thavvukuntunaaru. They are digiing holes / graves and that's their way of living. i.e doing crime, framing someone and stealing. For example: they created a virtual cluster using virtual identities and probably some worthless identities aka benaamis. But benaamis are crime, economic offenders. If they frame someone as a benaami then the cluster steals identity and assets, like dacoits. Modern cyber dacoits. If professionals are targeted and if HR's (supposed to be well educated and are supposed to have morals and are supposed to embrace diversity etc...) are involved (Aditi) isn't that a punishable offense? There are several such dacoits. Some of them are even virtual concumbine's i.e they create stories of affairs using invisible spying equipments. These goons wouldn't leave traces of activity. They impersonate other people or probably use fake accounts.
My SaaS product's database has gone down and because I didn't recruit anyone yet, it has become a nightmare. I am an lead developer and have architectural skills so I know databases but not at DBA level. Anyway, over the past 4 - 5 days, I have been struggling with some certain things and wanted solution that aligns with my long term goals.
https://www.threads.net/@kantiarumilli is my Threads profile and it's great interacting with several people. I have interacted with some great people. Similarly, LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/kanti-kalyan-arumilli.
I am looking for some pre-seed funding for my Startup. I have a mvp in production but has some stability issues for example the database incident. I am hoping to have a stable, commercially viable product ready in 2 - 3 months.

29/06/2024: I was busy with my startup's SaaS product WebVeta. I have participated in a hackathon by Microsoft and integrated certain features into my SaaS product WebVeta, but in a private closed preview i.e the features are accessible from internal VPN IPs. But, in the next few days, the feature going to be accessible from everywhere, however implementing some rate limitations. My startup has been accepted into NATWEST accelarator programme, starting in September. Hoping to get some traction soon.
Meanwhile the invisible spying drone equipment hatred, jealous group are attempting identity theft, identity distortion etc... People who probably have nothing useful to do might be having the equipment. And they seem to be corrupted and spreading the corruption.

10/06/2024: Some people are just shameless, low self-esteem, low life. Those people have invisible spying equipment and have virtually surrounded. They think as though I am responding but in reality I am saying "invisible spying equipment br*thel dogs, sl*ts and p*mps", yet they think thats some kind of a response. Those bast*rds dont know the difference between an answer and a person calling them with bad terms. Because they are just low life's. BTW, my personal youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/@kantikalyanarumilli has enough vidoes regarding me. Here are some very interesting paralleles: In the olden days, dacoits used to wait outside of cities and villages and used to wait for people. Nowadays, people are shadowing / stalking and waiting for e-commerce deliveries of other people with the intention of identity theft. I suppose the sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters of dacoits have such mindset in their blood. Anyway, identity distortion is a crime, identity theft is a crime, shadowing/stalking is a crime, defamation is a crime etc... In other words, the people with the invisible spying drones equipment are criminals.
Anyway, my startup's SaaS product WebVeta gets an update in 3 days. Here is the link - https://webveta.alightservices.com/. In my Startup's SaaS product there is a backlink to this website. Website exposing human rights violation. Anyway, people who sold their own identities for a lumpsome in cash and/or Modi's package deals goons are probably the culprits. Here is the biggest threat: If they sold their identities in underworld, then they might have though of enacting, doing identity theft and selling identities in the underworld as a way of earning. In reality, they create hype around females and they sell identities - just like p*mps and sl*ts.

01/06/2024: The invisible spying drone equipment people are low life, low self-esteem perverts. I don't understand, what they mean by selling identities for some money. I think that's illegal. And then they impersonate other people for selling identities. More crimes. That's like women being s*ld by force or on purpose in s*x trafficking. Are they R&AW extremists enacting mafia or mafia? But they are definitely psychopaths and cyber terroists. I am in Visakhapatnam, India. My youtube channel, my Facebook have several live videos. In my live videos, I call the invisible spying drone equipment people perverts, sl*ts and p*mps, yet they harass because they are shameless. They created stories of "athuku" and "benaamis" both are crimes anyway - economic offenses. "athukulu" stories and "benaami" stories are for identity distortion and identity theft. In the past mushtia used to do "kabjas" of land, now they are doing "identity kabja". Instead they shouuld just beg, probably they weren't properly raised, and they have no self-esteem, no self-respect. While I am typing these word here, they are spying and uttering non-sense using invisible spying equipment drones because they are low life pathetic, shameless like street dogs, insects and pests.
25/05/2024: I have received my new renewed passport yesterday on May 24th. Now, I have 3 old passports and current passport. 1st passport issued in 2002, 2nd passport issued in 2007, because 1st passport was damaged. 3rd passport issued in 2017, because 2nd passport expired. 4th passport issued in 2024, because 3rd passport was damaged. "Y1475761" - my new passport, haven't opened the cover yet! Meanwhile, I am busy developing my SaaS product - WebVeta! I am hoping to gain some traction and adding some nice features. I am planning to attempt Microsoft Azure AI 102 examination in next month. This would be my 9th certification. The last few times when I was attempting exams, the invisible spying drones equipment bastards were disturbing throughout the exams. 2020 - GMAT, TOEFL exams. 2020, 2021 - MBA exams. 2022 - AWS Certified Architect Associate exam, 2022 - TOGAF Foundational and Advanced exams. 2023 - AWS Certified Developer Associate exam, 2023 - Azure Developer exam, 2024 - Azure Adminstrator exam, 2024 - Azure Architect exam (The exam was terminated in middle because I was wearing non-tech sponge earbuds that I opened in front of the instructor. This time, I am planning to mention this issue prior to the exam. In other words, because of the invisible spying drone pests lot of financial damages, career damages, psychological, mental health damages have happened. Why? Just because some rogue R&AW spy did identity theft, lied under oath. Are the rogue R&AW agent's identity theft and cover-up important for India? Can the rogue R&AW spy tell about his accomplishments i.e did he go to a terrorist country and obtain useful information? No, he was just a cheapo going to a friendly country. And that's precisely why I am saying India's R&AW violated human rights, India supported the thief, heard of some involvement of a diplomat. Illegal immigration, identity theft are crime. Lying under oath bigger crime. Violating privacy, harassment, human rights violation are much bigger crimes. In other words, India's R&AW is an extremist terrorist organization. India's spies are supposed to do something useful for the country, not stealing identities. In other words the criminals and the accused are traitors.

23/05/2024: I am currently in Visalakshi Nagar, Visakhapatnam. The invisible spying equipment gang are some kind of pervert bast*rds. I have updated my SaaS product WebVeta. Added some A.I based features and planning some additional features. The mini SaaS product, I am still considering but might not proceed. I have some other priorities for the next 1 month. Jealous hatred people are like gravity. They are psychopaths, terrorists. For all practical purposes they are terrorists. I wanna see them hang*d. Whatever the 'LINE' group of liars, shady stalkers, impersonators are just terrorists, perverts and probably p*mps.

18/05/2024 update 2: Soem bastard did identity theft and probably some illegal 'deals'. I don't know the illegal 'deal'. But the pr*stitutes equipment sl*ts say something "oppanadam" means "deal". I don't about the illegal 'deal', and anyway p*mps would probably make deals with 'br*thels anyway. What I don't understand is how does they trying to frame me as someone else become part of their deal? Identity theft happened, the b*stard might have put some kind of pr*ze money for identity distortion. Several gangs and families of people are probably competing for the pr*ze money i.e "uvas", shadows, stalkers etc... What kind of families are these people born in and how were they raised?

19/05/2024: Seems like there is a 'Human Rights Office' in the vicinity. Doing a google maps search showed there is a office nearby, hardly 10 minute walk. I am planning to go there. Google maps might have had some error, the photo in Google maps does not show any building. The invisible spying drones equipment people are some kind of psychopaths, I don't know but there is a possibility they might be framing civilians using the invisible spying drones equipment. They say "O bhai seenu", sometimes the broth*l p*mp anounces rates of sl*ts - something like "1 lakh", "just whatever number", and those people with the invisible equipment might have tried recording from behind and probably as thhough family members and in their own videos they might be calling people with different names. I even heard some r*mours of some women enacting and saying "living-in" or virtual conc*mbine or virtual affairs? Some kind of psycho! I am seperated (not divorced) and have been living with my mom and dad. These invisible spying equipment people are "chaos", they are just looters and dacoits. They say "takers". Hmmm, beggars, thieves, dacoits are taking without offering any product or service. thieves and dacoits are "taking" by force and that's exactly why the act of "taking" without consent and by force is a crime!
I have filed a complaint through the website. The complaints can be found by searching for my India mobile number - 7893626688 on https://hrcnet.nic.in/HRCNet/public/SearchComplaint.aspx.

18/05/2024: Regarding my passport, police verification was completed. The invisible spying equipment might be R&AW enacting mafia! They are enacting mafia by doing organized crime! If everyone in India were targeted, there would have been arrests etc... Conclusion: Someone did identity theft, R&AW wanted to cover-up. Then they hacked, harassed, violated human rights. Then I filed some police complaints, ran some Google ads etc... Now, they are trying to cover-up by enacting mafia!

17/05/2024: I have applied for passport renewal on the 7th of May under Tatkal, but for some reason there was a delay. Few minutes ago, police came for inquiry. I have shown my past 3 passports, and my permanent address registered apartment, registered on my mom's name. The police officer asked about what I do. I have shown the registration details of my startup: https://ico.org.uk/ESDWebPages/Entry/ZB227444, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/13470020/persons-with-significant-control. The police said there were 2 pending police cases. I had an accident in December 2020, and I thought the case was closed. I didn't know about the second case. He said something about my spouse filing a case, me and my spouse got seperated (not divorced) in 2019. To the best of my knowledge she didn't file any police complaints. I have met my spouse in Hyderabad several times after getting seperated. The officer did not show any paperwork egarding second case. Probably police officer might have heard some rumors and might have questioned. I have shown my spouse's photo, and my marriage certificate. The police officer seemed very professional.

14/05/2024: Invisible spying equipment br*thel dog mushtia has no self respect. Beggars would take few bucks and go, but the br*thel mushtia wouldn't. Beggars wouldn't harass, mushtia harasses. This very moment, when I am typing these words, those people are watching and even reading. They use invisible spying drones equipment and enact as though living and/or virtual affair or virtual concumbin*s or virtual family members. They are just low life, low self-esteem. They sometimes bark like dogs in my ears, some guy, most likely between age of 12 - 20 (based on voice), literally says 'bo' in my ears using the invisible spying drones equipment and then there are several people who utter non-sense. They are just p*mps, pr*stitutes and sl*ts. Sometimes some people anounce some numbers - probably anouncing over-night / hourly rates? Anyway the invisible spying equipment br*thel d*gs are violating privacy, human rights, harassment, defamation, false rumors, propaganda etc... And sometimes they say ask some random stupid questions and baseless accusations. I don't answer, I just call them invisible spying equipment br*thel dogs. If they are law enforcement, they would interrogate in a pr*per way, they wouldn't harass. If they are law enforcement, they would probably obtain evidence and then interrogate and arrest. They shouldn't harass for 7+ years - in other words, forcing someone to do crime i.e harassing and framing. Or they must have been just gutless law enforcement who want job promotions or want to solve cases, but because they are gutless they might be creating false crime and false evidence. They are trying to defame. They might be mafia, because they say 'all' - based on their own definition - group of economic offenders without proper identities. I would say they are terrorists or mafia. When they used to say 'all' I thought if they are anouncing their brred - alsatian dogs.
Anyway, I am NOT associated - e, ass, eass, zinnabathuni, erra, yerra. NOT associated - bhattaru (I met her at ICICI bank, opened bank account, talked few times regarding banking etc...), ester (another bank ICICI bank employee, met her once and absolutely once at the bank), bojja (was a friend), golla (was a friend). I think three female sl*ts are creating propaganda of "O" etc... Their virtual stories "O" does not exist, they are trying to steal identities and then trying to frame people of vitual worthless identities, during this identity distortion, identity theft, they create virtual identities, clusters, shadowing, stalking, "identity changing / exchanging", trash picking of receipts, stealing of identity documents and any other documents and creating stories of benaamis - economic offenders. I think the invisible spying equipment br*thell dogs who create stories of virtual affairs or virtual concumbin*s should just shut up and do some job based upon whatever their qualifications. And the equipment br*thel dogs have false prestige and false ego of as though commanding i.e "just obey", etc... in reality I am calling them br*thel dogs p*mps and sl*ts!
My startup's SaaS product WebVeta has a release pllanned in 1 week. This update has a bunch of nice features.

08/05/2024: Yesterday, I went to passport office in Visakhapatnam, applied for passport renewal. My given name as per my passport - Kanti Kalyan, surname - Arumilli. People call me Kanti, Kanti Kalyan, Kalyan. My preferred way of getting called Kanti i.e my first name. But Kalyan is also part of my name. Based on some pr*paganda some sl*ts and her p*mps tried to "share" my identity using Tamil Nadu naming style i.e two people "Kanti" and "Kalyan". The sl*t and her p*mp must be extremely poor and they don't have the common sense. Identities are NOT shared! Manipulating identities is a crime! Now the poor sl*t and her p*mp are criminals. And then there were some people who were saying something about "eka experience", is there anything to respond or some hidden intention? I don't know "eka", I don't know where "eka" worked! Definitely NOT my present or past coleague! I didn't care and I didn't respond. My past experience can be seen at my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kanti-kalyan-arumilli. Anyway, responding to random people talking about someone else is a psychological disorder.
The best part about applying for passport under Tatkal - phone number, Aadhar, PAN, Passport get associated. i.e at least from Government of India's records - person's identity can't be tampered. Local sl*ts and p*mps would have a different name every night, new husband every night, new surname every night! I don't care about them. People should ask for marriage certificate and identity proof documents. Some sl*ts are saying "sisters" of respectable families i.e several families have been targeted and they are creating stories and even stories of adoption. In other words, some people are creating litigations for inheritance. The litigation creation people dont know how to live. They are born, doing crime, surviving, thats all. Even pests, insects, street dogs are like that - at least pests, insects, street dogs don't do crime. So these litigation people are wors than pests, insects and street dogs!

04/05/2024 update 3: I am getting my passport renewed. My 3rd passport valid till 2027, got some damage. I am applying for passport renewal in Visakhapatnam through Tatkal. I have an appointment with passport office in Visakhapatnam on 7th May 2024. My existing passport - R4542950.

04/05/2024 update 2: The invisible spying equipment br*thel dogs. They are shameless and probably money launderers and definitely cyber terrorists. They are doing identity distortion, identity theft because are probably mafia. I am NOT associated - whatever LINE group, but they are probably impersonating for probably making false statements, identity distortion, identity theft. I am NOT associated - thota, veera, uttam, diwakar, zinnabathuni, er, re, ester, ok, eka, e, erra, bhattaru, is, ec, immandi, bandhavi, yesu padam, b/e/i kantham's - sl*ts and their p*mps. The invisible spying drones equipment sl*ts and p*mps.
I have enrolled in nextmba's programs - Marketing course and Mastermind courses. The invisible spying drones equipment are hackers and for whatever reason NextMBA has no basic web security. Plain Text textbox for password reset page, No MFA! I think the invisible spying equipment people can easily log in into anyone's accounts on NextMBA. I did send an email few weeks ago to NextMBA! The invisible spying equipment br*thel dogs hack into accounts, shadow / stalk victims and then identity distortion, identity theft. I can bet whatever mobile numbers in the whatever LINE lied group are most likely OTP theft or people impersonating other people. I can bet whoever was trying to misrepresent me in whatever LINE group lied. I have public videos, public profiles. They don't. Doing a Google search on my name - "Kanti Arumilli" shows public profiles, public videos. I can bet the LINE equipment br*thel sl*ts p*mps dogs would probably use unlisted videos for propaganda, because they are just br*thel sl*ts and p*mps.

04/05/2024: The invisible spying equipment broth*l dogs, they have some false sense of ego and they think as though if they were commanding. I am attending some sessions on business by Rajiv Talreja. The sessions are 10:00 - 19:00 on 03, 04, 05 of May 2024. Obviously I wake up, take shower and because I am Hindu, I pray after shower. Hindu's pray after shower. Every religion has its own traditions. What the f*ck do the equipment psychopath br*thel dogs mean by yelling "ob" / "obey", I am gonna pray anyway. I dont stop because they yelled. I do precisely what I do and I wont do what I dont want to do. They are just sick people who peep into bedrooms and bathrooms of other people, they are probably in br*thels and probably gr*w up in br*thels. And they probably look ugly, thats why they have false ego. Using the miind-reading equipment they might be shadowing / stalking other people but they are jealous ugly bi*ches and their pimps.

26/04/2024: I am working on my own startups SaaS product - WebVeta! I create some social media posts, I plan the features for next release, I plan the technical changes, I write the code, I write some unit tests, I do sanity checks, I write some scripts for promoting the code into some internal environments and for production. I dont understand the problem of the low life scumbags who have false ego's and they create chaos via identity distortion and use terms such as world order / eyes etc... I think they might be mafia or extremist R&AAW spies doing extreme activities for cover up! Hypothetical scenario Police/CBI/R&AW conspired for job security and probably even promotions and created / enacted mafia - that means they are just goons, failures, gutless. Anyway, although I am developing WebVeta, I am searching for employment oppoortunities and possible overseas employment opportunites. I like United States, United Kingdom. I have plans for Canada. I wrote IELTS in November 2022 while I was in United Kingdom and the scores are associated with my India passport. Iam selected in lottery for U.S.A but did not apply. I have contacted few consultancies for Canada. I receive some recruiter emails from U.K, I mention I need Tier-2 sponsorship.
Now for the exciting part, I am implementing some A.I based features in my SaaS product WebVeta, the next 45 - 60 days would be A.I based expermentation of features and using the features in WebVeta! After introducing some A.I based features, I have plans for implementing a different set of useful sub features of WebVeta! i.e in 4 months I would say about 70% of the grander vision would be revealed i.e no the entire vision but some parts that still need a lot of improvements, but what can 70% of the product become and there is another 20 - 30% of features that are a hush for now!

04/04/2024: I am NOT applying for H1B visa, due to certain reasons. However, I am planning to apply next year. Meanwhile, I am working on my startup and the sl*ts and p*mps are harassing and those sha*eless girls think violating privacy using invisible spying drones and creating affair stories as some super great thing. I think if a beggar has the invisible spying drones equipment, he would probably beg from the generous or probably beg by whispering. similarly sl*ts and criminals are using the equipment in the way they know i.e just sl*ts being sl*ts, p*mps being p*mps and criminals are just criminals anyway! If a certain model - never did modelling / ramp walks / photoshoots, yet has some money from questionable sources but wants to cover up by shadowing some software engineers, is the model still a model? Are the goons who create hype around her somehow getting benefitted from her whatever sources? I think a major international money laundering network are distorting identities, creating "all" economic offences propaganda, are they a network of s*x workers or drugs or weapons dont know. I heard some extreme jokes of people covering up, creating stories etc... specifically from creating hype around female's identities means some kind of s*x workers or selling or escorts in countries where multiple wife's or mistresses are considered legal.

31/03/2024 - I have been selected in H1B lottery. I am hoping nice things happen in the future. Meanwhile, I am continue working on my SaaS product - WebVeta. Meanwhile the people with invisible spying equipment are just psychopaths, perverts with invisible spying drones. They are just pathetic.

27/03/2024: I have been on vacation and went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Very nice trip, went on few different tours and even uploaded photos and live videos on my social media. I have even rated most of the tours. The invisible spying drone equipment are just unnecessary "co-pilot", i.e stupid prompts, and some of them false egos etc... Considering tax season, and I need to file corporate taxes, slightly busy. I am actively looking for digital marketing partnerships for my startup's. Either way, development of WebVeta continues. I am planning small feature updated frequently. One thing, the spying equipment group are identity thieves, hackers, spies - they are not the good people, they are evil. They have false prestige of gods, no, they are daemons. They are just psychopaths. begging for ransom is a sin in every religion, so even if they feel like God, they are just daemons and anyway, I believe in people helping each other i.e people should help each other and people should put in effort instead of just hoping for God to help, the equipment daemons would strike evil deals. 50% ransom for nothing means one thing - paying such ransom encourages the cyber terrorists, instead the stance should be against them i.e they should know the consequences instead of thinking of easy money.

17/03/2024: I have developed and launched minimum viable product of my SaaS product WebVeta, can be accessed from https://webveta.alightservices.com. Meanwhile the pests / insects i.e the mind-reading / mind-eating pests are busy trying to distract / defame. They are just sham*less br*thel dogs who don't have a proper use of their time, except for harassing and getting jealous. Successful people dont' get jealous / hate. I would rather focus my time and effort on my startup etc... But then there are worthless people who seem to have nothing useful. They just impersonate, enact, false hype, false propaganda etc... Some r*ndom shamel*ss sl*ts, perverts peeping into bedrooms etc... They are just low self-esteem s*uts, yuck!

29/02/2024: Some sl*t wanted fame, assets and created virtual identity under my name and then she stalked, shadowed and created rumor mill of O etc... In reality, she is just a sl*t and used virtual identity for cash transactions. How does a female benefit via hype and virtual identities? Sl*ts. What would here supporters be called p*mps. She m*ght have s*cked too many c*cks for increasing her helpers / propaganda in the unerwearld! Because there aren't any official websites or search results in normal websites. She must be popular in dark web or word-of-mouth propaganda of underwearld - her word-of-mouth propaganda would be her pimps. I am professional, I read websites, blogs etc... P*mps, sl*ts would have their own ways of meeting and their own way of spreading rumors.
For the past 10 - 11 months I have been developing a SaaS product known as WebVeta. The sl*ts and p*mps wanted to create notorious hype around my SaaS as though part of my startup or working on the SaaS application etc... People earn money by doing something useful, investing etc... Then there are drug paddlers, sl*ts, smuglers, thieves, dacoits, hackers - cyber thieves, who get money in non-legal ways. These people needed a cover and they did identity distortion / identity theft. Why or how would anyone make money using virtual identities and by shadowing / stalking? They don't, they use people as covers for their illegal activities - even police are taking bribes. Even I was offered bribes in the range of $1.25 million - $5 million - bribe for my identity. I said my identity and character "not for sale". Now, I am wondering how large is the scam?

28/02/2024: I have been invited for a networking dinner for March 15th. Usual these type of business networking events have some kind of a fee, but for whatever reason there was no fee and no public webpages / website for the event. Slightly fishy! But I don't care - worst case, some kind of a trap, my evidences and my finances are crystal clear.
The brothel mafia spying equipment dogs are keeping unemployed on purpose, framing, defaming, hacking, spying - shameless perverts. They have no self respect or morals. I am going on a trip to Kuala lumpur in March. I am traveling from Visakhapatnam via Chennai on 19th and returning on 26th. I have booked my flight tickets but not hotel yet! Here is whats happening - R&AW did identity theft, human rights violation. I filed court case in India. Then they started enacting Mafia and started doing identity distortion. Here is their strategy - the identity acts victim, the rest of the gang enacts mafia and tried to frame. The the identity thief claims to have made some super heroic effort. In other words, gutless, shameless R&AW spies. One of their strategies is to trying to frame as SC/ST, some females trying to frame as spouse or brother etc... Some people trying to frame of virtual identities - benaamis in other words - identity distortion. From what I heard, someone made a deal of 100 crores INR for identity theft - hmmm, stealing selling identities in under world is a crime. Identity theft is a crime, exchanging of identities is a crime, misrepresentation is a crime, lying under oath is a crime, bribes is a crime, benaamis / virtual identities is a crime, illegal immigration is a crime, illegal immigration on someone else' identity is a crime, submitting falsified documents for illegal immigration is a crime, human rights violation, cover up etc... are crime. These have been happening over 7 years. I wish the culprits are hanged, there are several such criminals.
I am still developing my startup's SaaS product - WebVeta, little slowly because of the R&AWMAAfia spy dogs - R&AW (Research And Analysis Wings) + MAA (Movie Artists Association) did the organized crime = mafia - R&AWMAAfia.
Anyway because they are shameless, gutless, violating human rights - they must be born in some low morale, low character families.
I am NOT associated - a, e, es, ass, erra, eka, ok, o, okay, is, ester, er, re, zinnabathuni, thota, uttam, thota veera, bandhavi, bhattaru, 3 female kantha's, ec, bojja - but some of these people or someone else might be enacting and trying to frame - I am NOT associated with the above. These people use the invisible spying drones equipment and whisper bullshit - "maalamaadigolu", "alle vaadi wife anta", etc... who the hell is a "alle"? Anyway, psychopaths are using mind-reading equipment and whispering non-sense in years and whatever "ob", they have false sense, false ego of as though commanding - I am doing precisely what I want. I think some female recruiters might be obeying them. And who the hell or what the hell is a "so"? Some stupid anonymous label of some stupid impersonator who might have lied and I don't know why people try to associate that word and such a simple english word is being used as a label for some stupid persons identity. Similarly tu - thota uttam (some kind of criminal mafia person)

22/02/2024: I have prepared for AZ 305 Azure Architect exam. In Visalakshi Nagar there are some electrical repairs happening and over the past week power off morning 10 till 18/1830. I have postponed my AZ 305 exam from 19/02/2024 to 21/02/2024 i.e 21/02/2024 at 19:00. Yesterday attended the exam and the pervert peeps were harassing me even during the exam. I think people lost common sense. Seems like the br*thel mafia has a large audience who dont even know privacy violation is a crime, mind reading is a crime. For whatever reason the proctor has terminated my AZ 305 exam. Here are few questions for Celeste (proctor), what do you mean by saying my family members names and calling them of a different country? And that too after I showed my India passport - R4542950 as identity proof? I did not want a heated conversation nor waste my mind's energy and replied "yes whatever" in a mocking way! How does proctor know about the names of my family members? Why did she try to put some kind of stupid labels? The invisible spying drones bast*rds might have whispered or mighht have made false propaganda. The br*thels equipment because they dont value career or identity, probably minting money, signature forgeries, impersonation for cover ups etc... i.e integrating illegal sources of money into the system - money laundering. equipment = br*thel mafia! local police Yesupadam part of the "all" bubble - money launderers - his own kids are directly involved in money laundering. Shame on local police Thota Yesupadam. My startup's WebVeta launch gets delayed because of the possibility of identity theft. "B" - bojja / bhattaru are definitely involved. thota veera or thota bandhavi or thota uttam are involved. As far as I am concerned, the equipment shamless, low self-esteem br*thels equipment.

13/02/2024: I am doing my Azure Architect Expert certification on 19th February. I am working on my startup's SaaS product - WebVeta! My startup's have no other employees. India is famous for - corruption and laziness. U.K has 5% the population of India but almost equal GDP. In India probably 1 out of 20 people do anything useful. The remaining loans / bribes etc... Every year India's banks writes off over a billion USD of bad loans. The cost of bad loans is being beared by the productive 5% of the population. In other words the loans scam mafai / bribes scam mafia are indirectly begging from the 5%. Some br*thels have created faltu propaganda and false identities under my surname - Arumilli and used celebrities names. What type of females and males would benefit from such hype i.e virtual identities on respectable family names and celebrity names? What type of men and women would benefit from false hype? i.e a certain type of people create a false propaganda and hype around a poor girl and hype her with celebrity names? Simple answer: br*thel mafia and pimps. Are they selling females in Dubai like in the movies? And they have powerful surveilance equipment capable of mind-reading and obviously they are br*thel mafia peeping into bathrooms and bedrooms - shameless br*thel mafia! Based on some rumors some local police got some bribes from the br*thels. Here is the question? Aren't men who take money from br*thels known as p*mps? And I don't know why I became target of them. I don't want STD's and I don't go to such places, br*thels were angry because they didn't get money from me? Either way these br*thel mopia are home wreckers and caused chaos and one of the pr*stitiute was probably creating hype and might have used virtual first name i.e my first name and she created O stories of some mexico. Even in the br*thel stories the female was sold in mexico in br*thels and married some O. And she traveled in containers per her stories. In other words, the sl*t was paid for shadowing/stalking and defaming. Some of these sl*ts were bribed for creating false affir stories - another trait of br*thels because they don't have character anyway.

21/01/2024: Yesterday on the 20th, I have attended my certification exam and passed the exam. The sl*ts and p*mps equipment were harassing and disturbing me even during the exam!
People who don't understand the value of career and identity are just sl*ts and p*mps! They are failure, jealous hate group! Literal b*stards! I felt like as though the equipment sl*ts and p*mps are some unwanted pests. Here is the filthy logic they are trying to use - they playing sounds of females voices of someone else and probably recording and creating stories of propaganda or probably trying to frame me. In the past, I have given some women benefit of doubt, but I think they might be the spouses of the criminals i.e the spouses of the criminals are probably trying to frame and helping their spouses get away from crimes!
That's probably what's happening, other why would Thota's family impersonate? One of them must have been a criminal! One of the thota even local police! The local police would know some criminals and goon!
Here is another curious case of sl*t, this sl*t was bribed into tampering identity or even accepting false accusations! Some sl*t claims to have my identity and creates stories of some ok/okay/ek/oka whatever... Those ok/okay/ek/eka might be virtual identities being used by the sl*t!
There is definitely a identity thief, probably mushtia or r&aw. The identity thief might have calculated my net worth, career and might have made me target. The equipment group might be targeting several people and they are cyber criminals - hackers/impersonators/privacy violators/probably recording homemade p*rn using their invisible spying drones, if they are seeing me in bathroom and whispering non-sense, what's preveting them from recording homemade p*rn and probably uploading in darkweb.
I don't know if uttam is the culprit or not, but they are trying to frame me as uttam. If uttam's wife used the spying drone on purpose for framing me, what type of character does she have? desperate sl*t!

04/02/2024: I am planning to attempt AZ 305 - Azure Architect exam on 19/02/2024. For whatever reason my spouse stopped talking with me for over the past 2 months. Meanwhile the equipment R&AWMAAfia were busy with identity theft / distortion. They have false ego and low self-esteem. They think people are obeying odour! But, I am exposing their odour. They think commanding and making other people doing things - order. People doing normal day to day tasks does not mean obeying. They are mafia and definitely trying to frame/defame and/or very worst case scenario, some big crime might happen and even right now large scale organized crime is happening. I know, I am being framed, harassed by the low-life bastards. In the past I have blamed SC/ST and have used some bad terms, I am not apologizing, but some of them have done crimes just because one of them did a crime and other wanted to cover-up. Under normal circumstances, if someone did a crime, people would try to minimize damages, would come up with some kind of agreement for the victim etc... But criminal minded people would try to make another bigger crime for cover-up, i.e a spiral of crimes for cover-up! Even if R&AW did the crime and India's politicians, police, media tried to cover-up, just means organzied crime happened = in this instance mafia'ish activities. Seems like some females were given some money and were asked to blame. It's like as though people are bing rewarded for blaming / identity distortion. For professionals, career-oriented people - identity is very important. For example when applying for employment - education, experience, certifications etc... People who don't value identity might be people who did odd jobs or criminals. Anyway spying equipment peeps are perverts and criminals. The perverted peep criminals want free money - ransom / extortion. Shame on them, law enforcement.
NOT associated - thota, bandhavi, erra, e, es, ester, bhattaru, is, e,k, ok, okay, zinnabathuni, uttam, bojja (was a friend).
I am developing my own SaaS product known as WebVeta as part of my own I.T startups, ALight Technology And Services Limited, U.K and ALight Technologies USA Inc. These pervert bastards are messing/meddling when I am developing. Because, I didn't give the pervert criminals "vaata" in my startup. "vaata" is a telugu word meaning share, in this context, extortion/ransom. If they wanted to be co-founder or wanted to buy ownership, they could me professionally and we could agreed on some terms, but they simply wanted 50% ownership. If I give them, they would recruit more people and more civilians would be harassed. India, Say NO to terrorist mafia LINE! They have invisible spying equipment, yet they are not solving crimes nor arresting - they are framing by planting evidence and using for identity theft and identity distortion. They are whispering non-sense and framing, spreading rumors and framing, they are even doing sub-liminal messaging during sleep. Terrorist odour equipment.

20/01/2024: I have passed my Azure certification! AZ 104 is a pre-req for AZ 305. I have cleared the pre-req! I am planning to complete AZ 305 in 3 - 4 weeks!
Sl*ts did some a/e/i scam around me and tried to frame me! The sl*ts aka "all" aka "br*thall" tried to frame me of whatever a/e/i scam!
I would call them l*ttle sl*ts probably s*cking d*cks of entire unerwearld!
There seem to be 2 bubbles in the world! Professionals and underwearld! underwearld sl*ts have their own way of spreading propaganda! You know what I mean.
Professionals - public active profiles, content creators etc... Sl*ts, p*mps, "vittulu" are closer to underwearld and get their info from underwearld!

19/01/2024: Few questions to consider?
  • 1) What type of females would talk using s*x related terms with other people, unless part of profession i.e doctors who might in certain scenarios might talk, except for professional scenarios?
  • 2) What type of women would use the surname of people who are not related in any way and names of celebrities?

BTW, what type of people would peep into someone else's bedrooms and bathrooms? And these sl*ts and p*mps try to predict next things and have some low self-esteem of as though people are obeying!
In other words, sl*ts, p*mps, low self-esteem people are using some kind of invisible spying drone equipment. Their acts are traits of people with low self-esteem and they are definitlely perverted peeps.
These people seem to be some kind of economic offenses mafia!

14/01/2024: Equipment - invisible spying drones - cameras, voices - sl*ts, p*mps & gig*los - brothel mafia.
The sl*ts are non-sense unwanted pests - whispering and prompting auto-complete features.
How do you SSH? set permissions and then SSH sudo chmod 600 pemfile ssh - i pemfile username@server - meanwhile the sluts would be prompting
These little parrot sized brains sl*ts must have had the brains of the size of parrots. These pervert sluts peep and then repeat - some kind of psychological disodour'ed sl*ts
Anyway, I am planning to get certified in Azure Architect. The certification requires 2 exams.
I have booked the 1st exam for the 20th of January and I am going to use my passport - R4542950 for 20th Jan. I plan to the second exam within few weeks. Here is my live video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbPax2AwB6w. Hint: Look in the description for a link back to this website. Backlinks matter! Impersonators wouldn't have backlinks.
They order / hukam - I think odour - bad smell - rotten/pervert/peeps/hatred/jealous sl*ts/p*mps equipment.
I have complained several police complaints with cyber police and about 9 cases were closed without any enquiry or anything - peaks of corruption in India! Or br*thel mopia might have offered s*xual favors. I heard some HRs getting s*xual favors etc...
Anyway no one gives a sh*t about the perverted p*mps and sl*ts, yet they have a false prestige. They say "rajayogam", I say nee brothadaridram nee daggare unchuko! They have done identity theft because they had the equipment! They are trying to reframe me as someone else and even non-existent employee of my own startup! But I am the founder and there are no other employees yet! May be the br*thels are creating hype around female's identity for charging higher prices! These sl*ts IQ must be less than their age! I even heard rumors of n*de stage shows by these sluts - illegal in India! aka bogummelam etc... Peddapuram batch?

10/01/2024: I have been slightly busy with my SaaS product WebVeta. Faced a massive breach by hackers / mafia / br*thels. Hackers/Mafia trapping people using their hacking/criminal skills. The equipment mafia uses equipment for framing / defamation / identity distortion / identity theft. If someone whispered / talked some rubbish it just means rubbish. The equipment are just sl*ts and pr*stitutes. They create hype around female identities then they probably increase overnight prices or p*rn or may be even selling females like in the movie "Gulabi" - telugu movie. Funny joke - some recruiter calls me and says B. Kantha saved you - Who the hell is a B. Kantha? The supposed fake identity thief brothel slut prostitute who probably enacted and created some mexican O stories. Did they do money laundering or ran some kind of international prostitution network? The sl*ts and pimps have been using invisible spying drones for harassment - I B. Kantha might be a sl*t and prost*tute and thought if the recruiter is hearing her source of information from the worldwide br*thel network, may be the HR might be a part-time - after-hours prostitute. Anyway, India's law enforcement corrupted, R&AW corrupted because R&AW enacted mafia with the help of some sl*ts. BTW, what kind of women are peeping toms? I am questioning their upbringing. Probably they grew in brothels - multi-generational sl*ts.

19/12/2023: Over the past several years, I have been the target of br*thel mopia. I think they frame people, defame people and turn people into herds of zombies. They use some kind of invisible spying drones for whispering, framing, defaming, harassment etc... Local police are involved. They target and ruin people's finances, they do economic offenses. The females who end up in their traps knowing or unknowingly, end up doing se*ual favors. If some of those women targeted me just because whoever was controlling them, I have every right to call them sl*ts. Here are some facts regarding me and my career. Lot of big companies in USA do e-verification i.e legal immigration status etc... When I filed my taxes I specified my employer, my job title etc... How can some illegal money laundering people create stories of containers and dogs? They created stories for getting away from their loans or crimes. Stealing work experience letters does not mean anything because they can't show legal status. Someone was targeting me, shadowed me, framed me. I have stampings on my passport, my IRS account associated with my personal email address etc... I have shown several of these in my personal youtube channel. The people who are selling their soul for few bucks are like br*thels. diwakar, uttam, veera, bandhavi etc... are some of the culprits, what they are doing is cyber crime, they are trying to steal other people's assets, hardwork etc... their propaganda might be registering or buying on other people's names or surnames i.e they are creating chaos, trying to steal, defaming etc... they are just a bunch of goons supported by local police. seems like local police forgot law. probably they paid bribes for getting into the job rather than normal way and that's probably why the local police didn't even know whats's law and what's crime.

14/12/2023: It's been over a month since I updated this website. Meanwhile, my infrastructure has been compromised i.e a small security breach happened. There wasn't major damage. The infrastructure has been moved from AWS into Azure. Then the breach happened. Someone installed some kind of malware / spyware. I had to turn off outbound connections i.e I didn't want my infrastructure to be part of some bot network. In the past I have read about DDOS attacks etc... I suppose hackers compromise enough servers and then launch DDOS attacks. This website and were unavailable for few days. PodDB - free podcast search engine was stopped and I don't have plans of restoring yet. WebVeta has been down and I plan to restore WebVeta in 7 - 10 days. Anyway, the moral of the incident - I had monitoring in place, but I didn't have a proper Disaster Recovery plan. Now, after some analysis, I found the possible loopholes and those loopholes are being closed along with an appropriate DR plan.
Apart from the cyber breach, I have been trying to find employment i.e normal 9 - 5 job. For whatever reason the hackers i.e spies i.e mafia members are busy with identity distortion and identity theft. In other words, some people are trying to distort my identity and whatever code names. Even well educated HR's and I.T recruiters are believing in br*thel mafia's propaganda. Br*thel mafia, spies, terrorists, criminals would change identities for anonymous reasons. Spies have their own reasons. Br*thels, mafia, terrorists, criminals have dark agenda. Spies, depending upon their motive might have dark agenda or might be doing world-saving activities.
Anyway, I have my own original educational documents, identity documents, bank accounts, past employment paperwork, bank accounts, tax records on my own name. Br*thels and p*mps were targeting me - they wouldn't value identity or career but they want hype because the escorts can ask for higher whatever commissions. I think br*thels are the people who dont' care about identity or career but want fame, hype and propaganda. Everyone else needs identity. Politicians, Movie Artists, Sportsmen, professionals, doctors, police etc... People who are professionals value career and identity. I have 7 I.T certifications, I have studied and graduated in B.Tech (Computer Science Engineering), MBA. I have pursued M.S in Computer science engineering but dropped out after 3 semesters. I have 14+ years I.T work experience, I have 2 I.T startups - ALight Technology And Services Limited, U.K and ALight Technologies USA Inc, USA. I have studied M.S for 3 semesters in N.H, U.S.A. I have worked between 2008 and 2016 in USA on valid H1B. I have studied MBA in U.K. In other words, I have very respectable educational and employment. If someone made a lifetime of wrong decisions and suddenly starts stealing identities that means they have become much more stupid and desperate. Making a lifetime of wrong decisions due to whatever reasons - finances etc... is entirely different story. But identity theft - crime. I don't know the code names of "is", "ok", "okay" and whatever those mean I don't know. I know the english words i.e is being a connecting word, ok/okay being used in a semi-agreeing sense. I think someone is trying to frame me as uttam or srinivas. The culprit might be someone else - karunakar or kamalakar or diwakar or mukesh might be the culprits.
The br*thel mafia did a lot of identity distortion. They have very powerful spying equipment and misused for blackmailing, identity distortion. For example showing off other people's ecommerce deliveries - reason - hiding their own shady money and or for postal manipulation - for identity documents or any other crime. Shadowing, signing on receipts of other people for trying to get away from their shadowy money sources. Raising invoices when bank account transfers happen - more identity distortion. Females claiming to having affairs - more identity distortion. Who would either defame themselve and defame others? Or who would try to create propaganda, hype? I have mentioned above, the type of people who wouldn't value career or identity but want hype, propaganda - br*thels, p*mps etc...

06/11/2023: Someone did illegal immigration and lied under oath and several others lied for identity distortion. When 1000's of people are involved in organized crime, they can be called Mafia. In this case R&AW = Mafia! I am being framed as Gadhar = traitor. RAW agents are supposed to protect the country, not identity theft, harassment, human rights violation against own citizens. If RAW goes rogue, I think every citizen of India has the right and the responsibility to fight. I filed several complainst with police, no response, because one of the primary culprit was the son of local vizag police. I filed complaint and informed FBI, USCIS, IRS, DHS etc... Then RAW started creating "a" stories. I am an Indian citizen and I have every right to defend my integrity, my character, my morals, my values, my identity. That's exactly what I did, then started defamation, character assassination, false propaganda. My dear Indians, the RAW agents who went rogue are Gadhar, Samanth Goel who allowed them to go rogue and allowed them to do atrocities are Gadhar. I am defending myself, I am defending the future of millions of talented people. If RAW agent gets away now, in the future several other RAW agents would try to get away. They made conscious choices and did crime, now they must face the consequences.
BTW, I did follow up with zelis HR, some other person answered the phone and did tell some stupid reasons. They said they would call me if there are appropriate openings. I said, this happened twice, please do not let me know. Because, Zelis HR's stance was crystal clear - they were supporting rogue RAW. I wish karma catches up with the HR for their wrongdoing and someone steals their identity, assets etc... or atleast make them feel like that, so they can realize what's right and what's crime.

05/11/2023: I came to Hyderabad and currently in Chandanagar, Hyderabad. I am flying back to Visakhapatnam on the 8th. Yesterday, I did attend walk-in interview. The interviewer said I have been selected in 1st round. The same Zelis healthcare, where I have attended an interview few weeks ago. The same HR, whom I talked with last time said, he would call me on Monday. I think the HR is part of the brothel-mafia! The technical person, asked me technical questions, I have answered. I have public Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Threads, website etc... Brothels won't. Brothel photos, overnight rates would be word of the mouth. The people doing negative propaganda against me are using the same word of the mouth strategy - brothel mafia. BTW, I am NOT associated with e, ass, is, zinnabathuni, erra, battaru, bojja srinivas (was a friend), mukesh golla (was a friend), diwakar, veera, uttam (knew a certain vankaya uttam few years ag), thota (used to have a friend thota sitaram long time ago), bandhavi, priyanka. Some or most of the above list might be part of the brothel mafia. The psychopath's equipment + brothel mafia = some R&AW spy with too many brothel connections. I used to have some batchmates by the surname Immandi between 1998 - 2002, but I don't think I ever said a Hi! with any of them. I am NOT associated with Immandi family members directy or indirectly. Brothels might not like orthodox, traditional professionals anyway. Brothels ki "upayogam" undadu.

update 28/10/2023: I have narrowed down the list of possible criminals - the criminal must be Thota Uttam. Everyone else were cover-ups. Thota Uttam looks a little bit like me i.e facial looks. The other people diwakar, bojja srinivas, mukesh golla look significantly different. The females are just some wrenches for confusion. Thota Uttam must have been the son of Thota Yesupadam - vizag local police, elder brother of Thota Bandhavi and Thota Veera.
These people tried to bribe me, few females tried to woo me. The people who tried to bribe me, planned on doing economic offenses i.e either bribes / money lundering etc... Irrespective of the amount they tried to offer, they must have planned to do much bigger amount of economic offense.
Why would I join hands with cyber criminals? The people who tried to bribe me must have asked the female's to woo. I am married, although seperated. As far as India's Hindu marriage act is concerned, when inside India, I am married. When I went to U.K for studying MBA, I went single because seperated but not divorced. Even on the visa application, I mentioned the same and similarly when I applied for Graduate Visa.
Seems like identity distortion has become a game for a certain segment of people in India! Some of them talk in terms of profit i.e organized criminal's gain from identity theft! In other words organized crime, cyber criminals gamified and are treating identity theft like some sort of business!

update 24/10/2023: I am going to Hyderabad, India on the 3rd and coming back to Vizag on the 8th. I am working on my own startup project WebVeta, while applying for jobs. Are recruiters and people out of mind? Just because few goons shadowed / stalked and sold one of my work experience letters does not mean anything. Ask them to show valid passport with stampings and signature. If not, they are the missing R&AWMAAfia terrorists. Very simple and striaghtforward, they did some crime like r*pe / murder or whatever or may be loans and trying to get away by creating fake alibi. Such people should be arrested, if criminals they should be hanged. They did human rights violation, identity theft, identity distortion, privacy violation, harassment, blackmailing, defamation, tried extortion, threats, false propaganda, ilegal immigration, lying under oath, false accusations by trying to frame me. Or most recruiters are closer to the under-world rather than the corporate world, because they seem to hear underworld's propaganda rather than using common sense, and trying to find information i.e asking for valid evidence and / or video resume or employment letters, original identity, education, employment, tax, bank statements. Recruiters open your eyes, don't get blinded by the underworld. Don't believe the olympic swimmers stories of swimming across the world and marrying someone in a different country - even if such a thing happened, they can't get marriage certificates and where are the o.k / o.r / "O" and whoever the female's marriage certificates? In other words, the under-world creates a bubble around honest people who end up becoming the targets. In under-world's terms "athukulu" meaning stickies - the underworld, shows a target, sends some dawgs and throws some biscuits. These dawgs, act, enact, harass, impersonate or even claim to be part of targets family etc... Now, the innocent people would not know about the thugs. The thugs makes false statements leading to defamation. Then identity distortion in their words - resetting identities and people. Then identity theft. In olden days, there used to be land kabza mafia. But people used to file complainst etc... Now mafia version 2.0 distorting identities, because they thought they can steal entire assets instead of a one land and then facing police complaints etc... I even heard the gang of rabid dawgs discusses percentages for sharing the loot. Based on this, some escort must have been caught and she must have been related to the rogue R&AW or the rogue diplomat. The o.r o.k, e.r, o whatever stories are like that. If the female married some American / Mexican, where did they meet, how and when? In whatever country where is the marriage cert? Did she go to USA or Mexico and marry? Did he come to India? Did they meet in a 3rd country? If 3rd country did both of them go on valid visas? Those are cock and bull stories of the "athukulu" - rabid dawgs. In other words they are defaming, because they create chaos and false propaganda, they mix some facts with a lot of lies etc... Anyway there are at least 3 different such females who are trying to defame me and there are at least 4 families trying to defame. Because I came to know about these "athukulu" concept of underworld recently, I don't know if in the above list of people, if some of them were targeted by some 3rd party. Either way as far as I am concerned, my public professional LinkedIn profile has the truth regarding my identity -
https://www.linkedin.com/in/kanti-kalyan-arumilli. I can prove everything regarding my identity. They are just underworld enacting lying R&AW spies. They lied under oath - crime, they must get hanged. For cover-up they did the above mentioned list of crimes - hang them till death. They don't have a right to live on planet earth. They must be considered and treated as terrorists.

update 22/10/2023: I have re-focussed on developing my SaaS offering WebVeta. Meanwhile some of the R&AW spies who have enacted Mafia were still trying to mess with me, my identity for some illegal immigration or Green Card or TEA scam. Great to hear criminals who targeted tech companies such as Microsoft and Amazon were nabbed by CBI - https://blogs.microsoft.com/on-the-issues/2023/10/19/microsoft-amazon-tech-support-fraud-india/. Thanks CBI, this helps increase the confidence of western MNC's in India. However, from what I heard one of the rogue wing joined R&AW from CBI! That person must have been a shame for India and CBI!

update 17/10/2023: Earlier I have mentioned, moving my startup(s) workloads into Azure from AWS. Most of the workloads have been moved. There are still some workloads in AWS. I have implemented some additional cyber security. I am continuing development of WebVeta. I started attending some seminars by HotbedLand - U.K. 2 - 3 hours per day, October 16th - 20th. Yesterday, I forgot and joined the call about 40 minutes late. I have joined HotBedLand's WhatsApp group using my U.K based mobile number - 07718-273-964. The identity theft / identity distortion by the jealous psychopaths. These psychopaths have an equipment capable of a swarm of invisible drones and the drones can see i.e view, screenshots, record etc... They can hear, whisper (invisible speakers), mind-reading, neuron-manipulation and even sub-liminal messaging. And these jealous psychopaths used such a powerful equipment for identity theft and identity distortion? They could have done a lot of good or even great things. In Telugu we have a saying - saametha - "Kukka ni teesuku velli kurchobedithe ucha posi kindaki vastaadantha", means "If you make a dog, the king, and put the dog on a throne, the dog wouldn't know what to do, the dog would probably pee and walk away." I think these people are like dogs. Or may be if such an equipment is in the hands of a beggar, the beggar would probably use for mind-reading and identifying charitable people and would probably beg from them. I think the equipment is in the hands of criminals, they know nothing but cyber-crime and are using for cyber-crime or may be the equipment might be mafia equipment.

update 02/10/2023: I am working on my own Zero-Trust VPN with automatic disconnection and kind of a IDS system capable of turning off privileged admin services. This becomes very important for SME like mine - ALight Technology And Services Limited, U.K and ALight Technologies USA Inc, USA. The concept is very simple, a certain web portal changes cookie value for every request, does not allow re-use of cookie and the connected client IP is tracked and should belong to the VPN server. The VPN server accepts one and only one connection. The VPN server changess keys, certs and passwords every time. If abnormal disconnects / session replays, immediately a particular server component removes Network Security Group rules and notfies servers via some self-developed GRPC, the internal GRPC based service terminates any existing connections. For re-launching / opening NSG's through the self-developed code or AWS / Azure portal YubiKey bio-metric authentication required. Although, Yubikey hardens MFA, session hijacking, cookie stealing, man-i-the-middle attacks are a problem. Unless and until having dedicated IP's and / direct connections to cloud service providers, SME's like mine are vulnerable and proper measures need to be implemented. The whatever LINE hacker group are capable of screenshotting etc... In other words they are impersonators and try to create hype. In Telugu we say "Paina pattarma, lona lottaram" means something like "boasting on the outside, empty inside". Now container stories, undercover stories are just loan defaulters but tried hard to brag! I guess some people have low self-confidence, low self-esteem, low morales. Low self-esteem people would do such stupid things. People with confidence and self-esteem wouldn't swoop down low for making ends meet.

update 24/09/2023: I have attempted my Azure Developer certification and passed. My score wasn't that impressive though, I would say, barely passed. I would have been happy if I got 800+ / 1000. I got 737 / 1000 :(. While I was in the exam for whatever reason, my exam connection got interrupted few times. Once I did disconnect on purpose, because my laptop hanged and I rebooted. Once, I don't know the reason but the screen went blank. Parallel R&AWMAAfia re-connect attempts? I think Pearson Vue should record the entire session and provide recordings on request. Because, if any such tampering happened, the recordings would have been proof. Ofcourse, Pearson Vue does not have to archive the videos forever but provide on request and the candidates like me would archive in S3 or Azure or OneDrive etc...
I would continue my certifications i.e I have plans of doing Azure Architect expert (2 exams) in 6 months. I have 7 certifications. I have plans of doing Azure Cybersecurity Architect in 6 months - 12 months timeframe, AWS Architect Professional and AWS Security specialty in 12 - 18 months. I attended 70-480, 70-486, TOGAF Foundational & Advanced, AWS Certified Developer, AWS Certified Architect Associate, Azure Developer certifications. I am career oriented professional unlike the R&AWMAAfia - hopeless, gutless failures who can't even live without doing crime i.e they are completely under the control of blacmailers who have some leverage over them. And probably they are not financially independent and might have done crimes just for surviving i.e R&AWMAAfia might have offered them "food for crime". BTW, the above mentioned certifications are linked with my personal email address - kantikalyan@outlook.com. In fact in this link https://togaf9-cert.opengroup.org/certified-individuals if you search for my surname - Arumilli, you can see my surname, email, permanent address and my startup name. Doing Google/Bing search shows https://www.alightservices.com. And you can go through a lot of information.

update 18/09/2023: I came back to Vizag yesterday night. This morning, I got my ID verified with the IRS. My personal email - kantikalyan@gmail.com was associated with my IRS account. I have paid taxes. I have been in U.S.A between 2003 and 2005 on student visa, did internship, was Teaching Assistant at UNH, paid taxes. I have been on H1B work visa between 2008 and 2016 and paid taxes. IRS changed the login system. I regained access by showing my present passport and SSN card. BTW, my SSN card was issued in 2003, I have same signature. In other words, my U.S.A based SSN, my 3 passports (2 expired), my PAN, my expired BRP (U.K) and financial paperwork have the same signature. Now, I don't know what cheques these psychopaths talk about. Did one of the shadows/impersonators/stalkers take cheques from someone else? In that case, the other person bribed these people. If they are talking about my own cheques they tried too hard in distorting identity. Anyway, I am NOT associated with e, erra, diwakar, es, ass, zinnabathuni, veera, uttam, bojja (was a friend), bandhavi, bhattaru. They might say they are associated by stalking / impersonating / shadowing but in reality - no. I recently, came to know there were some politicians with surname of "erra", I am not talking about them. I am NOT associated with them, but they are not the stalkers, someone else with their surname might be the stalkers. Now, the next few days, I am going to focus on my Azure Developer certification exam. I have the exam on 24th september.
My U.S.A based startup - ALight Technologies USA Inc has been incorporated via Stripe Atlas. Thank you Microsoft and Stripe. Sincere gratitude. My personal email address - kantikalyan@gmail.com associated with my LinkedIn profile was approved into Microsoft for Startup Founders and I have used the benefits provided by Microsoft for registering the U.S.A based C Corp via Stripe and used my kantikalyan@outlook.com for registration. The same email address used for incorporating U.K based Limited startup - ALight Technology And Services Limited, and even my personal, business based bank accounts, my certifications - 6 certifications i.e 70-480, 7-486 from Microsoft, TOGAF Foundational & Advanced, AWS Certified Architect Associate and AWS Certified Developer. Even my personal Amazon purchases. As a matter of fact, I opened my Amazon account when I was in U.S.A on valid H1B. My Amazon account has a trail of my where abouts i.e when did I move to India, when was I in Hyderabad, India, when was I in Vizag, when was I in London, when did I move back etc... And of course, pretty much most of my important bank accounts were used except for the most recent U.S.A based business bank account. Most of the expenses would be from U.K based bank account, but based upon need, fund-raising U.S.A business bank account might be used. Gratitude towards the government of U.K, government of U.S.A, IRS, Microsoft, Stripe, my friends and family.

update 16/09/2023: I came to Hyderabad for attending a walk-in interview. Zellis Healthcare, I have applied via www.naukri.com using my own email address - kantikalyan@gmail.com. I have been invited, I came and then the HRS says, I am over-qualified. If I am over-qualified, why was I even invited? I think the R&AWMAAfia might have influenced the H.R. The po*titute / sl*t are creating stories as though they earned. In reality, the sl*ts have not worked, they are doing identity theft and are making false propaganda by impersonating me. And as per their proaganda, they were saying they married some Mexican. No, they did not. They were destroying my career and reputation. In other words, if these females psycho bi*taches - the so called godesses of India are nothing but just some sl*ts. Then the male identity thief - uttam or bojja srinivas would try to make some false claims / accusations etc... I think I can call them br*thel biatches, because they act like sl*ts. I even heard rumors of modified videos with voice overs / photoshopped photos etc...

update 13/09/2023: I have modified my plans for Hyderabad trip. I am traveling to Hyderabad on 16th, departing at 0:55. I postponed my return flight ticket for the next day i.e 17th, return flight depart from Hyderabad at 19:55. I have played around with Tailscale and liked Tailscale for certain activities. I have literally improved the VPN and my startup's internal security. I have two layered 256-bit VPN for some normal day-to-day activities i.e double layered VPN, the network packets gets encrypted twice for most of the activities. For some high secure workloads the outer layer at 512bit and inner layer at 256 bit, ofcourse the internet connection becomes extremely slow, but definitely worth the trouble. The high-secure workloads operate on a one-time based keys kind of the initial handshake happens at 2048 bit certificate + pre-shared key + 672 bit password and all of these are one-time use, with internal automatic termination on suspicion of any breach i.e once a connection has been established, the outer VPN layer denies any new connections and if certain triggers happen, the outer layer VPN becomes inaccessible. I had been the Target of gang of rogue R&AW spies / mafia / anonymous hackers for over the past 6 years. This extra layer of security necessary because of possibility of session hijacking. Although, most of my accounts are protected by YubiKey bio for MFA, still session hijacking might be a possibility by the rogue R&AW spies.

update 12/09/2023: The rogue R&AWMAAfia have tried too much for identity distortion. I think they are some kind of modern dacoits i.e they are target high networth people, make false propaganda i.e defamation, identity theft, identity distortion and probably steal assets. Modern cyber-dacoits and/or begging for ransom. No disrespect for people with the name of "Will", but India's own version of "will" is just a psycho-mafia-taritor-terrorist. One more small clarification: My surname - Arumilli, my first + middle name = Kanti Kalyan. My identity documents, educational documents, employment documents, bank accounts, e-commerce purchases, certifications etc... have the same surname and name. I do know one particular coleague when I worked in United States, this particular person was QA tester. His surname was "Kanti", probably some Kerala people have the surname of "Kanti", the R&AWMAAfia created some faltu identity of Kanti Kalyan a and did defamation and false propaganda. The R&AWMAAfia thinks I might succumb to pressure, but I would rather see them in jail for defamation and several other crimes. They did illegal immigration, probably money laundering, some kind of misrepresentation in whatever "eye-witness" testimony, lied under oath, harassed, violated human rights, murder attempts, blackmailing etc... To the best of my knowledge, they are R&AW agents, who went rogue, now they became traitors and enacted terrorism by violating human rights. I am NOT associated with: Bojja Srinivas (was a friend), Uttam (had a coleague in 2018, but the rogue R&AW-traitor-terrorist is a different person), e, es, ass, erra, diwakar, bandhavi, veera, thota (had a friend and knew few people with thota surname - about 20 years ago, but this particular set of people with thota surname are different set of people), bhattaru, zinnabathuni and whatever code names is, ok, ek, eka, okay etc... In other words these people probably use these labels for two purposes: 1) For their own anonymity 2) Anonymizing the target / framing the target and identity distortion. BTW, their economic bubble of "all" is just a virtual bubble created for anonymous purposes for economic offenses such as money laundering, loan defaulting, probably stolen assets / money, bribes, defaulter credit cards etc... If R&AW does such things in other countries probably their part of their job, but if they do in India and try to frame/defame normal civilians - they should be and must be considered as criminals/traitors/terrorists for violating human rights.
There is some walk-in interview for .Net web developers in Hyderabad on the 16th. I am traveling to Hyderabad on 16th and coming back to Vizag the same day. My flight from Vizag to Hyderabad departs at 07:55 and my return flight at 19:55.

update 10/09/2023: The rogue R&AWMAAfia are continuing to harass - psychopaths. I have postponed my Azure Developer certification exam from September 15th to September 24th. I recently attended an interview with TechMahindra, the HR called back and said, I have been selected. I followed up 2 - 3 times, by calling here the next 2 - 3 days, but for whatever reason, she did not send offer letter. I don't know, if the equipment R&AWMAAfia started harassing her and may be if she did continue processing my application. The rogue R&AWMAAfia did identity theft. They did illegal immigration. They created stories of whatever morning-evening identity exchanging schemes. I think they are loan defaulters or some very big criminals. Why would any profession change identities? My education, my past employment, my tax records, my bank statements, my certifications, my startup are associated with my own identity. People who don't care about identity might be poor or valueless people who are not professional, not goal oriented, probably worthless. The R&AWMAAfia psychos are like that. Shame on a certain local police officer, instead of stopping crime, a certain local police in a respectable position has joined hands with criminals, most likely his own children are involved in some crimes.

update 28/08/2023: I don't know who the hell is a "e", "eka", "es". But the R&AWMAAfia bastards created virtual aliases and are trying to frame people. In their terms, renaming people. In other words, R&AWMAAfia are doing identity theft, framing other people by distorting identity, probably stealing assets / economic offenses such as loan / insurance scams and probably distributing some part of the money for the "all" cloud of money launderers. For any career oriented professional identity is very important, because education, certifications, past work experience, past immigration etc... are associated with identity. The R&AWMAAfia might not care about identity, they must probably be poor with loans, getting away from loans or may be poor people like construction workers or daily labourers. These R&AWMAAfia might be throwing few bucks and might be getting favors. I think politicians in India do such things i.e distribute money for votes. And then there are few females who were probably blackmailed or given few bucks and they might be helping with identity distortion. Stupid psycho's.
Apart from this non-sense / harassment / crimes being done by Mafia! I am continuing development of my SaaS product - WebVeta - https://clouddev.webveta.alightservices.com/. I was working on improving the security of cloud based workloads. For the most part, the AWS and Azure cloud workloads have been secured. Meanwhile, I am attending interviews but because of the identity distortion, I have lost lot of opportunities. Whoever the code worded - so / os are psychopaths. I don't know what those code words mean, but these identity distorters are trying to frame me with code words - so/os/just/ok/eka/e whatever.
I think these code words are used by R&AWMAAfia for anonymization. i.e instead of identity they create and use code words and people get anonymized. Sometimes I feel like I am being pulled down into some kind of a trap / quicksand created by the R&AWMAAfia psychopaths.

update 20/08/2023: India i under mass schizophrenia. Next what? Mass hysteria or mass depression? Any way, I came to Hyderabad on 18th for meeting my spouse. I am flying back to Vizag tomorrow on 21st. My flight departs tomorrow around 13:05 - Indigo - seat 24A. People believe in stupid stories by mass media and propaganda. Uneducated people believe propaganda. Educated people, can't do a google search for knowing facts? And that too I.T engineers and I.T recruiters. LMAO! Some I.T recruiters and some I.T employees, working in I.T without even knowing how to get straight facts? I know these equipment psychopaths are either creating illusions or doing some crimes by spying, hacking, whatever parallel transactions, whatever callbacks? Responding to missed calls of other people and calling back and claiming to have had affairs? For example, my mobile number - 7893626688, does one of the sl*t or the p*mp call back and claims to be part of my family or affairs? They can be called home-wreckers!

update 15/08/2023: Happy Independence Day India! I think there is a police in Vizag with the surname of Thota, his name was Thota Yesu Padam or something similar. I am not accusing the police. But, if the police is a relative of either Thota Uttam, Thota Veera or Thota Bandhavi, then Thota Yesu Padam might be one of the criminal i.e bribes cover-up of all etc... If they are not related, I don't know. But there is a possibility. Specifically, because this person works in the police station under which Visalakshi Nagar is part. I don't about his family details, nor do I want to know, because that would be privacy violation. For any official reasons, if they disclose their family details that's a different thing. Similarly, if law enforcement are investigating and obtain their family details that's a different thing. I think this might be a clue for CBI or ED (Enforcement Directorate) or ACB (Anti Corruption Bureau). These people are continuing to harass me, trying to defame me and doing stupid propaganda and seems like they are faking / planting false evidence - criminal psychopests.

update 12/08/2023: I have postponed my Azure Developer certification exam from August 15th till September 15th. Meanwhile the R&AWMAAfia psychopaths are still harassing me and trying to frame me. Their equipment misuse can be heard in some of my Youtube channel videos - https://www.youtube.com/@kantikalyanarumilli. Meanwhile seems like most of India, have joined the Mafia group. Recruiters are making prank calls, in the middle of the call they start calling by some other name - Abdul etc... I don't even know any Abdul. In other words, they are either prank calls or trying to frame me. Entire India seems to have become slaves for the Mafia terrorist odour. Even my parents are being harmed, framed and harassed. The terrorist odour are more like communists. They have mind reading equipment, probably they are blackmailing people. Don't recruiters even look at LinkedIn profiles or TrueCaller profiles? Or at least a Bing/Google search? Simply searching for my name "Kanti Arumilli" shows plenty of search results, photos and videos. These Mafia members must be arrested, the equipment should NOT be misused i.e government authorities must have an oversight. There are usecases such as surveilance, interrogation etc... But misuse is a definite NO NO! They are Mafia because they use the equipment for extortion, distortion of identity, creating litigations, false allegations, stealing assets etc... The people who mis-used the equipment MUST end up in jail - they should NOT be forgiven! They even create virtual relationships by calling back from different phone numbers and creating virtual relations or ditorting identities etc... They are definitely Mafia trying to get away from whatever cases - must be serious crimes such as r*pe / murd*r / terrori*m etc...

update 28/07/2023: I have renewed this domain in GoDaddy portal. I have done a live video on my startup's official youtube channel. Here is the video link: https://www.youtube.com/live/aAk-OXJcGu0, My startup youtube - https://www.youtube.com/@alighttechnologyandservicesltd.

update 17/07/2023: I have passed my AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification. I have attended this exam on the 15th: Candidate ID: AWS01828580, Verification Code: GM6CMGTC8FEE143W.
The development of my SaaS product - WebVeta continues and can be accesses from https://clouddev.webveta.alightservices.com/

update 2 13/07/2023: I have went live on June 15th on my Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/kanti.arumilli, I have shown my passport at Hyderabad airport while traveling back to Vizag. Here is the video - https://www.facebook.com/1202164038/videos/280797367655622/. Then I downloaded and uploaded into my Youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/@kantikalyanarumilli. For some reason Google removed my video and was saying I broke policies of human rights violation. I showed my own passport. Here is the same video on my own website - https://www.alightservices.com/personal-videos/. Based on the Mafia equipment, identity distortion - identity theft was done by a rogue R&AW spy with Mafia connections. They might have done illegal immigration, identity theft, money laundering, signature forgery. I have raised an RTI and sent several email to India's passport office asking if my passport is still valid. The reason being, passports, education certifications are being re-issued. These duplicate people are known as "force". In other words, if one of these documents are re-issued, then the "force" shadows, stalks and tries to get other identity documents re-issued. In other words, identity theft. I would rather see them in jail!
Here are my email addresses: kantikalyan@outlook.com, kantikalyan@gmail.com, KantiKArumilli@outlook.com, kalyan.hv1@gmail.com, kalyan.dev@outlook.com, admin@alightservices.com, kantikalyan.arumilli@alightservices.com, arumillikanti@alightservices.com, KArumilli2020@student.hult.edu. Here are my contact numbers: +14803476849, +917893626688, +4407718273964, +443333031284.
The so called "force" are definitely Mafia. There is a very high possibility that they use stolen / re-issued documents for identity theft. Obviously they are poor, probably debt ridden, mafia/terrorists from other countries with plots for doing terrorist activities.
They are fake mafia, they don't even have public profiles. I have several public profiles: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Threads etc...

13/07/2023: I have developed and launched mvp beta version of WebVeta. I received some discount code for 50% off on Associate level AWS exams and I am attending AWS Certified Developer Associate on the 15th. In the past I have done AWS Certified Architect Associate. I have 2 certifications in 2016, 3 in 2022. I plan to do some more Azure and AWS certifications in the next 1 - 2 years.
The identity distorters/mafia/psychopaths are probably terrorists with some kind of longer term plans. They use some invisible spy drones capable of viewing, recording audio and video, playing audio and even mind-reading. They are ruining several generations of people! The equipmnet is in the hands of mental dogs, literal dogs and psychopaths/terrorists/sadists/mafia.
I can bet, people are afraid to speakup because of mind reading capabilities of the equipment. If they are using the equipment for blackmailing, and asking for favors, they are mafia. They are harassing people with clean consciousness, because they cant blackmail. Obviously they are mafia. While I have been practicing AWS Developer practice exams, once in a while, they are whispering correct answers and some times wrong answers. I answer based on what I think, not based on what they whisper.
In very very rare occassions there are some good people in the equipment people, but most of them are culprits, criminals with evil motives.
I am planning to launch a commercially viable minimum product of WebVeta on August 15th, but the release might get slight delay. The reasons are several, planning for stability, availability, scalability, backups, Disaster Recovery, observability, metrics - part of observability, background tasks for monitoring such as files, data integrity etc... I know most people would think development and launching would mean just continually adding features, but no, production grade SaaS products have all the above. My startup has no other employees as of now, so doing all of these would take some time. But thanks to cloud infrastructure platforms such as AWS and Azure, most of the above tasks can be accomplished with few button clicks. Some of the above mentioned would need manual work. Once again thanks for Microsoft for Startup Founders for accepting my product. WebVeta has been accepted into NASSCOM 10,000 startups virtual incubation.
I am looking for digital marketing agency partnerships, planning to raise some funds etc... Meanwhile the brothal equipment people seem to be busy with messing my startup. Yesterday, I was contacted on WhatsApp by someone asking if I am looking for funding. I asked for the email address, they said: kantikalyan@outlook.com. When I submit forms, regarding startups I use admin@alightservices.com. Then I have submitted a request using the form using admin@alightservices.com.
The brothal equipment group are hackers group. The above scenario i.e where form submissions are not requiring validated emails, there they are using social engineering tactics. I have been lead web developer and I have been trained in web application security. I know what's social engineering. The so called "onLINE" group is a group of hackers, the above scenario clealry states they are hackers and used social engineering tactics.

update 30/06/2023: I have incorporated new startup - ALight Technologies USA Inc in United States via Stripe. Meanwhile, the psychopaths are still harassing me. They are literal psychos.

update 28/06/2023: I have my original identity, original educational, original employment, original previous immigration related paperwork, bank statements, tax records etc... Some female recruiter called me and was saying "you don't have any documents regarding my startup", I said no, I have every document. I have 12+ years work experience. Knowledge of spa frameworks and worked on React. She was saying "you don't have any experience in Angular", I said I have 12+ years I.T experience, 11+ years in .Net. And she started blabbing something "kiss", what's wrong with her? I responded saying, "shut-up mafia". And she was like don't cross limits, don't talk unprofessional, b was professional. Who is a "b"? Why do I care about "b"? Bojja Srinivas? In this context why does Bojja Srinivas matter? Psychopathetic recruiters.
Here are the details of the human rights violation case I have filed: Diary Number: 10386/IN/2023, Case/File-Name: 1073/1/21/2023. The case can be searched here: https://hrcnet.nic.in/HRCNet/public/CaseStatus.aspx. Regarding my identity: My passport R4542950, my email address - kantikalyan@gmail.com associated. My IRS tax account, my Fidelity 401k while I have been in United States associated. My email address - kantikalyan@gmail.com associated with my Naukri account. My mobile number 7893626688 associated with my Aadhar - 8092-1430-1040, my Aadhar associated with my PAN: AIXPA7446B. My PAN and Aadhar associated with my ICICI fully verified bank account (some people would use OTP theft accounts). My ICICI associated with kantikalyan@outlook.com, my United States based Bank of America account, U.K based business bank account. Whats wrong people? My U.S based bank account associated with +14803476849. Psychopath / terrorists / R&AW / mafia.

update 26/06/2023 update 2: I can confirm and affirm the so called order/hukam might be an extremist section of R&AW or mafia. Either way the intention of them are very high corruption, possibility of controlling of the entire world politics. Do favours or suffer is their moto - the company? They misrepresented, lied. Now they want to cover-up their lies. e/e.s/erra/yerra/thota/zinnabathuni/ass/uttam/veera/bandhavi - I don't know who among these misrepresented or lied but some or most of them are mafia - human rights violators. As far as I am concerned, I don't even know what the hell is this "eye witness testimony". Neither me nor my spouse. But, there is a possibility of someone misrepresenting me or my wife or both or someone might have made false statements or accusations against us such as spouse / ex or whatever. The terrorist odour creates new family members and uses fake propaganda. My family members are my own dad, my own mom, my elder sister, her family, my spouse and me - I can even prove based on government documents issued over 10 years ago before terrorist odour existed. I live with my parents. My spouse lives in Hyderabad. My elder sister and her family live in NJ, USA but they came to India and have visited me and my parents. Older documents, immigration records, tax records are more than enough proof. And who the hell are the terrorist odour to frame, defame / dictate? For all practical purposes the terrorist odour are some kind of extremists / communists / socialists / marxists - Who are they to decide who works and who does does not work? Who are they to decide the fate of people? They are blackmailers, identity thieves, identity distorters and cannot and should not be forgiven in court of law. Virus odour must be exterminated - they have become a virus, recruiting more and more people and making people make more and more crimes - larger organized crime syndicate - mafia. I honestly don't know who is the head of this particular mafia gang.

update 26/06/2023: Looks like my parents, and even my elder sister, my brother in law were harassed or blackmailed or framed. I didn't want to put any pressure on them and I did not post any recent public videos. My elder sister and brother in law live in United States. They came to visit me and my parents. My cousin sister lives in Madhya Pradesh. My cousin sister and her mom came to visit us. Meanwhile, I have filed a complain with the human rights violation - The assigned diary number - 10386/IN/2023. Several people have did identity theft and identity distortion. They are probably underworld/mafia, they are changing identities, switching etc... i.e The biggest problem is human rights violation by using a fleet of invisible drones. In the past, I have posted my wedding pictures i.e photos from 2009 on Facebook. In those photos, me, my elder sister, my brother in law, my mom and my dad were in the photos. Intentionally distorting a person's identity is a crime. Privacy violation is a crime. Loan defaults is a financial offense. Framing / defaming others is a crime. Impersonation, identity theft, falsifying documents, submitting / showing falsified documents, signature manipulation / identity theft are also crimes. There is also a possibility of misrepresentation and lying under oath. These are crimes. Knowingly helping people for cover-ups is also a crime. When a large group of people are doing these crimes, it's organized crime. Organized crime means mafia / underworld. Because they had such a powerful equipment, I thought they might be R&AW. I am not ruling the possibility of R&AW, because this has been happening over the past 5 years and because I have contacted lawyers and filed a court case in India, then they started mafia / underworld type of organized crime. There is a possibility of R&AW trying to get away from the crimes by enacting mafia / underworld.

update 23/06/2023: My LinkedIn account has been unblocked. Thanks LinkedIn!

update 22/06/2023: The psychopath's must be mafia and did money laundering or swindling or some other scam and created a bubble known as "all". zero productivity, goalless, wast-ed spirits. They know of earning by either doing identity thefts or OTP thefts or making false accusations. My LinkedIn profile is still blocked, for whatever reason. Because my LinkedIn was blocked, I am unable to access my Microsoft for Startups account. I contacted Microsoft from my kantikalyan@outlook.com email and sent screenshots of my interaction with LinkedIn. My LinkedIn account associated with kantikalyan@gmail.com. Microsoft representative asked me to wait until LinkedIn unblocks account. I sent an email requesting LinkedIn to unblock my account and mentioned I am unable to access my Microsoft for Startup account and sent the screenshots of my kantikalyan@outlook.com account.
Meanwhile the mafia have started binaami propaganda i.e identity distortion then binaami propaganda then identity theft in other words they are steal earnings, assets and doing defamation. As per India's benaami act, having benaami's or being benaami's is a punishable economic offense. These benaami propagandists are definitely mafia and stupid media. If media were responsible and if media were not associated with mafia, media would have reported to police. But because media is involved they are furthering the agenda of mafia. In other words, I don't have evidence of direct mafia - media relation but based on activities, media does have mafia links.

update 14/06/2023: For whatever reason, my LinkedIn account has been blocked. I am assuming the reason could be I used some terms such as pros*itute, p*mp in some content and even my headline. I know LinkedIn is a professional network and LinkedIn community might not like such terms. But, this is the truth. Some escorts, pi*ps, pro*titutes did some money laundering, targeted I.T professionals for cover-up. I have been a target of such a network for over 5 years. LinkedIn asked me to upload government issued photo identity proof. I uploaded my passport - R4542950. I received an email to kantikalyan@gmail.com. I have replied and attached my Aadhar - 8092-1430-1040, PAN: AIXPA7446B, A file from USCIS regarding my past immigration to United States on H1B work visa between 2008 and 2016. I have wrote a long email explaining why I had to use such terms i.e I need support from professional network, I need media contacts for exposing the R&AWMAAfia, but unfortunately, India's media needs ad revenue from movie industry. India's media cannot afford to against the money cow - movie industry. I did not put the R&AWMAAfia / media / movie industry part in the email. I requested LinkedIn to do the right thing and requested to NOT destroy my career. I have also requested, I am not trying to get any kind of support from LinkedIn corporation via ads on my behalf etc... Human rights violation happened, if people don't bow to the R&AWMAAfia and stand for the right values as in morals (I am not talking about politics), the perpetuators can be and should be arrested and should be trialed as per the law.
Apart from these, India has gone mad. Yesterday, I went to a certain restaurant - Athidhi in Hyderabad for dinner. The server murmurs the words "Team VU". VU - V. Uttam? Seriously? India thinks Identity distortion and Identity theft is some kind of a game or a competition? Whats wrong people? Is this some kind of madness? Have people lost common sense?
Anyway, I spent nice few days after a long time with my spouse. We got married in 2009, broke up in 2019 and now trying to patch-up our relation. Meanwhile so many home wreckers have tried to destory my career, identity, reputation and family. In spite of this, I am still the same person and I am pulling myself. Tomorrow, I am traveling back to Visakhapatnam. My Indigo flight from Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam is at 11:10 and my seat number 15A, I usually prefer window seat.
Let's see what LinkedIn decides. My personal request for Mr. Ryan Roslansky and Mr. Reid Hoffman - You have built a great community and a great website for professionals. Please do the right thing and please don't destory the career of professional vs illegal immigrators/identity thieves/mafia. The illegal immigrators/identity thieves/mafia/spies would not maintain public profiles anyway, because they are people who do illegal things and create alternate alibies. In my case, I am honest, I have ethics, morals, no matter how hard things were, whatever my situation, I have always done the right thing. I stood for the right morals, values and ethics.

update - 2 06/06/2023: These mafia bastards have created some kind of a "Kanti Kalyan a" identity. I can bet this faltu, fake identity was created in or after 2014. And these bastards tried to frame me with a faltu identity using mafia equipment. If such a person existed, and if they did any parallel transactions or whatever defmation, I would rather sue them. The negative networth association members known as "all" should instead choose to default and live normal civilian life. Instead of becoming mafia's pawns. In other words, Thota Veera, Thota Uttam, Thota Bandhavi, whichever bi*tch claims to be my girlfriend, Bhattaru Sowjanya, Zinnabathuni Sowjanya, Erra/Yerra Diwakar, whatever is an "e.s", "ass", Bojja Srinivas, female who claims to have my first name - Kanti should default instead of trying to playing the "blame others", "exchange identities" games (crimes). Obviously if mafia offered them some black money for helping and if they tried to hide away or defame others, mafia would have leverage and they became pawns. If they defaulted, mafia wouldn't have leverage. What can they do if 130 crores Indians stand against? India does not succumb to external pressure. My country's three color flag's saffron color stands for bravery.
BTW, I am traveling to Hyderabad on the 10th at 13:00 and returning on 15th at 11:10. I purchased my ticket on my own name from Amazon, my own account on my own name, paid using my own ICICI bank account on my own name - Mr. Arumilli Kanti Kalyan. The above mentioned accounts, the tickets are associated wiht my own mobile number, on my very own name - +91-789-362-6688.

update 06/06/2023: Terrorist mafia equipment or rogue R&AW equipment. The bastards are now trying to defame my surname. They are R&AW dogs, with no guts. They have equipment, but zero guts. They are using guerilla warfare, because they are scared. They are like thieves, dacoits, you know the people who steal while everyone are sleeping. They are even ashamed of revealing their real identities. They must be ashamed of their family, surname and identities. Some prostitute suc*ed too many dicks for free and in return, I think she claimed to be part of my family and might have made some false property lost / theft / lifelock claims. I suppose she might have sucked over a 1000 d*cks. Some stupid army of sluts, escorts, pimps. Some, of the thota (not all, I have at least 1 friend of a very close friend) surnamed people, specifically in vizag are running a prostitution ring. If they have the mafia equipment, obviously they are mafia! And there are some rumors of one of my past employers in United States getting hacked and thats what CIA and R&AW are trying to cover-up. If they are trying to cover-up, why am I being harassed? Did a hack happen? Probably yes, I aw some unusual activities, reported to my associate director and the director above him. The activities continued, I even said no for certain decisions. I have been a team lead and for over 4 years, I was in PCI compliance meetings. I knnow precisely what PCI compliance is about in regards to the project I have worked on. But then the rest of the team, went ahead with certain implementations, where I said NO. I resigned and moved to a different company - American Airlines. Then I resigned and moved back to India. Now if this 5 years of human rights violation has anything to do with the probability of hacking, shame on CIA! If this is about Thota Uttam or Bojja Srinivas's identity theft, shame on R&AW, if they are R&AW. If Bojja Srinivas and Thota Uttam are mafia, shame on India's law enforcement. I am not a scapegoat for the R&AWMAAfia / CIA whatever under-cover operation or for the Mafia/Hukam/Hakeem/Odour. If something's not right, I do speak up. Even now, I am the same person. If such a hack happened, it's most likely internal. However, I cannot point my finger, if law enforcement interrogates, I can say what I noticed/observed and for what I said NO. I am hoping such a thing did not happen, but if such a thing happened, the culprit(s) should NOT be spared!

update 02/06/2023: These bastards are either rogue R&AW who went to extreme measures to cover-up very big crime, I would say at least over $500m+ crime or they are mafia!
These Human dogs, i.e R&AWMAAfia dawgs ate dog biscuits and lost common sense,because for them the dog biscuits are seeming more tempting than common sense. The dog biscuits can also be compared to carrots. In other words, dog biscuits means favors - sexual or money or bribes. Moreover, false prestige, low self-esteem of people make these dog biscuits much more tempting. In other words these psychoturds have lost common sense (they are out of their mind)! They are equivalent to zombies - brain dead
Heard of some rumors of some female(s) offering free BJ's for recruiters, if they keep me unemployed. Heard of some female claiming to be part of my family or my spouse (I am married, I am talking about some 3rd person). Are these sl*ts desperate or did someone threw some dog biscuits? Either way, I have every right to call them sl*ts, because these sl*ts are ruining my career! And these voices try to change identites by playing different names audio in my ears - Adam, Uttam, some foster, some middle-class. I think they are poor paupers eating dog biscuits thrown by someone else. Poor dawgs, sl*ts, pi*ps, gig*los equipment.

update 27/05/2023: I have filed for a patent in the United Kingdom. I am planning to launch open beta on July 4th in celebration of Independence Day of the United States of America. I am planning to launch production version on August 15th in celebration of the Independence Day of India. While I am busy with these plans, the R&AWMAAfia seem to be busy with identity distortion, defamation, "all propaganda" - psychos. They are literal psychos. The world nor India does not need top-down criminal hierarchy, communist/socialist dictatorship. Ask them to for their own country. They should be considered as terrorists for violating human rights, privacy invasion, identity distortion, identity theft, false propaganda, defamation, misrepresentation in whatever "eye witness testimony", lying under oath in whatever "eye witness testimony", per rumors - signature forgery (my signature has been the same, the earliest specimen, I can show from 2002 on my India issued, but expired passport). Moreover, shadowing and stalking is another crime. The list of failures, who joined the dark side are: Bojja Srinivas, Mukesh Golla, Zinnabathuni Sowjanya, Thota Veera, Uttam, Bandhavi, whoever is an e, es, eass, ass, eka, diwakar/karan/kamalakar/karunakar.

update 22/05/2023: Yesterday, I have launched a closed beta of my I.T startup - ALight Technology And Services Limited's first commercial product - WebVeta (Web Hunt - more like hunt and burn the witches, like the Salem Witch Trials. I don't know, may be these witches & biatches are literal psychopaths. Now, here is some of these hackers/mafia/anonymous propaganda - some female stalker claims my assets and identity and claims to be a eunich? I have my first official photo identity document from 2002 (India Passport), even my 10th class (1996) clearly shows my sex - male. In other words the mafia rogues wanted some babes and they might have created some competition to see which girl would be desperate enough to do stupid things for money. And that's why they might have created some kind of popular sl*t competition. They could have gone to some broth*l instead of messing my identity and creating sl*t competitions.

update 2 14/05/2023: One of the possibility is whoever this "e" / "es" / erra seemed to have lied under oath in whatever "eye witness" testimony. Me or my family does not have any obligation to cover for her. He/She/They may be the mafia stalkers/hackers/shadows with the psychopath/terrorist equipment.

update 14/05/2023: On the positive side, I have some more progress on my I.T startup ALight Technology And Services Limited's first commercial offering - WebVeta. I am going to do a soft launch in next 3 - 5 days. This might have few bugs. And I am planning to launch a commercial production version in 1 - 2 months. Meanwhile, I have narrowed down the identity thief to be a member of Thota Veera or Thota Bandhavi family or Bojja Srinivas or Zinnabathuni family or someone related with her. e, erra might be virtual identities, I don't know i.e I know there are real people with the names of Thota Veera, Thota Bandhavi, Bojja Srinivas, Zinnabathuni Sowjanya who have violated human rights. I personally have not seen anyone with a surname of e or erra, erra might be a virtual identity. Another possibility is one of these female's by the name of Sowjanya - Zinnabathuni, Bhattaru, E, I might be impersonating my spouse - Sowjanya Konudula (by birth), she became Sowjanya Arumilli after my marriage, but most of her identity documents are on the surname of Konudula. She is a software engineer, lives in Hyderabad, India. The above mentioned batch of rabid dogs distort identities of wealthy couples and beg (ransom / extortion) for "half" - in other words, they are mafia/communist/socialist. I don't siblings by the name of Sowjanya, but these rabid dogs might have created virtual identities for begging (ransom / extortion). Ofcourse, these beggars would garner support from people, because they feel like robinhood and they distribute some of the ransom / extortion. I can bet, these people don't have photo identity proofs from over 10 years ago. There are other Arumilli families, if they are part of a different Arumilli family, I don't care. But in Vinay Residency, Visalakshi Nagar, Visakhapatnam only my family has the surname - Arumilli.
1. This equipment, equipment based hacking, mind-reading did not exist in 2008. 2. The person who went on a valid visa and matching name - Arumilli Kanti Kalyan has opened the concerned Bank of America account. 3. Taxes were paid from the same bank account while I have been in United States on a valid H1B. - Name, Nationality, Job, Salary, Employer details are clearly mentioned. 4. A file from the USCIS clealry shows the passport, job responsibilities, signature. 5. Arumilli Kanti Kalyan's signature being spelled as A. Kanti Kalyan, not a problem. And the same signature on first passport issued in 2002. If anyone else shows the same signature, but have a different name or different signature on passport - signature forgery. 6. A file from USCIS, shows spouse details with birth date - H4. 7. Who the F are the missing r&aw agents who never even existed? who are the dare devils who did super missions when in reality they are just rabid dogs / beggars? 8. What type of woman would use someone else' surname, name's of celebrities for virtual identities and for privacy? 9. What type of woman would say someone else was her ex or husband? - Where are the marriage certificates? 10. If some female is the identity thief, where are the 10th / intermediate marks lists where sex would be clearly mentioned? If some model, did the model did not even study 10th class? Did not even study until high school? Moreover ask her to show any photo identity proof issued more than 10 years ago i.e before the equipment abuse based hackings, favors, mind-reading, blackmailing did not start. 11. I can show my name, my dad's name, and I am male on 1996 (27 years ago) government issued 10th class certificate, 1998 (25 years ago) government issued Intermediate certificate, 2002 (21 years ago) governemnt issued, expired, 1st passport. Even my 10th class certificate clearly shows my skin identification moles. 12. Sometimes, they might have broken into my house and might have showed some of my things and identity documents. But after my Aadhar, one of my employer's joining letter were stolen, I started using Biometric locks - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07R333VVN/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1, I have bought these in London, United Kingdom. That just means they are shadow stalkers, identity distorters, identity thieves, beggars.

update 11/05/2023: If a slut impersonates i.e tries to claim my properties, bank accounts etc... and claims to have married some Mexican and claims to have traveled like a dog, it just means she is a slut, but participant of the sluts impersonation contest. In other words, she might not have traveled / may be even she did, she might have traveled on her own identity. And this slut claims to be an accountant at my startup - ALight Technology And Services Limited? Then that biatch is just some psycho, I don't have any employees - Team – No employees yet! One Person Company!. Shame on India, even Vizag police are supporting her lies because she claims to be a R&AW agent? If she is a R&AW agent, what is she doing in India? And why is she harassing Indian citizens? She is some kind of sick psycho or Mafia!
BTW, just for clarity, I have signed up for Microsoft for Startup Founders using my LinkedIn associated email - kantikalyan@gmail.com, but then due to certain reasons, I created a new email address - kantikarumilli@outlook.com for the benefits.
Some cheap tactics by these identity thieves, they would use email addresses of other people, phone numbers of other people and one of their black money laundering email addresses for defaming others. Cheap tactics by cheap people. And shame, one of the cheap people might be one of my friends from 25 years ago. And here is another cheap tactic, spying drone cameras and claiming to be living together. Similarly, screenshots - psychopaths.

update 11/05/2023: I am super excited about getting the mvp launch pretty soon in 7 - 10 days or earlier. Meanwhile, the psychopaths, I mean literal psychopaths who seem to have a severe mental disorder known as schizophrenia. Stupid people living in false hyped up world of titles and labels? Common english words are being used for titles and people are falling for the hype. Some of the titles - "so", "okay", "only"... "So what?" is a normal english sentence. "Okay, let's do this" - normal english terms. Now, the schizophrenia patients mis-interpret these as though "so" is the name/identity of some person, or as though "okay" is the name of a person. For few days and from time time I did fall for these traps, but as usual I am quick enough to realize and get up. In other words "mass surveilance" equipment in the hands of wrong people would be used for "mass schizophrenia", "mass hypnosis". And then these patients would start doing stupid sh*t for titles and then those little things add up into a bigger crime. Obviously, the master mind who divided the large crime into smaller seemingly innocent white lies would be the biggest culprit. And everyone involved knowingly or unknowingly would shut-up or would know if they speak-up, their so-called white lie would be used as leverage against them. And seems like there more than half of the society has fallen for the "mass schizophrenia".

update 09/05/2023: I am continuing developing my I.T startup's (NOT company, startup) first commercial offering - WebVeta. In the next 2 weeks, I would do a MVP launch. Meanwhile, these people are harassing me and trying to frame me. Here are my personal and Startup Youtube channel's, you can hear those disgusting psychopaths voices. They are literal scumbags, leeches of planet earth. https://www.youtube.com/@alighttechnologyandservicesltd, https://www.youtube.com/@kantikalyanarumilli. Moreover, seems like they are doing some false propaganda and false reputation damage. I have attended several interviews, some interviews I did very well, but was not offered job. And some of the recruiters seem to be doing prank calls. Isn't this the very definition of nepotism / dictatorship / organized crime? Anyway, if this continues, corruption increases. People would become very comfy with less productivity and ultimately in 10 - 20 years, India's economy, GDP would start slowing down i.e directly or indirectly this is more of some fools with personal agenda doing longer term damage to India.
update 30/04/2023: I have made some progress on my own I.T startup's first commercial offering - WebVeta. The pre-launch campaigns on KickStarter and IndieGogo didn't gain much traction. I have almost completed the mvp's web portal planned features and created a cloud based development environment and setup CI/CD. As of now, I have locked down the registration / login to allow only my email addresses. In the next 10 days, I might invite some specific people. In 3 - 4 weeks, I would do a beta launch and might open the registration for anyone. Special invites would have access to all the features, anyone can have access to some restricted features.
The cloud environment can be accessed at https://clouddev.webveta.alightservices.com/
Meanwhile the psychopath R&AWMAAfia are still harassing, trying to do identity distortion, attempting identity theft. Some srinivas, uttam, veera, diwakar and few females claim to have changed identities or exchanged identities, container/dog travel stories. In other words, they are attempting identity theft. Criminals such as murderers, rapists, terrorists, money launderers would change identities or may be they are trying to get away from loans instead of defaulting. Either way they are criminals - human rights violation, privacy violation. They use mind reading equipment and might be doing IP theft apart from defamation, harassment, impersonation, stalking etc...

update 08/04/2023: I have started KickStarter and IndieGoGo pre-launch campaigns for WebVeta - still in development. Here is a sign-up page for early access. Signup. Meanwhile, I am still searching for employment. I am going to Hyderabad on the 9th of April. My flight details - AirAsia I5-1529 departs from Visakhapatnam at 09:25 a.m. I am residing at Hotel Pratz Inn, Indira Nagar, HIG-A-21, APHB Colony, 500032, opposite Gate-2, DLF Cyber City, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, India. I am attending a walk-in interview at a certain I.T company on Monday the 10th at 19:30. I am returning on th 11th at 5:30 a.m in Indigo 6E 719.

update 31/03/2023: I have been approved in Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, feeling grateful and encouraged. I don't when the human rights violation by erra, thota, bojja srinivas, uttam would end. But, I am feeling encouraged and motivated. Here is the official blog post - Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub.

update 28/03/2023: I have re-applied for H1B visa for United States (I don't know my first H1B was between 2008 and 2016 and I moved back to India in January 2017, someone said I can re-apply) , my application was not selected - India passport R4542950. Apart from this, I am trying raise some funds for my first commercial product of my I.T startup ALight Technology And Services Limited. I have submitted a application for a certain 12 week incubator type of program in London, U.K. I am also starting campaigns on KickStarter and Indiegogo.
Meanwhile the Mafia human rights violation is too much, literal psychopaths. - Uttam, Thota, Veera, Bandhavi, Zinnabathuni, Erra, Diwakar, Bhattaru, "e.s", "o.s", "s.o", bojja srinivas etc..

update 20/03/2023: On the 17th I went to New Delhi, stayed at Stellar Resorts. Met some great people at TieCon. It's nice to see such a great opportunity. I would suggest TieCon or some other non-profit to conduct such conferences virtual. i.e via zoom / teams etc... and possibly even recorded sessions. Great to see an active community in India's startup ecosysttem. But at the same time sad to see most, if not all, educated people believing in R&AW or Mafia's propaganda. i.e I heard some random people making some comments about the identity thieves / shadows who claim to have travelled like dogs / in containers. In reality, they did not, they are identity thieves. How can well-educated, entrepreneurs believe in such propaganda? I can understand if eneducated people or people who have never travelled outside of India and people who don't know what are visa's believing in propaganda but well-educated entrepreneurs?
Apart from these, I have applied for a certain 12 week U.K based startup program, if selected I would be going to London for 12 weeks and they would help me launch one of the products. I have submitted the ideas for WebVeta, longer term vision for WebVeta and Alerts. The longer-term vision of WebVeta cannot be implemented in 12 weeks. I am hoping to get selected for WebVeta or Alerts. For both of these entire product cannot be completed in 12 weeks but slightly more than a basic MVP can be implemented and launched.
Apart from these, a certain USA based immigration person has looked into my past work experience, A file from United States and thinks another H1B might be filed. I have worked on a valid H1B visa in United States between 2008 and 2016 and moved back to India in 2017. My second employer (H1B transfer) has applied for Green Card in 2012. Fingers crossed. I thought H1B was for 6 years and extensions while waiting for GC. I didn't know I can apply for H1B even after completely moving back to India.
Great opportunities, but virtually surrounded by mafia'ish psychopaths - erra, bojja, bhattaru, zinnabathuni, uttam, bandhavi, diwakar, karan etc... who are either R&AW or mafia or a combination of both.

update 15/03/2023: Yesterday, I attended the interview at 19:30 India time. The interviewer asked me about the R&AWMAAfia and I explained about what's going on. i.e how uttam, thota family, bojja srinivas, mukesh gollla, zinnabathuni sowjanya, bhattaru sowjanya, erra surnamed people have targeted me. I honestly don't know how Immandi surnamed people got involved. I know some people with Immandi surname but I don't think they are involved. To the best of my knowledge, they don't have a need to be involved. Bojja Srinivas was definitely involved, he was a very good person but he went through difficulties in life and there is a possibility that he might have been forced into doing wrong things because of financial hardships. Anyway, I tried following up regarding the interview, the recruiter sounded like as though he thought I am part of the so called "all" bubble. The "all" bubble is a anonymizing technique of economic offenders. I am not part of the "all" bubble. "all" bubble economic offenders exchange identities for loand scams, credit card defaulters etc... I can easily show at least 15 years of banking transactions and that too all the transactions on my very own name i.e purchases on my name, email(s) used on my name, mobile numbers on my very own name, clean sources of money, no defaults. I am hoping and wishing the "all" bubble is not terrorist financing, but who knows the "all" bubble might be mafia. Overseas "all" bubble might be spies - R&AW for anonymity. "all" bubble within the country are definitely mafia aka erra sainyam as in red army. So the erra surnamed people have started their own mafia. Police have no guts to arrest them. I have provided evidence against them, police closed the case without providing any reason, instead of arresting them. erra did identity theft and said identity exchange or worked under cover. When I did not change my identity then with whom did erra or bojja exchange identity? In other words, they are the identity thieves and police might have taken some indirect bribes under the "all" bubble. Anyway, the recruiter said they are interviewing few others. I am hoping to get this job. Why are people innocent? As per rumormill, someone raised an invoice on my I.T startup and transferred some money into personal bank account and did media propaganada. Why would anyone do that? The answer defamation. In other words, either the person who raised the invoice and transferred into his bank account is the identity thief or he is trying to do defamation.
Bottom gravity == mafia == erra, bojja srinivas,zinnabathuni sowjanya, bhattaru sowjanya, thota veera, uttam.

update 14/03/2023: The equipment does have sub-liminal messaging capabilities. Last night, almost entire night some female tried to create a hypothetical scenario of living together or as though my wife or as though kids. In reality, I have been married on March 12th 2009, got seperated not divorced in 2019. I have been traveling to Hyderabad, India and meeting my spouse few times an year, she is on my instagram network and on my LinkedIn network. In telugu we have a term called "chittha karthi kukka", a very extreme term for home wreckers. Honestly, I don't know who is this home wrecker. I did hear some propaganda of some female using the spying camera and showing me during interviews etc... and trying to claim to be living with me. Now, did someone bribe her to distort my identity and help in identity theft? Does she want to claim to be my spouse and share of assets? Or is she in financial distress and trying to gegt away from loans? Either way, she is a evil monster. 1) If financially stressed, she can ask for financial help but sub-liminal messaging - human rights violation. But misusing the equipment definitely would have long term neural damages and these bastards have been misusing the equipment for over 5 years. BTW, I have went through two rounds of interview with a certain I.T company and later I tonight I have an interview. I am hoping to succeed and move to Hyderabad, India soon.

update 10/03/2023: I didn't get through the second round of interview with Xinthe. I am not blaming the interviewer but they seemed to have been influenced by the rogue R&AW spies propaganda. They were talking or used some terms - "Kanti K", I am "Kanti Arumilli". They were mentioning something about dogs, containers. I showed my passport with stampings. They were talking about someone's signature. My signature has been the same and my expired passports, current passport have same signature. Ultimately, the interviewers were influence and probably entire I.T industry is scared of the equipment's capabilities and non one wants data leaks. The equipment has mind-reading, whispering, invisible camers recording audio and video. So, many I.T companies might have succumbed to pressure in their own terms - chittams i.e people who obey and follow orders without questioning. I think these chittams might have committed some grave crimes in the past and are being blackmailed.

update 09/03/2023: I am hoping to get a job offer on the 10th of March here in Visakhapatnam. Thanks to Xinthe technologies. I still have to clear another 2 rounds of interview, so fingers crossed. But at least the people at Xinthe had the brains to know the difference between propaganda and reality. I don't know who is the female who uses a spying invisible camera and claims to be living with me. But most likely a very shady person, with shady background. I would say this particular tactic is also part of the identity distortion tactics being used by the 20+ people group of identity distorters and identity thieves.

update 28/02/2023: Next month I am going to be busy. I am actively developing a product known as WebSearch - https://www.alightservices.com/websearch/. I am going to Hyderabad on the 11th, coming back to Vizag on the 13th. Going to Gurgaon on the 17th for attending TieCon 2023 Delhi and would be coming back to Vizag on the 19th. I have signed up for the event, breakfast and mentorship. I didn't take the yearly membership, because I am not in the Delhi region. Thota Veera, Zinnabathuni, Erra etc... tried to frame me as the husband of the identity thief female i.e in other words a non-existent identity or the identity of a pimp. If the escort is so desperate to steal identities, then whoever acts as her husband would have been her pimp. Or her pimp might be stealing my identity. BTW Income tax records from the IRS clearly show I am a software engineer and I am male.

update - 2: 17/02/2023: I went on 14/2/2023 to Hyderabad and returned to Visakhapatnam on 15/2/2023.

update 17/02/2023: I don't know who is the escort but definitely at least 1 prostitute does exist in the corona cluster batch. The rogue R&AWMafia created a cluster of black money with virtual identities. I don't know the source of black money - could be drug paddling, illegally working in foreign countries, loans and defaulters, prostitution or insurance scams. There might be several other people who might have been victims. They frame innocent people with some other worthless identity, steal identities, share assets and claim insurances. This does not seem to be like R&AW activities, this seems more like Mafia / Gangsters / Hooligans / Paid Goons. I don't understand, why the police department does nothing about them. Some of them seem to have been directly related with some police, if not all. How did they get some kind of surveillance equipment? So, one of the rogue R&AW agent might have had ties with the Mafia. No other explanation would make sense.
Apart from this for the valentine's day I went to Hyderabad and met my spouse. The criminal psychopaths seem to have used a lot of influence. How is India believing a R&AW agent stories of working overseas without any passport stampings? I have worked overseas, I have stampings on my passport, I paid my taxes, I have work experience letters, A file from USCIS etc... And then there is some propaganda of morning / evening i.e exchanging of identities. Failures would skip on loans and exchange identities, because sucessful people wouldn't switch identities. Based on this whoever is a "so" or "os" or "tu" or "e" who claim to have switched identities with me or whoever must be the money launderers. Maybe they even did hacking and took ransom. Maybe that's the reason they are creating a cluster for anonymous reason. I don't understand why they created a cluster around me. Trying to hide or finding shade under a legal immigration, person who paid taxes or identity theft or identity distortion or planning some kind of a insurance scam?
Here is the question - would odd jobs earn as much as a software engineer and that too in a short period? i.e people doing odd jobs on tourist visa's etc...? Then how can they earn that much? I am thinking drug paddling or pros*itution or ransom.
The female identity thief / money launderer needs some random identity by the name of "ok" or "ko". I don't know why she needs that virtual identity, but her stories are based on a virtual non-existent identity. Obviously she is the identity thief, pros*itute, money launderer and trying to either shadow me / taking shade around me or trying to show off i.e create fake evidence by showing off / intermixing black money and white money. She or he can sit in the basement of the apartment, take photos or videos of all the deliveries, show off and create a virtual cloud of "all". Beggars who have nothing better to do with their pathetic life. They could at least go and find work as a watchman (No disrespect towards any watchman's - at least watchman's are trying to lead a respectable life instead scammer's life) instead of wasting their pathetic life.

update 10/02/2023 - update 2: I am considering immigrating to either Canada or Australia. Whatever this equipment might NOT have anything to do with the "five eyes", but this group of hackers / anonymous / spies / criminals are trying to put the blame on the "five eyes". Why would the so-called "five eyes" equipment be mis-used for infiltarting the "five eyes" countries? Why would the so-called "five eyes" equipment be used for loan / odd jobs money laundering? Most likely India's R&AW is the culprit. And then there are different stories of R&AW trying to join "five eyes" blah blash blah. My dear India, please DO not export India's coruption. At least the "five eyes" countries are offering opportunities for talented people to get out of the corruption rut.

update 10/02/2023: I created my own Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/@kantikalyanarumilli. I am NOT associated with the diwakar psycho karan, kamalakar, karunakar, thota veera, uttam, erra sowmya / erra sowjanya or any person with the surname of erra or bhattaru or gautam or bojja srinivas or bandhavi. They are psycho spies, shadows, impersonators, shady black money launderers and tried to create a virtual cloud of "all" by showing off other people's purchases along with whatever their purchases or may be their real purchases are completely shady and black money or income from questionable sources such as hacking, ransom, theft by OTP theft i.e stealing etc... by misusing the R&AW spying equipment. I personally lost 4,00,000 INR due to OTP theft. They claim to be running some kind of parallel government and are forcing people to change identities. i.e They force people to change identity, take over money and assets. If people like me, who have a career, assets and I do know my rights as an Indian citizen, stand against them, they try to blackmail, harass, defame, attempt identity theft, distort identity, keeping jobless etc... In other words these psychopaths with the powerful equipment are psychopaths and gang of dacoits.

update 08/02/2023: Rogue R&AW spies uttam, srinivas have done identity theft. This seems to have become a national issue. Several thousands of people are involved in the cover-up and they tried acting like Mafia for cover-up. The rogues are definitely R&AW spies.

update 03/02/2023: I have signed up for an account with New Relic, they have extremely generous logging platform but they have some major security flaws. I sent them an email and deleted my New Relic account. No disrespect, New Relic, but vulnerabilities in software, targeted hacking by "underworld" aka India's Mafia aka Odour aka Hukam means R&AW. They hacked accounts, created propaganda, whatever their supposedly super famous Youtube channel, and whatever their supposed super famous "Game of War" LINE group is just a group of hackers and spies impersonating others. I can be, most if not all of them are real. I don't know their mobile numbers or Youtube channels, but call those numbers and ask. For example I heard / came to know one of the shadow spy uses my Aadhar card and shows some purchases. My Aadhar - 8092-1430-1040, if they showed my Aadhar, showed my purchases - impersonation. If they shaowed my Aadhar and showed someone else's purchases - framing / defamation i.e the source of their money might be questionable. And that's why they are trying to setup someone else. I saw movies and in some movies dacoits used to live outside of villages / cities / towns and used to steal when people are sleep. How are those guys any different? OTP theft, identity theft, money laundering, spying etc... And this has been happening for over 5 years. They have representers among job recruiters. Why can't people do the right thing? There are always options, but there would be one right option, most of the times, the right options is the hardest choice. Not bowing to the R&AW / Hukam / Order / Mafia / Underworld was my right option. I can't and won't bow and I can't and won't let the future generations of India become slaves of the traitor R&AW spies / foreign country's influence. I stand for my rights, my country's rights and for the future of every Indian citizen even though several thousands of Indians have back stabbed me. I cannot let R&AW spies who went rogue and became traiotrs to continue their human rights violation. Most likely these people are hardcore criminals. My frequently used email addresses are: kantikalyan@outlook.com, kantikalyan@gmail.com, admin@alightservices.com, kantikalyan.arumilli@alightservices.com, KArumilli2020@alightservices.com. Apart from these I have 2 more non-frequently used email addresses. In the 5 of these email addresses, starting tomorrow there is going to be a link to this website. Thota Veera, Zinnabathuni Sowjanya are confirmed members of this human rights violators group. Diwakar, Sowmya, Bandhavi, Uttam etc... might be fake or real. Because they operate with virtual identities. BTE, Veera should make purchases on name of Veera not my name - either impersonator or framer. Similarly anyone else. I know, I am being impersonated and being framed. I am very innocent, my bank accounts etc... are on my very own name. The scandal psychopaths - anonymous hackers, spies etc... claim to have bank accounts on someone else's name. So, they are impersonating someone else or framing someone else or have hacked into other people's bank accounts and screenshotted / downloaded statements. Their real expenses are black money, but they show some innocents bank account for cover-up and / or proof. For all practical purposes they are bandits and dacoits. Here is the greatest thing in India - Some if not all police like this idea and participated in the scam to get away with their bribes.

update 02/02/2023: I had 3 interviews in the past 2 days. Yesterday, 2 interviews and one interview this morning. I think I did this mornings interview with EPAM well. I don't know who the hell goes by the term "ass". But, from what I understood the so called "ass" seems to be the identity thief i.e claims to be role number 4 with Hall Ticket number: 98531A0504 in A.S.R.College of Engineering, Computer Science Engineering 1998 - 2002 batch. Hall Ticket Number - 98531A0504 - Kanti Kalyan Arumilli. My Engineering certificate does not the sex, but 10th class certificate from 1996, Intermediate certificate from 1998 show the sex - Male. I have the same name and surname on all of my educational documents, expired passports, current passport, Driving License, expired student BRP, current BRP from United Kingdom, even my MBA certificate. I am living with my parents at SF-3, Vinay Residency, Kailasagiri Road, Visalakshi Nagar, Visakhapatnam, India - 530043. Because my parents are old, they have a helper, the helper comes, helps with washing clothes, cleaning utensils, cleaning floor. Sometimes my dad does grocery, sometimes I do grocery, sometimes watchman of the apartment does groceries or I buy grocery on BigBasket ot get food from Zomato or I buy things from Amazon. I honestly don't know who the hell is an "ass", but "ass" might be the code name of some anonymous hacker / spy / R&AW / Mafia. I know erra diwakar / kamalakar and his spouse, thota veera, thota bandhavi, zinnabathuni sowjanya, some guy uttam, bojja srinivas are trying to frame me while they are the culprits. Some of them even created virtual identities under my surname. But I can bet they are doing and have probably done few million USD money laundering / insurance scam or illegal immigration. There is no one by the name of Arumilli Srinivas / Arumilli Uttam / Arumilli Bandhavi in my family, heard that those are virtual identities of the Mafia-R&AW-Anonymous hacker psychopaths.

update 28/01/2023: Yesterday, on the 27th at 5p.m IST I had an interview with EPAM Anywhere and got selected, next round of interview is on Feb 2nd at 09:00 a.m IST. No disrespect for anyone, but seems like there is a world-wide propaganda by R&AW spies. I thought the interviewer said something about "property theft". I too heard about "property theft", some "surpise loan", some "phuket loan", I am NOT involved. My bank accounts - ICICI, Bank of America and TransferWise are clean. The female psychopath who wants to claim to be "Light" is a psychopath. Long time ago, I used to play a mobile game known as "Game of War". I have played under the name of "Mirchi" and then later I played under the name of "GoodLight". My name Kanti means Light, my middle name Kalyan means Good - My name means GoodLight, and my surname - Arumilli. I don't know who hyped up the game but definitely some psychopath female fantasizes to be "Light". Here is the worst thing, I am married and from what I heard this psycho female has some se*x fantasies, literal psychopath. Anyway, to the best of my knowledge, my properties were not stolen, I did not steal anyone's properties. I don't know if any of my inheritance properties were stolen or not, but my directly owned properties were not stolen. Here is the worst part, uttam is definitely my enemy because I have suspected uttam to be the identity thief. Whoever is doing this propaganda is framing uttam. I don't know if uttam stole someone else' properties. If uttam did not steal any properties there is 1 possibility - I am being framed as uttam. Then definitely identity happened, if I am being framed as someone else, then definitely someone stole my identity. The identity thief could be uttam / srinivas / diwakar / veera / the female psycho.
Conclusion: At least 20 R&AW dogs have been trying to frame me and harass me. They have no identities because they are R&AW spies. Because they don't have identities, they are not career oriented. Some of them are gutless and are looking for an exit via identity theft. From what I heard / read / saw in news, books, movies R&AW spies don't have an exit. The person(s) who are misuing their spying equipment and shadowing skills for exiting are gutless or made a mistake by joining R&AW. Why should I suffer for their mistakes? If India government treats R&AW spies with high respect, would the Governement of India still consider the gutless, shameless psychopaths with same respect/ I personally am no longer patriotic, I am still human and do help people in need irrespective of culture, religion, bacground etc... I would rather expose the entire scam rather than staying silent under the false pretense of patriotism. In a certain sense, I am patriotic, because if this scam gets exposed, at least the future of young innocent civilians would be safe and these type of scams would not happen. In other words, I am fighting for and on behalf of the well-educated next generations of Indians. People who hate me now, don't even realize, I am fighting even for their near and dear and their next generations.

update 25/01/2023: There are facts and there is propaganda. 1) Normal civilians don't change identities. 2) If someone is claiming someone has changed identity or have exchanged identities - very high probability of a scam, specifically identity theft. 3) Adoptions do happen, but not without other family members knowing - scam alert. 4) People who got adopted's surname changes after adoption but NOT before - scam alert. 5) No one adopts another person with the same name of a family member - scam alert - identity theft. 6) Innocent people don't do ecommerce transactions on other people's name - scam alert - either dirty money or someone else is being framed or impersonated 7) OTP theft by misuing spying equipment - such bank accounts have 1 Lakh INR limit - these are being used for framing, defamation. 8) "All" is either a terrorist organization (terrorist funding cover-up) or socialist / communist group 9) People's signature would not be different on passport and normal - either signature forgery or shadows defamation. 10) Sons and daughters of escorts / prost*tutes (in reality, my dad did not have affairs but some low morale people made such propaganda) don't get share in inheritance as per India's law - official family members would be listed on ration card in India.

update - 2 23/01/2023: I have received my Bank of America credit card. Thank you Bank of America at SF-3, Vinay Residency, Visalakshi Nagar, Visakhapatnam. I even went live on my Facebook when I received my credit card. I went live on my Facebook, when I activated the credit card. So, the rogue R&AW spies working under-cover overseas on my identity in 2008 was a big lie and propaganda. There is a very high probability that after I moved back to India in January of 2017, a rogue R&AW spy might have stolen H1B extensions. I withsrew my own money from my own Bank of America account into my own ICICI account. That's not a crime, but the identity thieves and identity distorters have made alternate propaganda. The spying bastards have even tried to defame me of property theft because they wanted to steal my identity and my career. As far as I am concerned, I am clean and innocent. I have been harassed by Thota Veera, Erra Diwakar, Erra Sowjanya / Sowmya, Thota Bandhavi, Thota Uttam, Zinnabathuni Sowjanya for the past seevral years. These people try to distort my identity by trying to frame me as them and the female's stupid propaganda of as though living with me. In reality, I broke up with my spouse Sowjnaya Konudula in 2019 and have been single since then. The shadows either misuse the spying invisible drone or lurk around me and try to defame, distort identity. If at least 12 people are involved and this has been going on for over 5 years that means over 60 man years have been watsed by these beggars. 60 man years? How many great things could have been done? In other words, these bastards don't know the meaning or the value of career nor do they know how to be productive. Not only did they waste 60 man years, they stole my career, identity and literally harass me and are not allowing me to focus on my startup. They are literal psychopaths, spies, left bottom shadows, dogs, pests of planet earth - the unwanted segment - they are like left bottom gravity and black holes. Probably they are the corone i.e corrupted virus, more like a plague. They are spreading rumors, propaganda like cancer. They are like cancer of planet earth.

update 23/01/2023: The human rights violation is true. I think my very own mom is being harassed much more than me or because she is female and over 70 years of age she was unable to bear the harassment. I think there is ample evidence of illegal immigration. One of the bastards might have obtained a passport on my address - SF-3, Vinay Residency, Visalakshi Nagar, Visakhapatnam 530043 or may be even part of the address and might be working in the United States and / or might have claimed to be the son of either my mom or dad or both. My current passport R4542950 has the same address and my parents name. Left bottom bastards don't know how to make a living and for their cover-up have harassed my parents. Specifically, my mom seems to have been harassed much more. If not illegal immigration it's about either an existing or a future TEA application. In other words those bastards are harassing for a ransom of $900,000. Why should I pay for their TEA application or why should my parents pay for their TEA application? If R&AW spies want a TEA application, ask them to earn rather than harassing, doing identity theft, beg for vaatas (share) of someone else's money. And for the cover-up of ransom, they might have evn created identities under my surname or as family members. In reality, there is no one else in my family. My family's ration card also shows only 3 family members. If any other form of identity whether it's voter card / aadhar / PAN / Driving License / Passport are created it's clearly fraudulent. Voterr's card, paassport would be biggest offenses because that would be violating the sovereignity of India. I don't much how much truth but seems like India's CBI has also went rogue along with some R&AW and Police. I know R&AW and police are involved. I cannot confirm if CBI was involved. Such a corrupted country - India!

update 22/01/2023: I have attended few interviews recently. Some female recruiters seemed to be involved and tried to frame me as someone else and they were saying "give it up" and whatever stupid names - eka, kamal, ananth, diwakar etc... and tried to say as though I am an employee in my own startup and as though someone female was a owner. In other words identity distortion. I am usually a very inclsuive person, but after hearing these comments from female recruiters, I thought are females the people with less brains? Why can't they get their facts from official sources such as company's website - https://www.alightservices.com or from official government of U.K's website - https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/13470020 ? I can completely understand if illiterates or people who don't know how to use computer / laptop / tablet / mobile believed in propaganda. Why are educated people acting stupid? When you want a pizza from a nearby restaurant and want to look at the menu and doing a Google search why can't you lookup official website of a company and official information? Are people becoming fools or is the R&AW disctatorship in India trutning people into fools? This is practically dictatorship being implemented in India under the name of "Hukum", "Order", "Parallel Government" etc... Long time ago there was a bandit known as Phoolan Devi - very famous bandit, even movies were made about her Wikipedia link. Later she became politician etc... But, the important thing to note is the members of her bandit gang thought she was implementing some "parallel governemnt" and just followed orders. In other words, those people have lost the common sense to distinguish between the right thing and wrong thing. The difference between humans and the rest of the species on planet earth is having the common sense (in my mother tongue Telugu, we use the word vichakshana gyaanam) and ofcourse we are now living in civilized society. These people might have even lost civic sense and have become brutes - more like hunter gatherer mindset. The "parallel govennment" formed by whoeevr is the psycho R&AW agent can go and live in forests and leave civilians. Phoolan Devi had guns etc... This biatch or bastard has the advanced spying drone equipment capable of viewing, recording video, recording audio, whispering as speakers, even mind reading capabilities. Now, what sort of low life would claim some other married male as her husband (escorts who want to claim to be having a family life, because prost*tution is illegal in India)? Anyway, apart from these I am hopeful of receivng a job offer from an interview I have attended - 2 rounds. If I don't receive an offer, I can bet these people have manipulated the recruiters or the interviewers. Because I have answered every single question in both the rounds of interview and even answered questions on my approach with a perspective on application security because I know the capabilities of the hacker - ransom - money launderers equipment that has been misused on me for several years for identity theft. What sort of animals (brutes) would harass 70+ year old females and 79 old elder citizens of the country? This is dictatorship, if this continues, India can be ranked somewhere in the bottom 10 by of world's GDP in the next 30 years.

update - 2 13/01/2023: I have sent several emails and filed several complaints with several law enforcement departments in India. ED - Enfrocement Directorate, CBI - Central Bureau of Investigation, CyberCrime, Supreme Court of India, Ministry of External Affairs - closest relevant department for R&AW spies and diplomats. Yesterday i.e on 12th in India, a respected person who said he was from IB - Intelligence Bureau and another coleague of his came for an enquiry. I have provided detailed evidence regarding my identity i.e my passports, my past H1B paperwork etc... I said I would provide evidence of the spying equipment misuse within 3 - 4 days because I need to pull out my archived videos from AWS Glacier and then go through those videos. And I think I have enough evidence of harassment in those videos. Combing those videos with the apartment's CCTV camera's video footage, information from immigration i.e visitors, displomats, students to United Kingdom between October 2020 and now (I went to United Kingdom on a student visa on October 15th 2020), specifically people from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, narrowing down the age factor to 25 - 45, male and then enquiring about living expenses would narrow down the suspects. Because R&AW spies would use anonymous sources of money and or make false claims because they are spies. Now, once the spies get narrowed down, were they on some serious mission or diplomacy or is their mission covering up identity theft by identity distortion? Specifically Zinnabathuni Sowjanya, Thota Veera - what were source of money for student fee payments and living expenses? Ask them to show their own accounts not mine i.e accounts should not be on my name - Kanti K Arumilli. If they can't show, they were on distortion mission NOT necessarily for studying MIM or whatever. I don't need to know their details but a proper enquiry needs to be done. And then why did they try to frame me as Uttam? Is Uttam the identity thief and are they trying to frame me or is Uttam a very close friend of the identity thief or is Uttam a completely random identity and is the identity thief trying to frame me as someone else? By the way one more additional charge in the list of cases against them - hacking i.e unauthorized use of computing equipment such as them joining zoom calls / Google meet invites / Microsoft Team calls that were sent for me - as in joining the calls few minutes earlier or few minutes later and creating some faaltu evidence. And here is the worst case - the identity thief female might have even attended all of or most of Hult classes without even making paymenst. What a pathetic low life dawg?

update 13/01/2023: I think the shadow rogue R&AW spies are definitely in the building in Vinay Residency, Visalakshi Nagar, Visakahapatnam. Specifically the female erra / thota spy might be the thief. If my suspicion is not wrong she might be the brown skinned petite. Becuase she is a identity thief, she might even be claiming to be part of my family or my surname or may be even living in my parents apartment - SF-3, Vinay Residency. But in fact, she lives in a different apartment in the building and shadows me. There is a very high probability that she might have harassed or blackmailed my parents. For people to get blackmailed, people do not have to do crimes or have shady pasts. With the spying drone, they can take nude photos or videos of women or daughters of people and could blackmail. There are several such MMS leaks / scams in India in the past and several movies have brought such atrocities to attention. Are they R&AW spies or traitors of India or some kind of goons? In both the cases i.e they can be R&AW spies who were supposed to be patriotic but went rogue and became traitors or they might be goons - ultimately they are criminals, what are law enforcement waiting for? Reviewing the CCTV camera footage of the apartment, having every member of the family be present at a certain time (if some family members are in different cities, providing identification or contact details). Then cross checking with various identity databases such as Aadhar, PAN, Passport to see if there are any additional identities issued on the address of apartment dwellers could provide some clues. If identity proofs are on different addresses, different surnames - you know more like a jumble of stories - it would be extremely clear who are the shadows. Now, the next question who are providing the shadows accomodation? Did they do this on purpose for some selfish reasons or were they blackmailed. The details of blackmailing does not matter, because blackmailing is a crime and when pressed some people might not reveal due to family values. I think if properly investigates there would be ample evidence of misuse of authority, impersonation, identity theft, illegal spying, shadowing, stalking, economic offenses, illegal immigration, falsifying evidence, falsifying documents, possibly misrepresentation, lying under oath, misleading an investigation, privacy violation, human rights violation, extortion and blackmailing.

update 28/12/2022: The female identity thief or the male impersonator needed some Mexican help as in as though they met or married some Mexican and illegally entered the United States. Now, here is what people are ignoring, if the Indian married a Mexican, they must have met somewhere India or Mexico or anywhere else. Do they have valid stampings on passport? i.e does the Mexican have stampings of coming to India or the Indian have stampings of going to Mexico or even if they met in a different country, do they have stampings for the same time period in a 3rd country? Second, do they have marriage certificate? Third even if they have all these, they still did illegal immigration. All of these stories and propaganda are to cover-up identity theft of an India's spy (R&AW) and the victim Indian civilian - me. Shame on India and India's spies. I have valid passports (2 expired and current), legal paperwork, even A file from the USCIS. I can show bank statements, bank activity of when I was in United States and when I moved back to India. And then there is the alternate propaganda of some eunich female trying to have traveled on my passports. There is no truth, she must be a shadow, I am male and my passports, identity documents, paperwork show I am male. Now one of the culprits Thota Veera (probably R&AW spy trying to help one of his friends) does false propaganda, even his mom and younger sister. Moreover they shadow, harass elder people, kind of like dogs. Even beggars have self respect, they don't go around the same person for five years begging for alms, these people are much more worse than beggars with zero self respect. If my guestimate is correct, someone went on tourist visa and did identity theft, his name might be uttam. zero self respect beggars R&AW spies who should be considered as terrorists and enemy of the state, traitors of India for terrorizing an entire area,including elder people. These people have no self respect, no patriotism, they just want money and want to just survive. Because they are anonymous shadows they can't even eat their black money because that would raise red alerts. Few more funny questions - why would e. diwakar or uttam or veera or bandhavi or whoever have my signature - A. Kanti Kalyan? They either did signature forgery or the paperwork was changed - regarding my MPhasis job offer. Similarly why would Bojja Srinivas / Bandhavi / Uttam / E.s or whoever sign on my receipts - they shadowed me, took copies from merchants and signed. They terrorized merchants - another important point to consider. In other words, they are just trying to make a living by propaganda. They have gamified & glorified identity theft.

update 27/12/2022: I got my T-Mobile sim activated. Now my 3 mobile numbers: +1-480-347-6849, +91-789-362-6688, +44-07718-273-964 are active. I am resuming normal business activities at ALight Technology And Services Limited, however, primary focus would be on security, centralized logging, monitoring and alerting.

update 26/12/2022 - update - 3: I received my T-Mobile sim card with my UPS courier, waiting for activation. Contacted T-Mobile from my Facebook account - https://www.facebook.com/kanti.arumilli. BTW, in today's world of impersonator's here is a little tip - anyone can link to any website, but backlinks are important. This website is backlinked from my Facebook. In I.T terms the impersonators attempts can be considered like CSRF - Cross Site Request Forgery, we I.T people defend ourselves from the malicious hackers. When I received my courier, I did sign on the paperwork and went live on my Facebook. I showed the empty paperwork, signed live and showed the signature and completed paperwork - handwriting. I have the same signature for several years - my 2 expired and current passports, PAN card. BTW Kamalakar / Diwakar / Karan / Kareem / Bandhavi / Sowjanya or whoever should have signature on their own names not A. Kanti Kalyan. And whoever is the eunich "e" is one of the culprits.

update 26/12/2022 - update - 2: I received a call and email from DTDC and UPS, they said the sim has not been delivered yet and they did confirm the right delivery address - SF-3, Vinay Residency, Visalakshi Nagar, Visakhapatnam. As I mentioned earlier, the R&AW dawgs are doing identity distortion to cover up identity theft. The phone caller thought if I was Uttam and said "survive", I responded by saying, if you speak with Uttam ask him to die. The R&AW dawgs who are directly involved are: 1) Erra Karan / Kamalakar / Diwakar / Karunkar - don't his real name, 2) His wife who goes by the initials of "e.s", don't know her name 3) Thota Veera 4) Zinnabathuni Sowjanya 5) Bojja Srinivas, some females who claim to have my name - identity thieves - some B. Kanti, E. Kanti, I. Kanti etc... 6) R&AW Uttam (he looks like me, I met him in person once in 2018 / 2019, he said he was R&AW and he thought if I am R&AW and tried to pass some information, I responded back and said No I am not) They harassed me, my parents, distorted my identity, shadowed me, framed me, stalked me, hacked my accounts, spied on me, tried to create fake identities under my surname - This is very big suspicious activities, more like terrorists infiltrating other countries. Who knows in this chain of identity changers, first they become anonymous, then try to steal identities or create fake identities - literal terrorist activity. If they have real identities, if they are rich why do they have to impersonate others? They are either infiltrators from other countries or very desperate and very poor (hopeless). There are few more people who involved but not directly.

update 26/12/2022: I got my Airtel sim re-issued in India on the 9th of December when I came back to India - +91-789-362-6688. I am still waiting on my U.S.A T-Mobile sim card. I requested my T-Mobile sim to be delivered at my sister's house in New Jersey, U.S.A. She courired the sim via UPS. The destination was visakhapatnam. But when I look at tracking, the sim was attempted to be delivered in Hyderabad. I didn't understand. I contacted UPS and T-Mobile regarding the same. I asked T-Mobile to not activate the sim card. Here is the UPS tracking number - 1ZA6062A0419134322. UPS tracking . In the details the delivery was attempted in Hyderabad.

update 10/12/2022: I moved to India. i.e I have vacated from my rented apartment in London and moved to my parent's apartment in Visakhapatnam, India. Here in India the cost of living is a fraction of the cost of living in London. I wouldn't have to worry about finances. However, I would still actively apply for employment in London (visa vail till 7/1/2024), here in India with preferred locations: Hyderabad, India and Visakhapatnam, India. I would continue working on my start-up (ALight Technology And Services Limited).
I will never forgive the rogue R&AW spies who tried to ruin my career, finances, permanent damage of my physical health (embedded glass shards in my palm from a almost fatal accident), murder attempt, mental health damage - Bojja Srinivas, Uttam, Thota Veera, Zinnabathuni Sowjanya, whoever is an "is", the female Kanti's specifically some B. Kanti and E. Kanti (the prostitutes, who did prostitution and trying to get out of prostitution charges by doing identity theft). I am not associated with any of the following surnames: Thota (except for Thota Sitaram who was a friend of friend), Erra, Yerra, Bhattaru (I know a certain banker Bhattaru Sowjanya but we have no relation nor friendship), Bojja (Bojja Srinivas was my engineering batch mate - he was Mechanical Engineer, I am Computer Science Engineer - he is a backstabber), Zinnabathuni. I am not associated with the code words of "is", "tu", "just", "already", "again", "es", "os". I am not associated with Uttam (a certain Vankaya Uttam was QA at Infomagnus LLC, HYderabad, India where I worked in 2018), Bandhavi (some Spicejet employee in Visakahapatnam). They think they can drag me down to their level, but my morals, core values and standards are much much above them. I know some of them are poor, I don't know about all of them, but when it comes to finance also, I am much stronger than them. That's why the quarters - as in 4 dacoits trying to distort identity, make some insurance scam, steal assets and share the loot.

update 24/12/2022: I have moved back to India on December 9th. I am currently in SF-3, Vinay Residency, Visalakshi Nagar, Visakhapatnam 530043. I know one of the culprits by the name of Diwakar / Kamalakar / Karan has also moved and is living like a shadow somewhere in the vicinity. I remember hearing his voice from outside of my parents apartment. These scammers are continuing to harass me. I have stopped all business activities at my startup ALight Technology And Services Limited. Now, the shameless Uttam is apparently using my surname i.e claiming to be part of Arumilli family. Similarly some escort is claiming to be my sister. But no, I have one and absolutely one sibling. My sibling is elder than me by 7 years and my elder sister lives in New Jersey and has naturalized and became American citizen. I don't have any other siblings. If I am not wrong someone might have lied on some visa / green card application and somehow this Diwakar / Karan / Kareem / Kamalakar is related to her. I think my parents are also being harassed. I know they have misused the R&AW spying equipment. This equipment might be similar to CIA's equipment the one reported by Edward Snowden. But CIA would use for their protection, here these poor people are misuing for identity theft, money laundering, visa scams and some TEA (Targeted Employment Area) scam. Powerful equipment in the hands of imbeciles and goons. As of now I am applying for employment in Hyderabad, India. I.T jobs in Visakhapatnam are very few. I did file several complaints with India police through website - https://cybercrime.gov.in/. I am planning to go in person on Monday the 26th of December to my nearest police station and cyber crime, visakhapatnam. I know they use some Youtube channel for propaganda. I don't have impersonator syndrome nor am I trying to show off, but recently I started going live in my Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/kanti.arumilli. I have even downloaded and uploaded some videos in my Youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBuu5ksejp5uPIJmPuReSTA. Similarly I have done some live coding and other activities in my startup's youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfWg1fhujnIf6b621UZ_SGg. Yes, the shameless Erra / Yerra, Thota surnamed culprits are now trying to use my surname - Arumilli. In other words they are trying to defame my family and distort my family members. I heard of someone doing some signature forgery i.e they using my signature. I have my first expired passport in 2002, I have same signature. I even went live while signing on one of the papers in Facebook. I have downloaded and uploaded the video on Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jvmH_TkORY. They are shameless backdoor illegal immigration scammers. What the hell is a rotation visa? It's simply a case of identity theft, illegal immigration, identity theft, money laundering and some black TEA scam. I am going to Hyderabad on 24th December and would be retuning back to Vizag later on the same day.

update 21/11/2022: I have lost my dual sim mobile on the 18th. The mobile with India number and United States number and it has my ICICI bank and Bank of America NFC payments. I got those numbers blocked and trying to get the sim cards re-issued. If things happen as expected, I would have my sim cards with me by mid december. Because, I am planning to move back to India on December 8th, so I am doing several fun things in London over the next 2 - 3 weeks. Oh BTW, if Uttam / diwakar / gautham / srinivas / sowjanya / sowmya signs my signature - A. Kanti Kalyan, it would mean they did signature forgery. Based on what I hear, they are distorting my identity by signing on my receipts i.e their signature on my receipts - receipts made on my cards - Arumilli Kanti Kalyan and they are doing signature forgery in some instances. As far as I am concerned I have the same signature and I can show my 2002 issued but expired passport as proof. I had the same signature on my 2002 expired passport, 2007 (re-issued because 2002 passport got damaged) expired passport, current passport issued in 2017, PAN card in India - AIXPA7446B, paperwork for my past H1b immigration in United States between 2008 and 2016, U.K student BRP in 2020. These rogue R&AW spies have for all practical purposes did several crimes. And they say they are some "witnesses". I don't know in what case they were witnesses but if they are doing this much cover-up they might have misrepresented and/or lied under oath. If there is any truth in these propaganda's for all practical purposes they should serve life-time in jail. They definitely did violate human rights, spied, impersonated, defamed, distorted identity, did identity theft, impersonation etc... There are several offenses against the so called LINE group of yerra / erra, thota's, zinnabathuni's, bojja's, uttam's group and whatever TuTube (Yoututbe) channel of some impersonator, shadow all (R&AW) members. They say "all" as in anonymous group of people sharing a pool of cards and loans. I would say because spies can't take salaries directly from government they create this pool for anonymity and distortion. In this case, they tried to frame me as a pool member, but no I am not in their pool. As a matter of fact kantikalyan@outlook.com my email address is associated with my U.S based Bank of America account, India based ICICI account, UK based TransferWise business and personal accounts, my Facebook, my Amazon account, even the AWS account associated with the server of this website. Another email address - kantikalyan@gmail.com is also associated with several of my personal accounts such as TripAdvisor, EventBrite some job boards, Fidelity in United States, IRS etc... Here is the biggest joke, I hear about some Pakistan and some Mexican who try to make some absurd claims but Bank of America account opened in 2008 when I went on H1B or India based ICICI opened in 2017 don't have any Mexico or Pakistan transactions. Bank of America had transactions in United States until January 2017, after I moved back to India the transactions are in India several cities when I traveled, Bangkok for few days in 2018 when I went for 3 or 4 days, United Kingdom. Similarly ICICI# transactions from which I paid my student fee, have transactions in India, Bangkok for few days, United Kingdom. Now who are these Pakistan and Mexico shortcut to Greencard (Indians have a huge backlog) or whatever $900k (TEA) scammers and how am I or my identity related to their scam unless they did identity theft, illegal immigration or trying to steal my assets for their TEA. Also what the hell are the dacoits quarters and percentages? Stealing and sharing loot? I am NOT involved, I am NOT paying ransom, I do NOT negotiate with terrorists.

update 15/11/2022: I received my IELTS score. I got band 7 score. I could have probably scored 7.5 or higher on listening. During the exam the R&AW spies were disturbing and I missed 2 - 3 questions because of them. Even as of now, they are harssing me and they want to force me into changing identity because they did identity theft. The R&AW spies also known as terrorist order are the identity changing chameleons. Most likely loan, credit card defaulters and insurance scammers. I am not part of their economic offenders group known as "all". But I know I am surrounded by them and they try to frame and defame me. With that said, the next step is finding employment in Canada. I am still preparing for additional AWS certifications. I currently have AWS Certified Architect Associate. I am planning to complete AWS Certified Developer, AWS Certified Database Specialist, AWS Certified Security Specialist, AWS Certified Architect Professional in the next 8 months or less. I am moving back to India on december 8th. These bastards (I mean literally bastards) have distorted my identity, stole my identity, gamified identity theft and have hurt my employment prospects. They tell stories about container travel / dog travel but there is no truth, they did identity theft and even signature forgery. I have a valid A file from the USCIS to prove myself. I started contacting some of my friends who are of Canadian origin for employment references. Fingers crossed!

update 11/11/2022: Yesterday I attended the IELTS exam. I am hoping I did decently well. But these rogue R&AW spies have tried to mess up during the exam with their invisible drone voices. They are literal psychopaths. They probably don't have education nor do they respect career. They are most likely like leaches of planet earth, surviving on bribes and ransoms. And I don't know, why I get associated with Zinnabathuni's / Bhattaru's / Thota's / Erra's / Yerra's. Most of them are shadow spy rogue R&AW agents. May be they are shadowing me and may be making absurd claims of either living with me or having affairs with me. But no, all of them are my enemies. I am not associated with any of the people mentioned above. They are trying to distort my identity by associating me with those escorts / biatches. I am not connected with anyone by the name of Sowjanya here in London nor with any feamle identity thief with a first name of Kanti or any person with the names of Sowmya or Bandhavi. They are my enemies, terrorists, human rights violators.

update 06/11/2022: I have designed, architected, developed and deployed a major re-write and a major data update for my web application - PodDB. This website, ALight Technology And Services Limited, SimplePass, PodDB are hosted on the same server. You can even do a simple DNS lookup. The rogue R&AW spies are still harassing me. Thota's and Erra's are for all practical purposes terrorists.

update 31/10/2022: I am planning to move back to India on december 8th 2022, if I don't get a job by then. The reason, my Graduate Route Visa expires on 7/1/2024. It would mean less than 13 months on the visa and would become very tough to find a job. My sincere gratitude to the government of United Kingdom for approving my student visa application, allowing me to register startup and for approving Graduate Route Visa. Sadly, people of London have listened more to the propaganda of the rogue R&AW spies rather than realizing the reality. The so-called don equipment was misued by India's spies for identity theft, identity distortion, human rights violation, defamation, privacy invasion etc... They did a lot of propaganda and hacking. They thought I woud surrender to their aggressive, psycho sadism. No, I would rather fight them, I have self respect, morals, core values. I won't participate in their crime, I would stand against them. They even did signature manipulation, did false propaganda, in other words endless stream of lies. Here is a blog post from my company's blog - Leaving United Kingdom soon forever, unless things change! .

update 21/10/2022: The thota, erra spies have spread some false information of some "process" and have hurt my employment chances in United Kingdom. I don't know why U.K believes in the baseless propaganda of rogue R&AW spy, hackers and identity thieves. My visa is valid until 7/1/2024. If I don't get employment, in next few months, there is no point in staying in London. I have started applying for job opportunities in Hyderabad, India. I might consider moving back to India and may be I can convince my spouse with whom I have been seperated 3 years ago to stay with me in Hyderabad, India. She lives in Hyderabad, India. Meanwhile, I am preparing for IELTS, hoping for Canada express entry. I am preparing for additional certifications in AWS. I don't even know who the hell is a erra sowmya or erra sowjanya. To the best of my knowledge, someone did some black money laundering, identity theft, immigration scam and all the London's madness is the cover-up propaganda of R&AW spies with a very powerful spying equipment in the hands of perverts and criminals.

update 17/10/2022: Seems like the hacker(s) Uttam, Thota Veera, Erra Diwakar tried to frame me as someone else by having some female R&AW spy shadow to shadow me and act as though she is living with me. But in reality, I am single in London. Uttam is the identity thief, rogue R&AW spy.

update 16/10/2022: My previous laptop crashed and the repair service person said the laptop cannot be re[aired. I ended up buying a new laptop. Seems like the rogue R&AW agents framed me with some parallel transactions. I don't know but there is definitely a possibility. I do have Canada immigration plans. It's a shame that London is under heavy influence of rogue R&AW spy's propaganda. For some reason, recruiters stopped believing facts such as USCIS A File, previous expired and current passport(s) with stampings etc... The erra couple are the rogue R&AW spies along with some Srinivas's, Uttam's, few different Sowjanya's, few different Kalyan's, thota veera etc...

update 11/10/2022: The rogues were continuing to harass me. I am continuing attending business networking events in London. The events, I would attend are in my company's website at Events. As usual I am staying in London. My 6 month advance for rent at my current apartment located at Ground Floor Rear Flat, 827 Harrow Road ends on October 19th. I am continuing to stay in this apartment, and now I would be paying rent on a monthly basis. I am still continuing to apply for jobs. Meanwhile, I am preparing for IELTS, I have some longer term immigration plans. I am attending IELTS exam on the 10th of November. I have plans to do some more certifications in the next few months. I did 70-486, 70-480 certifications back in 2016 when I was living in Tempe, AZ, USA. Recently I did TOGAF foundational and advanced certifications, AWS Certified Architect Associate certifications. As my company ALight Technology And Services Limited is hosted on AWS, I am planning to do some more AWS certifications. These identity thieves and impersonators have become a major headache and lot of false propaganda by the identity thieves and the paid goons, I had to put a list of the rogues names on the homepage of my company and that too at the top of the content area - ALight Technology And Services Limited. Some Green card related illegal immigration, some TEA application and some "a" scam. Some Kerala or Tamil Nadu couple who claim to have my name i.e Kanti Kalyan (my surname Arumilli). Someone claims to either have a surname of Kanti and name of Kalyan or surname of Kalyan and name of Kanti. They are identity distorters. This is a scam of identity distortion for identity theft, stealing assets, some illegal immigration related to Green Card and some TEA ($900,000) scam. Who knows if someone is getting tipped of $900,000, the actual value of the scam might be much much bigger.

update 02/10/2022: I have launched PodDB - A Search Engine And Directory for podcasts on September 24th. I am back in London, started on 27th from Visakhapatnam via Mumbai. I landed in London on the 28th. There was a funny incident at immigration. For some reason, the respected immigration officer did not stamp my passport but mentioned, that he did not stamp on the passport. I requested the officer to please stamp, because passport stampings are very important, specifically considering the rogue R&AW spies are involved in identity theft and even possible finger print manipulation. I know few people by the surname of Erra, Thota, few different female's by the first name of Kanti, some Uttam are the rogue R&AW spies. Apparently, they either misrepresented or lied under oath and now trying to put the blame on me. I did not testify under oath anywhere. I had a DUI in Tempe, AZ in 2014 when I was working on H1B work visa at TSYS Acquiring Solutions LLC. I did go to court, I accepted guilty. That was the only time I ever entered any court room. I did pay all the fines, I did all the court mandated things like attending safe driving classes, having a blow thing fitted into my car, which wouldn't start the car if drunk and would go off randomly every 15 minutes and I need to blow into the thing. After 6 months of driving without consuming alcohol, the thing was removed from my car. Then I even applied for a set aside in Tempe court and the set-aside was approved. I even requested my lawyer to file for FBI clearance with regards to immigration. I don't know if FBI clearance was obtained or not, but I resigned at TSYS Acquiring Solutions in 2016, worked for American Airlines for 3 months after H1B transfer. Resigned at American Airlines and then moved back to India in January 2017. I know the R&AW agents might have did a immigration scam and thereby identity theft. Because another company known as ESS also files for H1B transfer and the transfer was approved after I moved back to India. One of these companies might have not revoked the H1B, and that's the scam. Shame on R&AW spies who did illegal activity, then lying for cover-up and then human rights violation for more cover-up. If someone offers these 10+ crores INR in bribe, they would probably sell India' millitary secrets. Because in the bigger picture, a green card or a H1B extension are not more important than human rights violation. Instead those rogue R&AW spies and traitors chose to harass an Indian citizen for illegal immigration. So, they have no loyalty or patriotism towards India. If a enemy country bribes them, they would probably sell the secrets of the country.

update 23/09/2022: I have planned the launch of my company ALight Technology And Services Limited's second free product - PodDB - A Search Engine and Directory for Podcasts tomorrow around 11:00 a.m India time.
Today, I had a slightly unusual email from a certain employee at a reputed job website saying my resume is not suitable. I have a very professional resume with 5 certifications, links to accreditions etc... I have mentioned in my resume about the targeted identity theft by R&AW agents and some of the words were capitalized. I thought may be the resume has offended someone. So, I removed the capitals and added a simple disclaimer requesting not to believe the propaganda and mentioned I can prove everything mentioned on my resume with bank statements, visa paperwork, references etc...
Anyway a simple Google or Bing search with my name - "Kanti Arumilli" or "Kanti Kalyan Arumilli" shows search resuts regarding me. I don't understand why police believe in stupid R&AW agent's chameleon like identity exchanging process etc..., dog travel stories, ship container stories, when I have proper passport, stampings, I797's, A file from USCIS, IRS tax records, similarly India bank account statements, America bank account statements etc... I am a civilian, why would I be part of chameleon identity exchanging process? Aside from the headaches and harassment I am going through in real life and me being a optimistic person, I am planning to go live on Youtube channel tomorrow at 11:00.

update 10/09/2022: I am planning to launch a simple directory / search engine of podcasts. As of now, no plans for monetization. Based upon traction, I might consider additional value added features. As per some rumor mill, the particular set of R&AW agents are recruiting from other countries. And I know the erra's, thota's the female's who spy and impersonate me would act as though they are developers. Why would someone impersonate? To the best of my knowledge identity theft, with a possibility of black money laundering but claiming clean money or worst case scenario, framing everyone as black money.

update 08/09/2022: I went to New Delhi and met lawyer regarding human rights violation by India's R&AW agents and one of them the most cunning seems to have Pakistan identity as per rumors. I signed several documents and fingerprinted on one document. I have provided the requested evidence and made some payment. In the past I have transferred some money to the lawyer Mr. Prashanth Vaxish from my ICICI bank account based in India. And now, to prove that I have control over my U.S.A based Bank of America account, I made payment from my U.S.A based Bank of America account. Because the rogue R&AW agents use screenshotting feature of their invisible drones for alternate propaganda. As per rumors, this seems to be a Green Card scam and a TEA application scam. For whatever reason the psycho sadism seems to be a virus i.e easily spread among people who for whatever sadistic reasons seem to be happy to know that someone is being tortured by rogue R&AW agents. May be they didn't realize that if one of their own's identity is stolen, these rogue traitor bastards would do the same. I am flying back to London this month-end via Mumbai i.e from Visakhapatnam to London via Mumbai. There is a long stopover at Mumbai, and I am planning to stay at a hotel. I would be traveling to Hyderabad on the 11th and would be returning on the same day to meet my spouse. As per some rumor the perpetrator seems to have somehow manipulated the HR at Mphasis and working at Mphasis. I don't know if there is any truth in the rumor, but I might file a complaint with London police and request a formal enquiry.

update 02/09/2022: I came to Visakhapatnam, India yesterday on 1/9/2022 from London, via New Delhi. I will be going to London in few weeks. Meanhwhile, I will be going to New Delhi once and Hyderabad, India once. I know the R&AW shadows would have definitely followed / did something to anonymize / distort my identity. They must be desperate, for a GreenCard or for some TEA application - $900,000 USD they are violating human rights and more than a dozen are involved. So, for less than 50,000 USD, they sold their soul to the devil. I did not make any deals with any devils. I am hoping to get recruited in London soon. I don't know how this equipment works but some, if not all of the evil voices are still continuing. For all practical purposes they should be considered as terrorists and should be prosecuted as terrorists.

update - 2 27/08/2022: The human rights violation, harassment have been happening since at least 2018, so this is not the reason. But this could be part of the planned, targeted identity theft by rogue R&AW spies. Uttam, Srinivas, Erra, Thota, few females with first name of Kanti, Zinnabathuni Sowjanya and some other R&AW spy some ES. I don't directly know any of them. But I did see Uttam shadowing me several times, Diwakar shadowing me and I met Thota Veera once in person. All of them are terrorists involved in some TEA, Green Card, money laundering scams and probably even some economic defaulting offenses.

update 27/08/2022: There is a very very high probability that my fingerprints could have been manipulated at VFS office in New Delhi, when I went for U.K visa. I don't know whose fingerprints might have been used. But this is definitely a major crime by rogue R&AW spying bastards. And this is probably the reason for human rights violation here in United Kingdom. The backdoor R&AW spy who could have worked in the United States might be the asshole. However, if such a thing happened, why was I not bounced off at London Heathrow airport at port of entry? After I came to London for the first time on October 15th 2020, I went to India and came back thrice. If this fingerprint manipulation happened and if I have not been bounced, can I safely assume that the R&AW spies have misused the spying equipment on people at VFS, people at London airport? This is an assumption, but don't know. If this is the reason why I have been jobless in London for so many months, do I have every right to sue VFS India, the government of India along with the dirty dozen rogue R&AW spies? I have very excellent resume and have several certifications, but I have been kept jobless. Do R&AW spies have identity theft missions? Which country on planet earth would assign such missions to spying organizations?

update 19/08/2022: There is a very very high probability that somehow MAA - Movie Artists Association (Telugu Movie Industry) might have been involved in the R&AW's identity theft and illegal immigration scam. Some R&AW agent might have went through backdoor as a movie artist like some cameraman or makeup artist etc... As far as I am concerned, I have never did any kind of illegal immigration or changing of identities. The identity changers are either R&AW spies or economic offenders trying to get away from loans or insurance scams. I have went to United States in 2003 on valid student visa, studies for 3 semesters, didn't graduate and moved back to India in February 2005. I went to United States in 2008 on H1B work visa, worked for 3 different employers via H1B transfer, moved back to India in January 2017. I went to Bangkok on tourist visa for 3 - 4 days and went back to India. I came to United Kingdom in 2020 on student visa, currently on Graduate Route Visa valid until 7/1/2024. And then there are these R&AW spies who tried to defame me to cover-up their identity theft by spinning up some stories of some Pakistan girl claiming to be my ex or girlfriend or wife or whatever there is absolutely no truth. Another lie of some cheques as in some kind of ransom or money laundering, but no I did not take any cheques from anyone. I transferred my own money from my very own bank accounts. And some rumors of some seasonal worker - construction worker, I don't know of any construction worker. And some rumors of some Surprise loans or Phuket loans or whatever, I am not involved. I do have a small personal loan and the loan is directly tied to primary India based ICICI bank account and monthly deductions are happening. My United States credit history is very clean and I have very high credit score. My Bank of America bank account has clean sources of money, my India based ICICI bank account have clean sources of money. My U.K based business and personal bank accounts also have clean sources of money. i.e The money transferred into my business and personal bank accounts were from my Bank of America account and my ICICI bank account. In other words the above mentioned bank accounts are inter-connected. Transfers have been done from Bank of America into ICICI, ICICI to Bank of America, Bank of America to my business bank account, ICICI to my business bank account. As a matter of fact, both my ICICI bank debit card, Bank of America credit card are on the same phone for NFC payments. On both ICICI and Bank of America, the permanent address are the same and same as my passport. Some shadow rogue R&AW spies tried to defame me by handling some of my e-commerce transactions, trying to show some of my transactions and their transactions in some Youtube channel and tried to defame me. I too don't know the Youtube channel, but if I know the URL of the Youtube channel and the content of their videos, those videos would become my evidence against them. And on top of it human rights violation, privacy violation etc... If MAA is involved, I would bet the scam is much larger than a stupid TEA application of $900,000, could have been few 100's of millions of dollars. I can myself and my identity on any given day, irrespective of the negative propaganda going around because every identity document I have, have the same surname and name.

update 18/08/2022: I am planning to go to India in person regarding the case. I will probably meet my lawyer in the first week of September, file the case in New Delhi. I will be meeting my spouse with whom I have been seperated about 3 years ago. I booked one way flight tickets for now. I am planning to come back to London sometime in second-half of September. I have valid Graduate Route Visa until 7/1/2024 anyway. I know Zinnabathuni Sowjanya is a R&AW agent, she and her some of her R&AW spies are the cause of the identity theft. The rogue R&AW agents are: Erra/Yerra Diwakar or Karan or Karunakar (worst offender), some Uttam who looks like me, Bojja Srinivas, whoever is an I. Srinivas, Thota Veera (2nd worst offender).

update 17/08/2022: I have received an email from my lawyer in New Delhi, India. Seems like my lawyer has begun the paperwork needed for filing case in the High Court of New Delhi. I am curretly in London. I will get the writ petition, notarized and sent in few days. The charges against the rogue R&AW agents are privacy violation, human rights violation, identity theft, identity distortion and even 2 - 3 murder attempts over the past 6 years. I have suffered major physical health, mental health, career, reputation and financial damages.

update 2 15/08/2022: I have even submitted signed documents for two different forms for background verification etc... Mphasis even took copies of those documents. And I have the same signature on my expired 2002, 2007 issued passports, my IRS tax records when I filed by paper, H1B applications where appropriate between 2008 and 2016, same signature on India PAN card, same signature on 2017 current passport and even U.K student visa immigration paperwork. Same signature on my own cheques when issued from my United States based Bank of America bank account opened in 2008, every cheque inside my Bank of America bank account has same signature, including the cheques I have issued to withdraw my own money from Bank of America to ICICI bank account, even the back of my credit / debit cards have same signature. I know and have heard some rumors of some spies and shadows signing on my purchase receipts even when signtaure was not required with their signatures, kind of framing me. Shame on the black money launderers, impersonators, identity thieves, visa manipulators. I wish all the rogues involved would get a life-time sentence.

update 15/08/2022: I don't know if there is any truth or just rumors of someone else being offered the Mphasis job offer under my identity and claiming some stupid morning/evening identity changes or whatever stupid propaganda. If there is any truth in the propaganda, it's a major crime, because I provided copies of my BRP - RY7552312, India Passport - R4542950, my educational, previous employment related copies. They even took the documents from me, went inside for 15 minutes, made copies and returned the documents. If the rogue R&AW was hiding inside and if he went live on his Youtube / TikTok, the meaning is obvious - the H.R must be corrupted. And the next day, they revoked my job offer. I have email from the H.R of Mphasis mentioning the job offer has been revoked. I am hoping Mphasis is not that much corrupted. I don't want to reveal the names of the H.R's, because what I am hearing might be a rumor and might be a false allegation, because H.R's in multi-national, multi-billion dollar valuation companies wouldn't act irresponsible. But if there is any truth in the propaganda, and if I gather evidence, I think I have every right to sue the H.R's because any such activity would further hurt my employment prospectives. I even raised the question but the H.R did not reply.
Apart from this, last Friday on the 12th of August, I had a interview with capgemini. The interview lasted for about 1 hour 40 minues while the interview was scheduled for 90 minutes. I think the interview went very well. Hoping to hear a positive response. Meanwhile, I am continuing to apply for jobs.

update 10/08/2022: These R&AW bastards have been harassing me through the night, it's almost 2:00 a.m now and they want me to give up my identity. Why should anyone on planet earth give up identity? This is definitely human rights violation. In other some rogue R&AW agent did identity theft. And to cover that up at least dozen rogue R&AW dogs are violating human rights. The confirmed list of rogue R&AW agents doing human rights violation: 1) Uttam with multiple surnames (looks like me) 2) Thota Veera 3) Erra/Yerra Diwakar 4)Zinnabathuni Sowjanya 5) Few different female's who claim to have a first name of Kanti 6) Bojja Srinivas. Some of these rogues have either created a duplicate identity or virtual identity under my surname - Arumilli. And these people are such a pathetic bastards, I don't know if they are poor or have loans but they try to disintegrate my identity. As far as I am concerned, I have a very clean professional profile, and very clean banking accounts. I don't even know Zinnabathuni Sowjanya or any Erra/Yerra Sowjanya but apparently one of them claims to be my ex and claims my bank accounts as theirs. I don't have an ex. Once 4 lakhs INR were stolen from my ICICI bank account in India and I filed a police complaint. Except for that 4 lakhs INR, there are no shady transfers. And if they were my ex or whatever, why would I give them my bank accounts associated with my identity proofs? Very simple logic, if you have an ex and what if she does shady transactions? Those shady transactions would be blamed on who has the bank account. Based on this simple theory Zinnabathuni Sowjanya, Erra/Yerra Sowjanya, Bhattaru Sowjanya, and whoever is an I Sowjanya, if they made false claims, they are just liars. My United States Bank of America account is also on my very own name. My Bank of America account was on my name and my spouse's name - Sowjanya Konudula. Sowjanya Konudula might also be being impersonated. If Zinnabathuni/Erra/Bhattaru/I are trying claim to be my ex or as though living with me, what does that mean? They are trying to impersonate my spouse. My spouse lives and works in Hyderabad, India. I am single in London, I don't have any affairs. I did go for some dating and tried flirting. If these Sowjanya's are trying to steal my spouse's identity, their spouses might be trying to steal my identity. I know rogue R&AW Uttam, Srinivas are definitely trying to steal my identity. Shame on India! Shame on the terrorist spying organization - R&AW. They misused some kind of spying drones and have created alternate version of stories by recording me in my apartment, as though the female is living with me. But no, I am single and did not have any affairs. Wait a second, what kind of woman would do such stupid things? i.e claiming to be living with someone else but in reality living with someone else? Is she a prostitute? Whomever she is living with, is he a pimp? Is she ashamed of living with a pimp? Or is she living in some kind of a brothelhouse but had some kind of false prestige? I don't know the answer, but definitely she is living a very shady life and probably ashamed of her family, her pimp/husband. Btw which country on planet earth would send an ambassador for impersonating one of it's own citizen and for identity theft? India! why? some R&AW spy stole identity. Normal civilians wouldn't change identities. Law enforcement would use temporary identities for undercover investigations, but wouldn't steal identities. Spies would use temporary identities but are not supposed to steal identities. What might have happened? R&AW spy went rogue. Indian government instead of controlling the R&AW spy is encouraging other spies by sending amabassadors for identity theft. In other words, India's Modi is encouraging R&AW agents to steal identities of innocent civilians and if necessary for operation cleanup he would send ambassadors. What a shameful and pathetic situation in India! And on top of it these bastards are framing me or sprreading some false propaganda of property theft. I did not do any kind of property theft. May be one of the shadow did and may be because the shadow's do parallel transactions may be they did something like that. I did sell some properties in the past few years and deposited the money into my very own ICICI bank account. The properties are on my very own name and belong to me - Kanti Kalyan Arumilli and my ICICI bank account is also on my very own name - Kanti Kalyan Arumilli. I am not part of any terrorist organization by the name of Order/Hukam/All/R&AW. They are terrorists, extremists and human rights violators.

update - 2 09/08/2022: I have received an email from the HR of Mphasis who said my job offer has been revoked but no valid reason. Very strange, I have never ever seen any job offer being canceled in the last minute after submitting all the required documentation regarding current visa status, past employment history. And I have even signed various forms consenting for background check. If this is normal termination due to some unknowne/unseen reasons such as AIG's project on which I am supposed to work being canceled it's a different story, but if they employed the shadow rogue R&AW spy and identity thief Mphasis is doing a big crime by employing human rights violator and terrorist. I know Mphasis would have some kind of anti terorism and some kind of anti money laundering policies, so if they hired the R&AW spy who was a black money launderer and human rights violator terrorist then they are violating their own policies.

update 09/08/2022: Very disappointing news. I received a call from the H.R who said my job offer is being revoked. I have not received any official confirmation of revocation though. No valid reason was provided. It's a shame that the H.R might have been manipulated by the identity thieves rogue R&AW spies and/or the HR might have been harassed, like how they have been harassing me for the past 5 years.

update - 2 08/08/2022: This afternoon I went in person to Mphasis office at 15 Bishops Gate, London. I showed the H.R all of my documents i.e my 3 passports (2 expired and 1 current), 2 BRP's (1 expired student BRP and current BRP). Then they took the current passport and current BRP for making copies. I submitted bank statement and Sky bill as address proof, they requested Utility bill or Council Tax. After I came home, I sent a copy of Council Tax for address proof. I don't have any update on the status of joining date of 10/08/2022. I know Thota Veera, some guy by the name of Uttam, some female by the name of Zinnabathuni Sowjanya and few other feamle's by the name of Sowjanya, some female who claims to have a first name of Kanti are the rogue R&AW agents and are definitely involved in identity theft/distortion, black money laundering and probably some immigration, H1B extensions, Green Card and possibly some TEA scam. They are R&AW agents and identity thieves. They have violated human rights for several years. I have submitted and have shown every document requested by Mphasis except for National Insurance number. I have applied for National Insurance number about 2 weeks ago. I am hoping to receive N.I number in another 6 weeks or less. But as per U.K government, I can start working before receiving N.I number as long as I can prove my right to work. I did prove my right to work by sending the share code. I am hoping to receive some positive response by tomorrow. If I don't hear by tomorrow, I will assume Mphasis employees also got involved in the scam and I have more than enough proof's to sue based upon the emails and the documents that have been submitted. I am hoping that won't be the case here. Although this website is hosted under my AWS account associated with my kantikalyan@outlook.com account, all of my communication with Mphasis was from my kantikalyan@gmail.com email account. I know the identity theft is real, rogue R&AW terrorists are involved. I will fight my way through, instead of giving up. Because they are dacoits, human rights violators, identity thieves etc... Moreover their other possible crimes include black money laundering, prostitution, illegal immigration, hacking, impersonation, defamation, lying under oath, mis-representation. Sorry, I won't forget not forgive.

update 08/08/2022: Yesterday on the 7th, about 20 - 30 of my friends from 1998 - 2002 engineering batch from A.S.R. College of Engineering, Tanuku met virtual via Microsoft Teams. Nice to see some of them after 20 years of Graduation. I didn't recognize 2 - 3 people, but remembered most of them. I have even met some of them after 2002. I met some other people who didn't join the virtual meeting yesterday. What's pathetic is that some Mechanical Engineering batc mates (not all of them, some of them) think my identity is some kind of a game. I am studied computer science engineering and based on some conversations, seemed like they also heard about the Erra/Yerra surnamed identity thieves. I would say they are not just identity thieves, they are sadist, psycho, human rights violator, rogue, traitor R&AW spies. Here is what's to laugh about the Mechanical Engineering guys, they think one of their classmates would win my identity. So they don't think identity theft is a crime, they think it's some kind of game. Based on further analysis, I think they think Kamal Anand Jigatala or Bojja Srinivas might win identity. But I don't think Kamal impersonated. Kamal joined the meeting yesterday, he joined the meeting from India. The impersonators are here in London, kind of shadowing me near my current address: 827 Harrow Road. There is a very very high chance that Bojja Srinivas might be one of the shadow, rogue, R&AW spy who gamified identity theft. Today, I am going to Mphasis for some on-boarding procedure. Hoping to start working after a career gap. Thanks Mphasis for the opportunity to work. These R&AWdogs have literally messed up my identity and career just because they are in survival mode. What a pathetic dirty dozen R&AWdogs who made me feeling miserable and pathetic due to their gamification of identity theft for some H1B extension scam, Green Card scam and some TEA scam.

update 05/08/2022: Almost all the paperwork related to joining Mphasis is completed. Tentativ start date of 10th August. Still waiting on N.I number. Decoded the code word "yuvas". Uvas is the combination of the names of the rogue R&AW agents. U from Uttam, vas from Srinivas = Uvas pronounced as "yuvas". Uttam, Srinivas, Diwakar did some kind of money laundering and tried to frame me. i.e They wanted to steal identity and wanted to show off as though they worked in U.S.A by impersonating some of my transactions and even signing some of my receipts. For anyone interested, the details of the signature would be on the cheque issued from my Bank of America account that was opened in 2008. For example, whatever cheques I gave to some people in United States like gardener, cheques for some family members and cheques I used to withdraw my own money from my Bank of America into my ICICI bank account in India (opened in 2017). Anyway I know the culprits are definitely few Thota surnamed members, Erra / Yerra surnamed members and some Srinivas, most likely Bojja Srinivas and whoever or whatever is an "is". They impersonated, hacked, framed, defamed, did identity theft, harassed and even stole some money. I don't know what's an "eye witness testimony" nor did I attend any "eye witness testimony", but apparently this human rights violation has something to do with some "eye witness testimony". Probably they mis-represented and may have lied under oath. Based on this they are criminals on multiple levels and have did lot of crimes not mistakes.

update 31/07/2022: I am eager and very excited to join MPhasis. Currently, the tentative joining date is August 10th. I have worked for in lead role in the past, and have received 4/4 performance rating. Now, with some more leadership skills (thanks to M.B.A) and some more enterprise architecture skills, I am positive, I can contribute in a more positive way at MPhasis. Moreover, due to struggling as a Startup founder, I have realized and have knolwedge of latest cyber cybersecurity threats, defensive mechanisms, zero-trust computing, the importance of monitoring for risks, mitigating risks, alerting solutions.
Apart from the positive things as mentioned above, now these stupid rogue R&AW/order/hukam/parallel law/all (whatever stupid name the extremist terrorist organization is known as) stupid people have started death threats. In the past 5 years, there have been over 1000 death threats and at least 3 murder attempts on me. Shame on the them.

update 25/07/2022: The tentative start date for starting to work at MPhasis might be 10th of August. I have applied for a National Insurance Number in the United Kingdom. But who knows the Erra / Yerra surnamed terrorists and / or the Thota surnamed terrorists - Thota Uttam (multiple surnames), Thota Veera, Thota Bandhavi might try to steal / manipulate identities etc... They are famous for identity theft and impersonation using some advanced surveillance equipment. Shame on them and shame on whichever country's and whichever department's equipment. Most likely India's R&AW equipment. But there is a possibility of someother country and / or some other department.

update 22/07/2022: Yesterday, I got hired by MPhasis. Thank you London. I still have to go through background verification etc... But I am happy, after reaching peak in my career in 2016, I moved back to India from United States of America in 2017. I worked for few months in 2018. Then I had plans for my own startup and did a soft launch of a product. I tried registering a startup in India and my documents were messed. That's approximately the time when I realized R&AW agents were involved. Once I realized that R&AW agents were involved in identity theft and identity deteriorization, I filed few complaints in India and then the harssment incrased. Anyway, thnk you London and thank you MPhasis.

update 20/07/2022: Mukesh Golla, Thota Uttam and his goons are the terrorist R&AW agents. This is a classic case of immigration fraud, identity theft and some black money laundering. They thought they can buy me off by offering bribe, but my honest, morals and core values won't allow me to accept any bribe. Then started harassing, impersonation, gamifying identity theft. Even law enforcement in London, seems to have accepted some bribes. And they have some big social media propaganda and some news channels under influence. Hint: 2016 - FBI claiming Russia (India) influences USA elections. I think the same social media propagandists are using influence now to influence the politics of more countries. And this group of influencers for whatever reason seems to be supporting the identity thieves and human rights violators. According to some non official sources INR 5 crores black money is what they are trying to cover. 7 years, more than 20 people trying to cover-up 5 crores black money. And even violating human rights. These people are like goons, and they have caused much more than 20 crores in financial damages for me.
Because of them, their misleading propaganda, false allegations I have been jobless since 2016 (except working for few months in 2018). Yet, I tried to move ahead by pursuing an MBA. And here I am in London on Graduate visa and still jobless. Erra / Yerra Diwakar, Thota Veera, Zinnabathuni Sowjanya are the criminals. They know on whose behalf they are doing the human rights violation. But these 3 people have violated human rights and should be considered as criminals. I have even registered my own company, did a soft launch of a product long time ago. Yet, these identity thieves, criminals, terrorists, human rights violators use some advanced surveillance equipment for harassment. Literal harassment by the terrorists. The above 3 people have violated human rights, they might be working on behalf of someone else. I can bet the financials of the above 3 people would not be clean.
I am not part of any criminal / organized crime organizations by the name of all / order / hukam.

update 10/07/2022: Simple and straight-forward questions:
1) If anyone gave any cheques to anyone, would they give cheques to someone else on same name? No. You would transfer into your accounts, for example - my Bank of America to my ICICI.
2) Would normal people have email address on someone else's name like some Sowjanya or Sowmya or Srinivas or Karan or Diwakar or Veera or Uttam or Bandhavi or whatever have an email account as kantikalyan? No.
3) Would normal people do transactions on the identities of someone else like some Karan or Uttam or Diwakar or Sowjanya or Sowmya or Srinivas or Veera or Bandhavi on the name of Kanti Kalyan Arumilli from the bank accounts belonging to Kanti Kalyan Arumilli. No.
The so-called "all" are group of R&AW spy terrorists who try to anonymize their financial identity by impersonating, framing, defaming other people. In this case, they are targeting me - Kanti Kalyan Arumilli. My emails, bank accounts, deliveries are on my very own name. The R&AW terrorists are not only hacking my accounts, harssing, spying, shadowing, violating human rights, defaming, framing but also trying to anonymize my identity to cover-up their own shit and in the process of covering up their shit, they are trying to defame me.

update 06/07/2022: I have passed in my AWS Certified Architect Associate Exam. Someone have seemed to have stolen my access code for Amazon store. I am unable to associate my access code even with same email address used for registration of exam - kantikalyan@outlook.com. I am hoping to get a normal 9 -5 job, because if I develop / launch any products in my company - ALight Technology And Services Limited, the rogue R&AW terrorists might steal the intellectual property or source code. I brainstormed a commercial version of SimplePass yesterday with few features that would distinguish my product offering but I do not want to launch product because of the human rights violation. I cannot confirm but there is some probability for some intelligence or some law enforcement of United Kingdom to be involved in the human rights violation. London police are definitely involved in the human rights violation, I cannot confirm intelligence involvement yet, but there is some probability.

update - 2 04/07/2022: Rumor of the day, some identity manipulation or wrong identity documents were submitted at Pearson Vue? Why would the employee allow me to write the exam? I have shown my passport from India - R4542950, BRP Card - RY7552312.

update 04/07/2022: Happy Independence Day for Americans! I am an Indian, lived in United States of America for about 10 - 11 years and I used to like United States of America very much back then. Today, I had the opportunity to attend AWS Certified Architect Associate exam at Hounslow, London. The R&AW criminal terrorists have kept harassing even during the entire exam by whispering and bull shit! I have shown my passport - R4542950 issued in India, U.K based B.R.P RY7552312 as identity proofs. Both of these have the same name - Kanti Kalyan and Surname - Arumilli. My Candidate ID: AWS01828580‎, Registration ID: 423918312‎. I am not too confident about the exam, I am semi-confident. Have to see what will happen. Either way, I think there are still few concepts that I need to gain some expertise on.
Another important thing that happened was I was awarded a contract in Digital Outcomes framework. This allows me to place bids for tenders in U.K government marketplace. I made an anouncement on my company's blog: https://blog.alightservices.com/2022/07/alight-technology-and-services-limited.html and dedicated web page at https://www.alightservices.com/digital-outcomes/. And this server is hosted under my root login of kantikalyan@outlook.com. I know few different people, the so called "a", "already", "again", "is" - some code words of R&AW agents, Thota Veera, Mukesh Golla, Zinnabathuni Sowjanya, some B,C,E Sowjanya's, fw different Srinivas's impersonate for whatever pathetic and stupid reasons. But they are definitely terrorists and have violated human rights. Thota Veera, E Karan/Kamalakar/Karunakar are the worst offenders.
As a matter of fact, you can do a nslookup on this website simplepro.site and www.alightservices.com, both would resolve to the same IP address.

update 30/06/2022: I am not associated with any Kamal's look-alike in city of London. My friend Kamal lives in India. The list of criminals can be narrowed down easily to: Thota Uttam, Thota Veera, Erra Karan / Kamalakar / Diwakar / Karunakar whatever his name the slightly tall guy who looks like Indian telugu movie comedian - Vennela Kishore, Bojja Srinivas, Zinnabathuni Sowjanya. To the best of my knowledge, Thota Uttam might not be in London, his look alikes or Thota Veera might be trying frame me as Uttam. So who might be the identity thief? Thota Uttam. The female Kanti's etc... are just distractions. Thota Uttam is the identity thief and because the Thota family wants to cover that, they have started the game of identity theft and this has been happening for over 5 years. Thota Veera is definitely a R&AW agent and has the advanced surveillance equipment which he misuses for hacking, harassment, impersonation, identity theft. Based on the above set of reasoning, irrespective of how many dozens of R&AW agents are involved, I am narrowing down the culprit to absolutely one person - Thota Veera. Everyone else have participated in the crime, but the identity thief is Uttam. The criminal who misused surveillance equipment, manipulated evidence, framed, harassed, defamed, violated human rights was Thota Veera. Thota Veera and Thota Uttam are the primary criminals.

update 28/06/2022: What's an "all"? Some kind of loan defaulters scheme of mixing payment instruments? The R&AWdogs seems to have tried hard to frame me as "all" either by using my address for deliveries or may be co-op membership purchases i.e co-op does not show transaction history, so they might have made some alcoholic or tobacco purchases on someone else' payment instruments etc... As far as I am concerned, all of my payment cards are on my very own name - Kanti Kalyan Arumilli. Shameless, beggar mindset people would do such scams for making ends meet. Any person who has morals / ethics / right-minded as in growth-minded would rather use their time and energy for betterment of their lives, career and future. Yes, I am surrounded by some low morale, psychopaths known as Erra Karan/Diwakar/Karunakar/Kamalakar, Thota Veera and some Uttam with multiple surnames, Zinnabathuni Sowjanya etc... I think it's justified to call them R&AWdogs. Maybe Research And Analysis Wing should be renamed as Research And Beg Scammers or something like that. Because their research is about neighbors names, when deliveries happen and how to hide. Well, I think the spying organization teaches them how to live like shadows. Their good for nothing talent lies in researching neighbors and doing "chillara" (Telugu word) scams for making end meet. What a shame on my very own country - India!

update 17/06/2022: Are some people stupid or what? I studied Bachelor's in Technology in a college known as A.S.R.College of Engineering in Computer Science Engineering between 1998 - 2002. The college is affiliated with JNTU, Hyderabad, Telangana, India. In my class my role number was 4. Computer Science Engineering students had the 500 series. My role number was 504. Now, some female terrorist R&AW spy claims to be role number 504. Is it really difficulat to request information regarding the gender of the student? I am male. I can even show all of my identity and education related documents. And then there is this psycho by the names of Uttam, Thota Veera, Erra Karan/Kamalakar/Diwakar and some cuban Michael Ray or something. These people are psycho sadists, terrorists, dacoits. They want to frame me as someone else and want to steal assets or they are demanding 50% in ransom. Shameless, gutless rogue terrorists and dacoits. And BTW there is no one in my family by the name of Arumilli Srinivas or Arumilli Shriya or Arumilli Uttam or Arumilli Sowjanya by birth. My spouse became Arumilli Sowjanya after marrying me but not by birth. And I don't know any female with the first name of Kanti, and the female who claims to have a first name of Kanti is a rogue R&AW identity thief. I don't have any kind of a relationship with any other Sowjanya. I used to have a batch mate I. Sowjanya / Soujanya back in engineering between 1998 - 2002, but I never even said a "Hi!". There is another banker known as Bhattaru Sowjanya, I did speak with her several times at the bank, never outside of the bank. Some of these rogue R&AW agents have created false identities and fake identities and some of these fake Sowjanya's claim to be my ex or living with me. But no, I broke up with my wife 3 years ago, but not legally divorced. I am single in London, and I am legally still married. And my wife lives in Hyderabad, Telangana, India not in London. The youtuber's, the LINE R&AW agents are just fake, hate group.

update 14/06/2022: I am planning to complete the AWS Certified Architect Associate certificate in the next 1 or 2 months. I have booked the exam for July 4th at New London Educational trust in Hounslow, London. I used my very own email - kantikalyan@outlook.com, the same email I use for Amazon purchases, AWS root login. Even this particular webpage is hosted on the same EC2 instance as of ALight Technology And Services Limited. I have been dabbling with AWS since 2018. I have developed a voice to text translator based on three different open source projects and a lot of extra work for customization and improving accuracy, with various cost optimization and even did a soft launch. I am primarily .Net web developer, so I had some other plans of integrating the transcription service into a different type of web application, that targets a niche market but $18B market. Lost opportunity in a $18B transcription industry because of the R&AW dogs, who messed with my identity, source code theft, hacking, harassment, defamation, framing, who even messed with my company registration in India. They are hackers, and goons. Nowadays they are demanding ransom. Because I have been dabbling with AWS for about 4 years now, and even have used various AWS services and even did some application development using AWS services, I am hoping AWS certified Architect Associate and AWS certified Developer Associate certifications shouldn't be a problem.

update 10/06/2022: I am invited for an interview at 11 via Microsoft Teams but the interview got cancelled. Slightly disappointed. Now, on re-thinking, I think the scam might not be about prostitution. The scam might be much larger. Using advanced spying/hacking equipment capable of viewing, listening, whispering, mind-reading, screenshotting. and people who are specialists in anonymoziation techniques by switching identities, framing, impersonation etc... What does this mean? Hackers and Ransom. Ransom collected in the form of a socialist/communist group known as "All", ransom and bribe collected in the form of "vaata" - sharing, i.e bribes givers are sharing with hackers and or hackers are stealing and claiming to have begged/borrowed/ the victim shared. In other words, white-collar crime. If I am not mistaken, most of these bank accounts would have been opened by hacking and/or OTP theft and may be even other people's identities. Until now, I though some d*ck suc*ing pros*itutes and some rogue R&AW spy with no integrity are the culprits, but now I think they are an anonymous group of hackers. They might be R&AW spies or not, but definitely anonymous group of hackers, who either did the hack or participated in hacking with other people or might have accepted bribe to frame/defame or anonymize the hackers. Does not matter what level of involvement, but definitely they are criminals. Specifically considering that me, my identity, my startup - ALight Technology And Services Limited has been the target of the hackers. There was at least one instance when someone logged into the VPN and within 30 seconds, I terminated the VPN connection. Later, I analyzed all the available system, CloudTrail and CloudWatch logs and found no evidence of any misuse by the hacker who gained access to the VPN. I have secured most of my logins using YubiKey-Bio, since then I have been searching and even brainstorming developing a VPN application that would use bio-metric authentication using YubiKey Bio or WebAuthn. I know Thota Veera, Erra Karan/Diwakar/Karunakar, E Sowmya/Sowjanya, Multipel surnamed Uttam have the advanced spying equipment and would definitely try to work against my plans because they would lose their bread and butter of making a living via hacking. Still, I am gonna do something against them and to make the world of computing safer. My 2 cents for the security of computing. "Nenu saitam prapanchagniki samidha nokkati aahutichaanu" means something like - "I too contributed a flame to the world of fire" (Fire in this context - safer computing).

update 06/06/2022: The prostitute needs someone to act as a so called whatever "O". And because there is no one known as an "O" and because the prostitute tries to steal my identity, she tries to frame me as a "O". And of course, the prostitiute uses some Tamil Nadu based logic and claims to have a first name of Kanti. The Thota surnamed members Veera, Uttam, Bandhavi must have done disgusting things in their past or may be prostitution. They try to claim to be part of my family. Similarly, the Erra/Yerra assholes. There is no one by the name of Arumilli Uttam or Arumilli Srinivas or Arumilli Sowmya or Arumilli Karan/Diwakar/Karunakar or Arumilli Bandhavi in my family. They are just prostitutes and low life bastards. Thota Veera, Erra Karan have absolutely no shame. They frame me, defame me and harass me. They must have been born to a prostitute, other wise why would those R&AW agents support a prostitute and her pimp and harass a normal civilian - software engineer? Why do they have soft corner towards prostitutes? Does the prostitute remind them of her mom or sister? Disgusting bastards. And whatever the hell is an "all" is just a cover-up by R&AW agents who try to maintain anonymity and probably some people default on loans or credit cards. I am not "all", never "all". I never defaulted on any loans or any credit cards. The so called "all" might even be a cover-up for money laundering or for stolen money. For example, I personally lost INR 4,00,000 due to OTP theft. Now, people who misuse the surveilance equipment for personal agenda would steal OTP's and steal money, like how they stole from me. And to be untracked, they would create the so-called "all". Here is another interesting story of some rogue R&AW agent who went to the United States as a seasonal worker - construction worker. And somehow, that construction worker is one of the dirty dozen rogues who shadow, impersoante, frame, defame, harass me. I won't consider them as R&AW agents anymore. They are cyber-terrorists, hackers, human rights violators. The so called "all" might even be used by hackers and ransoms. As I mentioned above, I am not "all", never "all". All of my India based bank accounts, United States based bank accounts, United Kingdom based personal and business bank accounts are on my very own name - Kanti Kalyan Arumilli. Recently, I opened a personal bank account with Wise bank. The same bank, where I have my primary business bank account. The dirty dozen might be trying to defame me by doing some parallel transactions or delivery/courier manipulation or even might be prchasing some items on my address without my knowledge. They recently started demanding for 50% of my net worth. Sorry, I won't encourage cyber-terrorism. If I give them ransom, that would be like feeding the cyber-terrorists, they would hire more goons and harass more people and demand ransom from more people. The cuban - Michael Vega or Ray or whatever might have been hired like that. And that cuban is the person who demands ransom. They are for all practical purposes goons/thugs and prostitution ring. In certain countries where escorts are legal, it's upto the female. In India, escorts and prostituion are illegal. These people might be laundering the prostitute and pimp's black money.
What the hell is a percent anyway? Dacoits sharing loot? What the hell is a identity changing process? Stupid people, stupid lies.

update 05/06/2022: Yesterday, I attended the TOGAF combined 1 and 2 exam and passed. Now, I am TOGAF certified. I passed the foundation level 1 exam and the certified exam. I attempted the exam back to back. Now, I am working on Cyber Security - NIST framework for my company ALight Technology And Services Limited. I am the founder and the only employee of ALight Technology And Services Limited. Moreover, I am preparing for the AZ-204 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure AWS Certified Architect Associate certification. Hoping to complete these 2 tasks i.e implementing NIST Cyber Security framework in company and getting Microsoft Certified in AZ-204 in the next 30 days or less. I don't know, why some rumour believing stupid people whisper "survive", but in reality, I am thriving. Even though, I am the target of cyber-terrorist R&AW agents and a asshole cuban - Michael Ray or whatever for over 6 years. Still, I did an MBA, I got TOGAF certified, I launched a free password maanger product - Simplepass - https://simplepass.alightservices.com. And I am preparing my company for sucess. So, all the jealous loser spying R&AW agents, fuck off! Because of you and your stupid black money TEA, H1B manipulation and Greeen Card manipulation, you have caused me several crores INR losses and multi-million USD lost opportunities. At least 20 dirty R&AW agents are involved for over six years just for a million USD. That's their mindset and their range. More than 6 years, 20 people i.e average of less than 700 USD per month. Like poor class in India or lower middle class range rogue, cyber terrorist R&AW agents.

second update on 29/05/2022 - These rogue R&AW agents, identity thieves have now started stealing my Deliveroo deliveries, Amazon deliveries, debit cards. Shameless, gutless, hopeless rogue R&AW agents. This is just to cover up identity theft. Visa manipulation has gone extreme and now they started stealing identity, deliveries and may be even planning to steal assets. This is more than enough justification to call R&AW is a terrorist organization and India as a terrorist country.

update 29/05/2022: Hacker R&AW agents equipment has invisible drones and can make sounds (audio), I can definitely prove this. I have plenty of recorded evidence. Thota Veera, Erra/Yerra Karan/Kamalakar/Kalyan who also has a virtual identity (handle) of Arumilli Karan is the rogue R&AW agent. And the multiple surnamed Uttam who also claims to be Arumilli Uttam, Zinnabathuni Sowjanya, Bhattaru Sowjanya misuse the equipment. Bhattaru Sowjanya was a ICICI bank employee and my customer relationship executive assigned by ICICI bank long time ago. Recently she is not even my customer relationship executive. All the females with a first name of Kanti are prostitutes. Intentional ientity thieves. Let's assume someone did a legal name change. Why particularly the name Kanti? What does a recent name change have to do with bank account's and visa's back in 2007 / 2008? This is a R&AW immigration, identity theft scam. To cover this up, they frame and defame by mixing cards and create a cloud of anonymity known as "All". "All" is just a anonymity cover-up by R&AW agents and may be some poor people who have defaulted on credit cards and loans. However, this particular group of R&AW agents have false prestige. They use either cash / "All" cards yet try to act innocent by handling other people's delivieries. For example: my Amazon - kantikalyan@outlook.com deliveries, I can show approximately a decade of Amazon transactions and all of my transactions are on my very own name, on my very own debit/credit cards. None of the cards are defaulted. As a matter of fact, I used the same ICICI bank account and Bank of America bank account for my fees, visa fees, living expenses - house rent etc... I can show clear transactions. Similarly the same bank accounts were used for food deliveries on Deliveroo associated with kantikalyan@gmail.com. I am not a racist, but for whatever reason these people try to frame me as a muslim. I don't have hatred towards any religion. I have friends on my facebook from different religions, different countries. I respect cultural backgrounds and diversities. But it's a shame that a certain section of Indian population known as SC and ST's are targeting me. Not all SC's and ST's, because I have some friends who belong to SC's and ST's. Based on these connections and skillsets of the people I know. The logical conclusion is Mukesh Golla, whatever surnamed Uttam, most likely Thota Uttam are the culprits. Because Mukesh Golla's brother in law - Erra/Yerra Karan, most likely his wife, Thota Veera, Thota Bandhavi and Thota Uttam's wife are involved in the harassment and human rights violation. Based upon these, I am narrowing down the culprits to Mukesh Golla, Thota Uttam, females with first name of Kanti and their helper Kalyan's.

update 28/05/2022: Hacker R&AW agent's hack other people's accounts and claim to be their accounts. For example, my student email address: KArumilli2020@student.hult.edu was hacked several times by the R&AW rabid dogs - Thota Veera, Thota (or whatever is his surname) Uttam (the Uttam who looks like me, there is another Uttam who looks like Kiran Sree of my engineering class - Vankaya Uttam, I am not concerned about Vankaya Uttam). What I came to know is Thota Veera, Rogue Uttam, Erra/Yerra Karan/Kamalakar/Kareem/Kalyan uses look-alikes to fool the world. For example, there would be someone in India, and they would ask a look-alike to act like them in United Kingdom. If they sucessfully steal identities or whatever stupid things they are doing, they would say they tarveled like dogs or in shipping containers. Meaningless, Senseless stories spewed to cover up illegal immigration, identity theft etc... As of now biometric MFA using YubiKey is the only safe alternative. Because these bastards can see OTP's, one time codes in emails, Google Authenticator codes. And of course sometimes they screenshot using their invisible drone for propaganda. In other words there at least a dirty dozen rogue R&AW agents who behave like rabid dogs.

update 25/05/2022: I am still in London at Rear Flat Ground Floor, 827 Harrow Road, London NW10 5NJ. Recently, I visited a doctor at Grays Inn Road my primary GP. Talked with him about my sleeping problems because of the R&AW agents. He says Hukam. Whatever is a Hukam, I don't know, but definitely human rights violation. And he thinks I have auditory hallucinations. I have close to 0.6 TB of video recordings of my internal CCTV (CCTV placed inside of my apartment) i.e few thousand hours of video recording. I suppose my CCTV camera's are also hallucinating. The cuban thug and few other R&AW agents - Thota Veera, Uttam, Karan/Kareem/Kamalakar/Diwakar whatever his name is use girls to impersonate me, for whatever reason. May be they tell the girls that they will help in identity theft and the girl can become instantly rich and who knows may be they are abusing the girls or the girls might be too greedy. Either way, I have tons of evidence about the R&AW equipment's misuse. I have tons of evidence to prove that, I have been single for the past one and half year while in London. They are just a hate group of communists. The cuban thug (via the invisible drone and voices, not directly in person) asks for a ransom of 50% of my networth, I wouldn't encourage such terrorists, because the asshole cuban would later harass more people for ransoms (In other words, giving them ransom is like encouraging them. They will get used to ransoms and they will harass more and more people. Do not encourage such rogue, worthless piece of thugs). Because of their propaganda, my job search does not seem to be happening well. Those thugs are like scum of planet earth or they can even be compared to leaches of planet earth. Shameless, gutless, worthless, hopeless scumbags.

update 10/05/2022: I attended an interview today, sadly I did not qualify :(. Going forward, I decided to defame the spirits. Let them record my voice and replay. They have been spreading rumors and defaming. Now I will defame them. I honestly don't know who is an "e", but one of the so-called spirits. They tried to defame me as few lakhs binaami. I am not self-made millionaire but from a multi-millionaire family. And they tried to spread some rumors about some Phuket loan. I have never been to Phuket. I don't know if the so called Phuket loan is like some Gold loan where the amount owed would be less than the value of the Gold or some defaulted personal loan. I have been to Bangkok and Si Racha in February 2020 on tourist visa. I even went live on my Facebook from Hotel ARise in Si Racha after getting drunk (BTW, I drink everyday, anywhere between 4 - 8 drinks). My Amazon, Co-Op purchases how that I consume a lot of alcohol. I live single with no family in London. My family is in India and United States. Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad and New Jersey. Here are some of the best jokes I heard over the past 2 days.
1. People think if I am Phuket loan Thota Uttam (my look alike) and some "e". Thota Uttam's younger brother (R&AW agent) also studied at Hult last year. Who would have used Thota Uttam's cards?
2. These people try to tag people with words, to the best of my knowledge, they are trying to tag Jiagatala Kamal Anand (my friend, looks like me, has been a friend since 1998) as Just. To the best of my knowledge, Kamal is in India. But these chatic rumor spreaders try to tag me as Just. When Kamal is not supposed to be in United Kingdom or if Kamal illegally immigrated to United Kingdom, why are they not reporting to the authorities? So, the so-called "spirits"/R&AW agents support illegal immigration (crime). So, the five eyes are NOT involved.
3. There is no one by the name of Arumilli Sowjanya by birth in my family, yet some female or male (Thota Bandhavi or Zinnabathuni Sowjanya) have spread some rumors regarding someone else paying fee. I paid my immigration expenses, school fee from the same bank account my India ICICI bank account. For House rent from October 2020 - Januray 2022, I paid from India ICICI and USA based Bank of America. These rumor spreaders spread some rumors as though the Bank of America account owner(s) (Joint Bank Account) on the name of Kanti Kalyan Arumilli and Sowjanya Konudula (my spouse with whom I got seperated 3 years ago, but not divorced) have given checks to Kanti Kalyan Arumilli of ICICI bank account. Which fool on planet earth would give checks to another person with same name and surname? And those identity thieves who are trying to make stupid claims are now trying to frame me. I didn't recive any checks nor give anyone any free money. I give charities, help the innocent, but I would never give anything to the greedy.
Based on the above set of events, some loan defaulter is hiding in the shadows. And trying to make claims that some of his money is white and some money is black. Or trying to frame me as ransom or whatever. In other words the most technologically advanced equipment is being used for spreading rumors and propaganda, and for whatever reason gullible London people seem to believe their lies. They have the equipment, but they are anarchy and chaos.
Who thrives in Chatic conditions?
Answer: 1) Spies - Helps with anonymity 2) Hackers - Ransom money without getting tracked 3) Loan defaulters 4) Dacoits and looters 5) Illegal immigrants.
I don't know into which category the so called spirits would fall into. If R&AW agents definitely categories 1, 2, 5. If criminal and money laundering categories 2, 3, 4.

update 09/05/2022: I have lost my Bank of America bank debit card long time ago. I applied for a replacement by contacting Bank of America from my FaceBook chat and then logging into Bank of America account. Because I am currently in London, they said the Debit card would reach within 4 - 16 business days. The card has been dispatched on the 3rd. These R&AW agents have created a pool of credit/debit card payment methods (I don't know if they are defaulting or not), but they use this pool of payment instruments to anonymize themselves and if they are planning to default, they would make people on other people's addresses such as neighbors addresses. This greatest technoligical advanced equipment has extreemly advanced capabilities, but unfortunately misuded. This equipment might be some kind of a invisible microdrone that can read mind, knock on head, send an electric pulse into the brain, record video, take photos, take screeshots, record audio, whisper, send laser beams. Based on these capabilities this powerful equipment in the hands of wrong people who misuse the equipment is the cause of concern. This surveilance equipment should not invade privacy, surveilance when outside not a problem. Even reading mind when someone seems suspicious shouldn't be a problem. But violating privacy, using for impersonation, identity theft, postal manipulation, defaming and harassing is the major point of concern. Powerful equipment should be in the hands of capable, morally responsible, ethical people not loafers who use the equipment for committing crime. This is another classic example of things going wrong with advancements in technology. Based on the capabilities of the equipment, I think the equipment might have typing / keystroking capabilities allowing hacking of unattended computers without the hackers being in physical touch, hacking of passwords, stealing IP - intellectal property, insider trading - buying stocks/options just before a major earnings release etc... Now, here is the biggest joke I ever heard. Sometime in 2018 or 2019, when I first suspected of potential identity theft, I filed an RTI to know if my educational documents from JNTU were reissued for any reason such as lost or name changes. My Surname: Arumilli, Name: Kanti Kalyan. But the RTI was manipulated to be filed by Surname: Kanti, Name: Kalyan a. Kanti is a surname for few people in Kerala state. I personally knew a certain QA tester when I worked at TSYS Acquiring Solutions, Tempe, AZ between 2008 and 2016 on valid H1B with a surname of Kanti. Shame on the gutless, shameless, waste, hopeless R&AW agents who manipulated an RTI application. Now I am being framed as an "a". I have 10th class marks list from 1996 which clearly states my name, Intermediate marks list from 1998 which clearly states my name, 2002 - 1st passport (damaged and reissued in 2007) has the same name, I have Aadhar, Pan Card, Driving License with same name. I have 2nd passport issued in 2007 (expired in 2017), 3rd passport issued in 2017 with same surname and name. No name changes or surname changes. The gutless R&AW agent might be someone related to the Thota surnamed family members. Thota Uttam alias multiple surnamed Uttam, Thota Veera, Thota Bandhavi, few different females with a first name of Kanti. And few different Sowjanya's, impersonating my wife whose name is also Sowjanya.

My open question to these impersonators and identity thieves, you must have created some recent identity documents or might have claimed to have had name changes. Why am I being targeted? Is your equipment involved in any type of hacking overseas and are you trying to get away with hacks? Did you default on loans or credit cards or any other economic offenses or murders or rapes or any other life sentences? I have filed for a A file from the USCIS under RTI. I am hoping this RTI application would not be manipulated and the complete A report would be provided. If I see any inconsistencies, I will definitely file a complaint with the FBI, USCIS, ICE, DHS. In the past I did send some emails to the FBI and reported to USCIS. And whatever is this Game Of War related LINE group, I am not part of the propaganda group, nor am I in any 'impersonator syndrome' Youtube channel that seems to mix and match deliveries of people including mine such as Amazon / Deliveroo. In other words impersonation, mischief, defaming by impersonation. If they showed any identity documents belonging to me, they either stole my Aadhar or they shadowed me. In India, when an Aadhar gets stolen and when you get a new Aadhar, the Aadhar number remains the same. I lost my Aadhar once or twice. If they show my Aadhar, they stole my Aadhar. My Aadhar is linked to my India mobile 7893626688, this can be verified with UIDAI. My Aadhar is linked with my PAN, my India Income Tax profile has my passport information. But, if passport is lost, when a new passport is issued, the new passport would have a new unique number with the number of the previous passport mentioned on the last page. If they showed my passport R4542950, they shadowed me, showed my passport and kept it back, because, if lost it's a major crime to steal passport and when I apply for a new passport, the old passport becomes invalidated. Similarly if they showed my original (non-reissued) educational/visa/past employment related paperwork, they shadowed me.

update 04/05/2022: I don't know why at least 4 people from the same family are harassing and shadowing me. Most likely one of them is the identity thief. Thota Bandhavi, Thota Veera , Thota Uttam and his wife. Thota Uttam looks a little bit like me, most likely the identity thief. Some of them even created virtual handles / virtual identities on my surname - Arumilli. But, no I am not connected with any of them. Now these stupid R&AW agents as per some propaganda are trying to frame me by making some false/fake evidences by handling my deliveries. I don't know their motive but definitely malicious. Probable reasons: 1) Identity Theft and they trying to claim my identity. 2) Mixing my money and their money or multiple people's money. 3) Framing me by defaulting on some loans (economic offenders). 4) I hear too much about some recovery, I don't who lost what. I did not steal anyone's properties/money/assets/physical things/IP (Intellectual Property)/ Source Code. But few Thota family members, some guy Diwakar / Karan, someone known as ES are a gang of human rights violators and dacoits. They are not socialits/communists, they are dacoits and because they violate human rights, they should be considered as terrorists. My financials are very clean, I never mixed any dirty money nor defaulted on any loans. Similarly my entire immigration history to United States and United Kingdom are very clean with valid documents. 2003 - 2005 F1 (student visa to United States), 2008 - 2016 H1B (work visa to United States, moved back to India, withdrew some money from my United States based Bank of America to India based ICICI via some checks and via wiring. Later few times, I wired some money from ICICI to Bank of America. 2020 few days Visitor visa to Bangkok, Thailand. 2020 - 2021 Tier-4 visa in United Kingdom. Currently on Graduate Route Visa in United Kingdom. I started a company known as ALight Technology And Services Limited. Currently, I am the only employee and no clients. Because of the R&AW harassment, hacking, source code theft, impersonation, the business activities have been paused. I funded my business bank accounts (Tide, Wise) from my Bank of America account. Once I made a transfer from Business Bank Account to ICICI bank account. My visa fee, entire college fee were paid from my ICICI bank account. My personal day to day expenses and rent are paid from either my Bank of America or ICICI account. The mentioned list of terrorists/impersonators act as though they own my bank accounts and as though they share my bank account in terms of percentages - like a gang of dacoits sharing the loot. If there is any truth in the above statement, they must be using some defaulted loan/credit card accounts and trying to get away without repaying.

update 30/04/2022: In simpler words, few rogue R&AW agents and few prostitutes are the culprits. Prostituion, Black Money Laundering, Immigration scam, Greencard scam, some dirty TEA (investment visa to U.S.A) are the scams being done by the rogue R&AW agents. To the best of my knoledge either Thota Veera or Zinnabathuni Sowjanya's student fee were from dubious accounts and/or money laundering. I stopped all activities on my startup because of Thota Veera's IP (intellectual property) theft, source code theft. And I added a Hall of Shame section on the home page of Team page. They are the black money launderer's and they are trying to frame me. Most likely because of their lies and propaganda, my U.S.A visa might have been rejected or my passport R4542950 might have been blacklisted. My linkedin profile, contacts, My Facebook profile, contacts clearly show where I worked and I have IRS tax filings matching the years when I worked in the United States of America. Even m Fidelity account, my IRS tax records clearly show that I am a male. I don't who are the females who claim to have a first name of Kanti. Similarly black money prostitute Sowjanya's claim to be my wife or ex. Although my wife's name is also Sowjanya, she lives and works in Hyderabad, India. I don't have any sister's by the name of Sowjanya. Whoever claims to be Arumilli Sowjanya by birth is a R&AW agent, not a real identity or a prostitute and a corrupt R&AW agent is getting sexual favors done from her. Similarly whatever this super-secret organization known as All/Order/Hukam are just propaganda organizations of rogue R&AW agents. I am not associated with any of those cult'ish stupid organizations. For all practical purposes some Indian R&AW agents have violated human rights and in my opinion, Indian R&AW is a terrorist organization and if India further approves such human rights violation, India should be considered a terrorist country. In my case, although I am an Indian, I am considering India as a terrorist country.

update 27/04/2022: Ground Floor Rear Flat, 827 Harrow Road, London, NW10 5NJ is my address. I bought several items on Amazon and few food deliveries on Deliveroo. To the best of my knowledge the terrorists who impersonate are still continuing to handle my deliveries. If I am not wrong the Muslim girl might be E. Kanti or E. Sowjanya. I don't know her never even spoke with her. The leaner taller guy might be trying to help Thota Veera or E. Karan/Kareem or whoever. For all practical purposes they are terrorists. Thota, E surnamed terrorists. I think E means Erra. If I am not wrong, they have some Youtube channel where they try to show off some of deliveries as theirs. May be they are showing some of their own deliveries also. Did they make some multi-millionaire claims and trying to show off their own and other people's deliveries. Whatever their Youtube channel, if I know their Youtube channel, that Youtube channel would be evidence against them.

update 20/04/2022: Today I have finalized an apartment in London. Pre-paid 6 months rent and security deposit from my very own ICICI bank account. The apartment is in Harlesden area. Ground Floor Unit B, 827 Harrow Road, NW10 5NJ is the address. I would be vacating the hotel I am currently in and would be moving in tomorrow morning. I had an interview with Infosys on last Friday. I was told, I got selected, but strangely for whatever reason, no further communication from the recruitment agency. Is someone doing some mispropaganda? I know Thota Veera and Thota Bandhavi are trying to cover-up for their elder brother, R&AW agent, identity thief Thota Uttam. What a shameless, gutless family? Why did Thota Uttam give his surveilance/spying equipment to his family members to encourage misuse for identity theft?

update 15/04/2022: Yesterday I had an interview with Infosys for a .Net lead developer contract position and later I was told I got selected. Yesterday, I attended Hult boat party, but there were very few alumni members. I drank a lot and thought would be safe to get a Uber to get back to hotel rather than public transport. Last time I drank that much was on August 6th when my U.S.A F1 visa got rejected, kind of drowning my sorrows. I was able to forget the next day and become normal instead of feeling bad for several weeks. I am finalizing on renting an apartment also. Hopefully over the next 1 - 2 weeks, I will rent a small apartment and I will start working. Love you London <3.

update 10/04/2022: Who is some Pakistan based "E.S" who supposedly say, I am her husband? Whoever you are Pakistan "E.S", your rumors might be the reason Indian R&AW are trying to harass me. Or is this some bull-shit on purpose propaganda? I am an Indian citizen, my wife is an Indian citizen. toes - terrorist order es, keep your bullshit propaganda to yourself. Based upon "E.S", I am assuming Indian R&AW agent E. Karan / Kalyan / Kamalakar might be her husband and because he violated human rights, he might be trying to spread false information. Gutless, shameless, hopeless E Karan, Thota Veera, Thota Uttam. I am still searching for jobs and apartments. Tomorrow I am moving to a different hotel in Kensington Chelsea area. Similarly Zinnabathuni Sowjanya is also not my wife. False rumors of Mukesh Golla's closes family members.

update 06/04/2022: I am in Paddington area and I think I am being impersonated/shadowed by either a female R&AW agent or a R&AW agent's wife. I know a certain Thota Uttam, Kamal, Baji Hussain are my look alikes. If one of their wife is shadowing me around or doing transactions around me, there is a chance people might think I am here husband, although I don't even know her. All of a sudden people are talking leave wing. I am never wing nor am I married to a wing, so definitely wing is shadowing me. My wife lives in Hyderabad, India. The terrorists wing virtual / fake identities are some C.S, K.S (Sowjanya / Srinivas), multiple surnamed Uttam, Thota Veera, some E.S, some I.S, some Karan. My wife is also Sowjanya Konudula, but she lives in Hyderabad, India. Based on this, I think either Srinivas's or Uttam's wife created an alternate identity of Sowjanya Konudula. Based on this I think both me and my wife are being impersonated by bastards. I don't know wtf is a don equipent, but definitely a very sophisticated equipment capable of viewing, recording, screenshotting, whispering, mind reading, sub-liminal messaging capabilities.Some cuban Ray or whatever his name misuses the equipment, sometimes they even use sub-liminal messaging. In other words, when I am in deep sleep they some how try to put some stupid thoughts and even make me utter things that never happened. For example, today I was uttering myself that I and my wife worked in United States. I suddenly woke up when I was forced to say those. Because the truth is my wife was on dependent visa. Based on this some R&AW couple did some money laundering and have used either my identity or my wife's identity for money laundering. Straightforward "A" file from USCIS, IRS records would clear things. They don't have to violate human rights or use sub-liminal messaging. Based on this they are definitely corrupted bastards. I think after going through 6 years of harassment and human rights violation, I have every right to call that terrorist group(terrorists because of human rights violation, not necessarily detonations) as bastards. Now, the R&AW agent's wife must be using the equipment to show my photos when I am inside hotel room to create propaganda as though she is living with me. I hope Karma kicks her in her butt for creating propaganda and being the reason for me and my wife to be seperated, for over 2 years and 5+ years of unemployment. I hope entire Thota family and Erra family get kicked in the butt by Karma for their misdoings. Although I registered a company - ALight Technology And Services Limited, I am unable make much progress because of impersonation, targeted hacking, source code theft. At this point, I think it's far more important to expose the cunning bastards than getting clients. So I have a dedicated section on my company's website and even the home page has a long read about the scam, before I introduce any of the development services. Terrorist Thota Veera, Thota Uttam, Erra Karan use babes to impersonate me, uses look alikes of people I know to impersonate me. Such low life bastard is supposed to be a responsible R&AW agent.

update 04/04/2022: I am still in London, finding apartment and job. I am moving to a different hotel in Kensington. I don't know exactly what's going on, but the rats are framing for harassment. I don't know and have no clue about any Pakistan E. I have few friends from MBA who are from Pakistan, but they are not evil. I respect cultural diversity , as a matter of fact my company has a Equality, diversity and inclusion policy. Most likely some Indian R&AW agent uses some alternate identity or something and may be they are doing some parallel transactions to frame me on my address. As usual they are gutless, shameless R&AW agents who are probably creating stories for job security.
Because I have suspicions of possible visa manipulation, I filed a RTI with USCIS requesting the A file. If there are any stolen extensions then definitely backdoor R&AW agents would be the culprits. Until I receive the response from USCIS, I cannot make any judgements yet. And there is this stupid TEA and some kind of a "eye witness testimony". I have not filed for any TEA application. Every day thousands of courts around the world would have some kind of a witness testimony, which particular testimony are they talking about? Or did an impersonator, assume my identity and made some false statements? If yes multiple crimes have happened such as misrepresenting, lying under oath etc... And I don't know what is a "so". Going forward, whenever I hear about any missing R&AW agent, I will think of identity theft. At least in my case, seems like one of the rogue, supposedly missing R&AW agent must have stolen my identity or helping the person who stole identity for whatever reasons. And I hear about some female model? WTF? Verify my IRS tax records, Lead Developer filed taxes in U.S.A. Who is the model? Doing special favors to the rogue R&AW agent?

update 30/03/2022: My Bachelor's from A.S.R.College of Engineering, Tanuku, Andhra Pradesh affiliated with JNTU, Hyderabad, India got validated by WES. The rogue R&AW agents are doing some kind of evil monster propaganda, to get approval for framing and harassing me. According to some anonymous, unconfirmed sources the advanced spying equipment capable of hearing, whispering, viewing, recording, mind-reading, subliminal messaging is some kind of a DRDO - Defence Research and Development Organisation manufactured, Indian millitary equipment. Shame on India, Indian R&AW agents specifically Thota, Erra surnamed R&AW agents for misusing, harassing, spying an Indian citizen. Those guys are gutless, but probably for job security they might have spewed some bullshit stories to create as though they investigated / solved some super crime. But in reality they violated human rights. Just gutless, shameless, terrorist R&AW agents!

update 28/03/2022: I am in Staines, London currently, still searching for apartments. The rogue R&AW agents Erra Karan, Thota Veera and the supposed cuban are still harassing me. I don't know what the hell is a "eye witness testimony" and how I am in anyway connected to the so called "eye witness testimony" but whatever lies they might have said / cover up / visa manipulation / green card manipulation but definitely those R&AW agents are involved. And now these bastards are trying to frame me as a R&AW agent. Shameless, gutless rogue R&AW agent bastards.

update 25/03/2022: I am still at Best Western hotel, Heathrow, London. I would be vacating this hotel tomorrow and moving to a different hotel tomorrow. Still searching for apartments and jobs. R&AW Karan, Uttam, Veera, Mukesh Golla, Bojja Srinivas are the culprits.

update 19/03/202: The spy R&AW agents are continuing their harassment and OTP theft. Thota Veera, Erra Karan / Kamalakar / Karunakar whatever his name, someone who goes by the code word of "is", Thota Uttam, Mukesh Golla are the culprits.

update 12/03/2022: I came to London yesterday, staying at a hotel near Heathrow, looking for a new apartment and searching for jobs. The spying is still happening by R&AW agents, but for whatever reason they have become mostly silent, compared to what has been happening over the past 2 - 3 years. Based upon propaganda, seems like they are trying to frame me / split me into 3 different people:
1. H1B visa holder in U.S.A. - I used to have a valid H1B visa and I worked in U.S.A between 2008 and 2016, I moved back to India in 2017. Obviously, I would transfer my money from U.S.A based Bank of America to India based ICICI bank account. Both bank accounts are on my name. In U.S.A and where appropriate I write my first name Kanti, Middle name Kalyan, Surname (Last Name) Arumilli. In India there is no concept of Middle name, I write my first name as Kanti Kalyan, Surname as Arumilli.
2. The person in India with ICICI Bank Account. I even have a personalized debit card, with my photo, I don't know what the propaganda is about.
3.ALight Technology And Services Limited and that too as founder is a different person and as though CEO is different. In relaity, as of now ALight Technology And Services Limited is a one person company. Even on the Team page, I clearly mention what's happening and there is a back link to this webpage. Because, anyone can link to anyone's profiles or pages such as LinkedIn, FaceBook but I believe only when there is a backlink. Because, the impersonators could have their own web pages without backlinks.

update 05/03/2022: Updated the webpage on my company portal: https://www.alightservices.com/corrupted-raw-online-not-associated/

update 04/03/2022: I am not connected with the so called online R&AW group and whatever their Youtube channel. May be the impersonator might have either secretly recorded my videos and uploaded into his Youtube channel or might have downloaded from my FaceBook or my Youtube channel and uploaded into his channel. What a shameless, gutless, worthless, hopeless low life. I am going to London next week, starting on 10/03/2022 in Visakhapatnam, India via New Delhi. I am trying to find a job, don't know if these low lives will mess with my job efforts. According to some propaganda these low lives are claiming to be contractors or employees of my company. But there is no truth, even heard of some rumors of some Bhattaru Sowjanya's look-alike in London working in Hub-Hub as though contractor in my company. But there is no truth, may be whoever that girl might not even know about the propaganda. To clear things and to clearly mention that I am not associated and my company is not associated with them, I created a seperate web page - https://www.alightservices.com/logic/. Once again shame on the rogue Indian R&AW agents.

update 26/02/2022: Now these bastards are using subliminal messaging. Today some female voice tried to do subliminal messaging. Definitely Indian accent. Subliminal messaging is definitely violation of human rights. To the best of my knowledge even war criminals are not supposed to be harassed by using subliminal messaging. In this case Indian R&AW agents are harassing me and I am an Indian citizen by birth. Now, I understand why my 65+ year old elder mom and 75+ year old elder dad succumbed to their pressure and started helping them in identity theft. These bastards are definitely being helped by some of my neighbors. I am currently in India with my parents at SF-3, Vinay Residency, Kailasagiri Road, Visalakshi Nagar, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India - 530043. Only me, and my parents live in this apartment. But I am 99.99% confident that these bastards are doing some kind of parallel transactions to create as though they are living here. But no, in this apartment only me, my mom and my dad live here. I know that the terrorists (R&AW agents) are harassing my parents and acting and using some Youtube / some chat group to create propaganda. Most likely they are extremely poor and trying to steal assets. Gutless, characterless, moral less, terrorists are Indian R&AW agents. The equipment does have sub-liminal messaging capability. If an Indian citizen is being treated like this by rogue Indian R&AW agents, how are targeted foreigners being treated? And if Indian government approved such mistreatment, can India be called a terrorist country violating International treaties? From my perspective and in my opinion, Indian R&AW agents violated human rights and international treaties. Indian government still does not take any action against them, in other words Indian governemnt also violated human rights and international treaties. India is a terrorist country.

update 18/02/2022: Bojja Srinivas Rao is not my friend any more, Kamal Anand Jigatala would be my friend if he never impersonated, for all practical purposes they became my enemies after they (atleast one of them) joined R&AW or started supporting the rogue R&AW agent. There is no one in my family by the name of Arumilli Kalyan. That's a virtual identity created by some rogues and I am getting framed because some people write my name as K Kalyan Arumilli. My surname is Arumilli, given name is Kanti Kalyan. They even created / tried to frame me as though my surname is Kanti and first name Kalyan. The evil terrorist female(s) who claims to have first name Kanti are the root cause of the problem and shame on Indian R&AW agents and their helpers. The shadows have manipulated signatures several times on several occassions, by framing someone else's signature or as though my signature is theirs etc... One simple question? Would anyone ever write checks to a different person with same name? But that's one of the stupid stories, I wrote some cheques and withdrawed from my overseas Bank of America to ICICI, wired back and forth, similarly Wise business bank account. Shame on Indian R&AW for supporting identity thieves and probably even money laundering.
I am trying to get my credentials verified via WES and they are trying to create problems at every step including post office and courier. Courier and mail manipulation should be treated as a crime in India like western nations.

update 15/02/2022: I am a male. My 10th class certificate from 1996, intermediate certificate from 1998 state the same. I am hearing about some female model being involved with R&AW agents. Does anyone else also think of se*ual favors done by the so called female model to the rogue R&AW agents?
I hear about some parallel law. Are R&AW agents trying to implement millitary style dictatorship within the next 5 - 10 years? If yes, can the head of R&AW be called a power mongerer? If human rights were violated during the process and if few murder attempts happened during the process and possibly some murders that I don't know yet, can R&AW be compared to a terrorist organization?
Do you know what it feels to be living in a dictatorship type of place or when dictatorship is enforced in a communist / socialist style? These people beg / borrow and steal. Within few years India's productivity, export, import, investments from foreign companies drops, ending up in a vicious cycle of economic downfall. Wake up India!

update 12/02/2022: Bhattaru Sowjanya an employee of ICICI Bank, MVP Colony is one of the primary culprits, helping the rogue R&AW agents by manipulating some internal documents.

update 10/02/2022: Some R&AW agents are involved in some U.S.A immigration related scam and this harassment is to cover that scam. They even gamified identity theft. Several females, several males are involved. For all practical purposes, Indian R&AW agents have violated human rights for identity theft and illegal immigration. I used to work in the U.S.A on H1B visa. Some R&AW agent entered either as a member of MAA (Movie Artists Association) / Tourist / dependent / L1 visa and did identity theft and illegal immigration. Most likely they might have even applied for a Green Card, and now to cover up their fraud they are harassing me and impersonating me. This is a classic case of immigration fraud and identity theft. Shame on the R&AW agents! That's why I think and consider R&AW as a terrorist organization. Even if their Visa gets extended or Green card gets approved they will continue harassing, because whenever their scam gets revealed their H1B extensions / GC might get revoked. Absolute shame on R&AW agents and India for supporting those terrosists.

update 08/02/2022: R&AW agent Erra Karan / Karunakar / Kamalakar whatever his name is, is a sadistic psychopath. For all practical purposes he is a psycho and human rights violator.

update 29/01/2022: I went to New Delhi and met my lawyer Prasanth Vaxish and Rishabh. They said there are some other Supreme Court of India cases happening and said this is more like "Erosion of Identity", as in a set group of people target, impersonate, modify details and ultimately make frame / claim false allegations. They verified all of the details, I provided. My dad's name is long and due to whatever reason my name on all of my documents are proper, but for some reason my dad's name is abbreviated differently. But of course the address on all of my identity documents are the same. But for whatever reason says something is off, because the lawyer didn't ask for signatures. He asked me to meet him for signing some documents, but that never happened. Most likely the R&AW agents might have manipulated them. Starting yesterday, I rented a car for 1 month from revv.com. I have few more things to take care of before I go back to London. Hopefully in the next 2 - 3 weeks I would be back in London. For whatever reason, my assumption is that the Supreme Court case might never happen. Or I have to find another lawyer or some tangible evidence. Because I am the target of a gang of goons / hackers, they can create false evidence or fake evidence using their spying equipment and whatever online group and some supposed vlog of YouTube or whatever. Because they are targeting, who knows they may have posted some videos of me. Let's see how things will unfold.

update 22/01/2022: Today I started attending IELTS coaching with Y-Axis. Sounds like the parallel transactions have something to do with Bhattaru Sowjanya, my ICICI banker. I bought some food delivered to my home address (parents apartment). Someone who seemed to be her husband, seemed to have recorded some video from a little away.No worries, I too recorded my food delivery. I paid and got the food delivered to my home address. Same permanent address on my passport, Aadhar, PAN, Bank Account, Mobile account. And my PAN, Aadhar are interlinked on income tax website. My India mobile number +91-789-362-6688 is linked with my Aadhar. My Zomato account is linked to my mobile number: +91-789-362-6688. Now, I am extremely curious to see what R&AW hawala framing, defaming and what kind of stupid case they are trying to build against me. I am filing a Supreme Court case against R&AW agents and I am traveling to New Delhi on 24th to meet the lawyers. Here is what's more funny, according to these people's stupid propaganda someone took cheques. I don't know if they are referring to me, but I withdrawed from my overseas Bank of America account to my India ICICI account. Both the accounts are on same name, both the accounts have my home address. Now, I don't understand what lies, propaganda, these lying spies are trying to create. My Bank of America account is a joint account, but that means nothing. Use some common sense stupid propagandists. Hypothetically, if someone gave cheques, why would anyone give cheques on the same name? why would anyone encourage imposters? To the best of my knowledge, not just me, even my parents are being harassed. Shame on Indian R&AW agents for harassing 75 year old retired Indian citizen. I am hiring a rental car from revv.com from the 28th of this month for 1 month. I sold my Maruthi DZire after a fatal car accident in December 2020 (most likely a murder attempt). I paid for X-Ray at Pradhama hospital to get embedded glass shards removed. Magically there are no glass shards in my palm and I don't have a broken pinky finger on my right hand as per X-Ray. But in reality I have a broken pinky finger on my right hand. Denying of proper health care even after paying fee, for all practical purposes this is human rights violation. Shame on Indian R&AW agents, the Thota, Erra, Bojja, Bhattaru surnamed fakers and the faker Uttam the rogue R&AW agent. I used to be proud to be born in India, a country with such a rich heritage. But now I am ashamed of being born in a terrorist country that violates human rights of its own citizens.

update 20/01/2022: On the 15th I started from London and came to India for 4 - 6 week trip. Iam considering immigrating to Canada and in contact with Y-Axis immigration consultants. I am 41 years old and due to R&AW identity theft, I had too much career gap after 2017 and I am trying to re-build my career and trying to ignore the harassment and identity theft by rogue R&AW agents. Don't know how this will affect my chances of immigration. I am suing the Indian R&AW agents who have did targeted hacking, identity theft, defamation, harassment in India. I will be traveling to Delhi next week to meet a lawyer with whom I have been in contact for the past 3 - 4 months. Soon, I would be traveling to Hyderabad for transcripts for Canada immigration.

update 13/02/2022: I received my new BRP card yesterday on the 12th.

Update 07/01/2022: I received an email from United Kingdom immigration approving my Graduate Route Visa! Thank you United Kingdom.

Update 06/01/2022: I was asked to re-apply for Graduate Route visa. I re-applied and paid the visa fee, health surcharge fee from the same India based ICICI bank account that was used for paying my M.B.A fee, immigration related fee, house rent, day to day expenses. Ofcourse, I know that the gutless cunning R&AW agents would instead create alternate propaganda or stories. The reason being that R&AW is so much invollved in the scam, there is a very high possibility of signature manipulation etc...
This time I was asked to get a biometric appointment. I was able to secure a biometric appointment for 06/01/2022 in Croyden. About 9 miles from where I live in London.
The primary culprits are some R&AW agents with a surname of Erra, Zinnabathuni, Thota, Golla, Bojja.
Some of them even went to the length of creating virtual aliases or alternate identities on my surname - Arumilli.
In my family, there is no one by the name of Uttam / Srinivas / Kamal / Kamalakar / Karunakar / Sowjanya (by birth). My spouse became Arumilli Sowjanya, after marrying me, not before marriage.

Update 18/12/2021: I have been (illegally) detained in London on 08/12/2021 under section 2 of mental health act at Homerton University Hospital, London.
A person can be detained under section 2 only if: 1) Self-harm 2) Harm for others 3) Severe mental illness 4) Doctors need to observe.
1) I graduated from MBA, applied for Graduate Route Visa on August 23rd, I have high hopes for my future. I registered a company ALight Technology And Services Limited. Why would I do any kind of stupid self-harm?
I have been single, attended several social parties, business networking events and never ran into any trouble - I am not a harmful person.
3) I don't even have any medication - no severe mental / physical health issues.
4) In 11 days, I spoke with doctors 2 times and once the conversation ended abruptly. The doctor was not happy because I went live on FaceBook. What? Am I the patient or does the doc have issues?
I spoke with more mind help / advocacy project / solicitors than doctors.
For all practical purposes this is illegal detainment without a reason. The first explanation was I was too anxious about Graduate Route Visa. My friends got approval within 5 - 6 weeks. 17 weeks and I am still waiting. Natural to be anxious.
Hypothetical example: If a student studied hard and wrote exams, the student would be anxious about the results. Only students who wrote an exam just for the purpose of writing an exam wouldn't be anxious. Even multi-millionaires and billionaires would be anxious during product launches. Movie producers and directors would be anxious about movie releases. Are all of them being forced into hospitals?
And I have no clue about what the hell is happening but I knew and I complained and even filing a supreme court case against the R&AW agents. Even now while I am in the hospital, for some reason sometimes people ask me if I am wing - Research And Analysis Wing (R&AW). I have been a victim of some rogue R&AW agents. And yes IMHO, Indian R&AW is a terrorist organization and India is a terrorist country. And now United Kingdom, if not entire United Kingdom, at least some NHS workers - not all NHS workers, some of them have been very respectful and one or two police officers seem to have accepted bribe in some direct or indirect forms. Bribe today has many names - percentages (like dacoits sharing the loot), sharing - (nice and sweeter name for bribery. share without expecting anything in return - like donating to homeless / charities. Even I make donations. But if you are sharing, for favors, that's not sharing and caring, that's bribery), rotation of cards - another form of bribery, as in giving credit/debit card and saying use upto xxx GBP or pounds or whatever).
Anyway, fighting and facing corruption is not a mental illness. If anyone thinks fighting corruption is a mental illness, I am sorry to say but they have some serious issues. I don't care if someone is corupted or not, it's not my job (I am not law enforcement or intelligence) to stop corruption. But if we cross paths, then certainly I will stand up against the corrupt and I have guts, moral,s core values, ethics to stand against corruption.
I might not make a update every day on this webpage. This webpage requires me to SSH and update. My medium blog has daily updates.
Oh BTW, my dear super-intelligent people, no one travels like a dog nor in a shipping container. Just rumors and propaganda to cover up black money laundering, illegal immigration, identity theft and may be spies change identities. Like in movies, travels from Place A to B on passport and may be they have a different passport and travels from B to C on a different passport. I don't know how the R&AW agents work, but I know that some of them are dishonest, corrupt to the core. For all practical purposes - sadist psycho dacoits.
Update 01/12/2021: Finally after several weeks, Home Office of the United Kingdom replied back to my emails and requested scanned copies of my passport, expired BRP, recent photo. I submitted these via email. Hoping to hear back from Home Office soon. It's been weeks since applying, but because I submitted the documents on 1/12/2021, 1/12/2021 could be considered as day 1. Hoping that Home Office would try to escalate.
A little bit about me. I am Kanti Kalyan Arumilli, Male, Indian Citizen. I am born on 24th November 1980 in Bombay, India. Bombay is now known as Mumbai.
Surname: Arumilli
Given Name: Kanti Kalyan
I sometimes mention my first name as "Kanti", middle name as "Kalyan"
So, I am born in Mumbai, India on November 24th 1980. I grew up in Andhra Pradesh, India.
I studied B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering in A.S.R.College of Engineering from 1998 - 2002. Then I studied masters in Computer Science Engineering at University of New Hampshire between 2003 and 2004, moved back to India in 2005. I did not complete my Master's.
Then I worked in Hyderabad, India. Later worked in United States on H1B from 2008 - 2016 November. I moved back to India in January 2017. Then I worked in Hyderabad, India for a brief time. Now, I studied M.B.A from Hult International Business School, London, United Kingdom between 2020 - 2021.
I graduated from M.B.A in August 2021. I applied for Graduate Route Visa on August 23rd and awaiting approval. For some strange reason, it's been 13 weeks since applying and the status is still pending.
I recently established a start-up in London, United Kingdom - Not running full-pledged yet, because of visa status issues. - ALight Technology And Services Limited

My contact information:
kantikalyan@gmail.com / kantikalyan@outlook.com / KArumilli2020@student.hult.edu / admin@alightservices.com
+1-480-347-6849 / +91-789-362-6688 / +44-07718-273-964
Linked In

The jokester's, rogues online would probably read out my OTP's and emails and try to claim my mobile / email addresses. But in reality, it just means they are spies. You can verify my WhatsApp status. And these three mobile numbers are registered on the same name.
Hypothetically, even if some one sent money - who would send money to an imposter? I would never do anything stupid like that. Would anyone on this planet ever do anything stupid like that?
I pay my U.S.A number from my Bank of America account. I pay my India number from my ICICI bank account. My U.K number from my business bank account.
I transfer money from my Bank of America to my India ICICI and to my U.K Wise Business Bank Account.
Few times in the past, I tranferred from my India ICICI to my U.S.A Bank of America account.
Another bad joke that I heard, I withdrawed some money from my U.S.A bank account and these people make stupid claims. Both the bank accounts are on my name. Both the bank accounts have permanenet address of my Indian address. I don't understand the stupid propaganada.

The ways I can prove my identity are:
1) 10th Class Certificate issued in 1996 from Vignan High School, Guntur. - Original
2) Intermediate Certificate issued in 1998 from Nalanda College, Vijayawada. - Original
3) Engineering Certificate, Consolidated Markslist, Individual Semesters Markslists from 1998 - 2002 - Originals
4) Passport issued in 2002 - Original - Student Visa to United States
5) Passport issued in 2007 - Original - 2002 passport was damaged. - H1B Visa to United States
6) Passport issued in 2017 - Original - 2007 passport expired. - Visitor visa to Bangkok, Thailand and Student Visa to London, United Kingdom
7) Indian Aadhar - PVC card, lost the long format - Linked to my PAN, Mobile number
8) PAN Card - Linked to my Aadhar
9) Indian Driving License


For the past 5 years, I am being harassed, impersonated, framed by a group of Indian R&AW agents. I think one of the R&AW agents or a friend of a R&AW agent might have stolen my identity and now R&AW agents are trying to cover-up.
If someone does identity theft, aren't R&AW agents supposed to arrest them? In my case, instead they chose to harass, impersonate, anonymize me.
On top of it, there were several murder attempts. At least 2 an upto 20.
I hear stories about some missing R&AW agent, some rogue R&AW agent stealing H1B visa, some green card, some black money related TEA application. Honestly, I don't know what's the reason or may be multiple reasons.
I suffered joblessness for almost the past 5 years, but thanks to my parents and elder sister, I am financially stable. But I suffered a lot of financial losses, potential job opportunities, potential income opportunities.
I faced some serious and permanent mental health damages, physical health damages. I went through a fatal car crash and was denied proper medical treatment in Visakhapatnam, India and I still have embedded glass shards inside my palms.
Some of these R&AW agents came to the United Kingdom for identity theft, impersonation and harassment on student visa, visitor visa and probably even diplomatic visa.
They use some kind of super popular chat group and youtube channels for mis-propaganda and spreading lies. I don't know their chat group / youtube channel. I have my own youtube channel(s).
I lost my friends because I was talking with them about the R&AW harassment and some of my friends were angry, so I decided to not bother them and quit my friends chat group on WhatsApp.
My family is being mis-used by these people, probably to ask for a share in inheritance.
My parents live in Visakhapatnam, India. My elder sister lives in New Jersey, United States. I don't have any other direct siblings. I have cousins but no other siblings.
They use some kind of special spying equipment which has camera, video recording, screenshoting, whispering, listening and even mind reading capabilities. They say some "Game of War" equipment. But, I don't think MachineZone the company behind the mobile game "Game of War" would have any such equipment or have any rights to sell or misuse such equipment. That equipment is definitely a surveilance / spying equipment. It's a shame that rogue R&AW agents are harassing Indian citizen.
Most of London knows about the R&AW equipment. The local propaganada is about some kind of "parallel law" / "order". But in reality they are practically terrorists, identity thieves, hackers, economic offenders causing chaos, mayhem and disorder. They should change their propaganda and say "Chaos" because they are not creating order, they are chaotic disorder. Doesen't matter what the anarchists name themselves but they are acting like a gang of dacoits and they talk about percentages like dacoits sharing the loot.

The possible list of culprits:
1) Mukesh Golla - One of my classmates in Engineering (1998 - 2002)
2) Surname - Erra / Yerra Name - Karan / Kamalakar / Karunakar
3) Few members of the family with surname of "Thota"
4) Few different people by the name of Uttam / Uttham / Utham. - I know of one particular Vankaya Uttam who was a coleague, tester when I worked at InfoMagnus, LLC in 2018 in Hyderabad. Don't know if he is the culprit or not. He looks like Kiran Sree of my engineering class (1998 - 2002). Another particular Uttam who looks like me, thought I was a R&AW agent and tried to pass some information in 2018 in Hyderabad. I said, sorry I am not R&AW agent. But I saw that person shadowing me several times in Hyderabad, India, Visakhapatnam, India and even in my return flght from Bangkok in Kualalampur.
5) Few different Srinivas - Probably Bojja Srinivas, one of my engineering batch mates (1998 - 2002), I think he studied mechanical engineering. Srinivas is a very common name, coud be some other Srinivas or several Srinivas's.
6) Few different female's by the first name of Kanti - identity thieves.
7) Few different female Sowjanya's. My spouse name is also Sowjanya, but she was Sowjanya Konudula daughter of BabuRao Konudula of Chandanagar, Hyderabad. She became Sowjanya Arumilli after marriage with me - Kanti Kalyan Arumilli. We got married in 2009, seperated in 2019, not divorced yet. We don't have any kids.

All the name changes, adoption surname changes, males who changed surnames after marriage are baseless accusations and stupid explanations for cover-up and identity theft.
I heard about R&AW virtual identities / R&AW identiies of some female "Kanti Arumilli" - my impersonator and identity thief. Some Arumilli Uttam, some Arumilli Srinivas, Arumilli Sowjanya other than my wife. All of these people are the fakers and fake identities. I don't know what kind of crimes they did on their real identities but probably very grave crimes, now changed identiies and surnames to hide from law enforcement.

I was offered virtual bribes few times ranging from 0.5 million to 4 million - sorry I am not corrupted, I don't take bribes. It's a shame that some R&AW agents accepted bribe, based on some propaganda the Uttam who looks like me (I am role number 504 in my engineering class(1998 - 2002)) accepted 4 crores INR bribe and probably the impersonator and identity thief, and trying to offer bribes.
I think some of my impersonators accepted bribes or spending bribe money by impersonating. This can become grounds for defamation.
R&AW is operating like a terrorist organization. This harassment, human rights violation has been happening for over 5 years.